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summary Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Shizuko Gō

summary Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Shizuko Gō Shizuko Gō ´ 9 characters read れくいえむ R the hour of their death was near as they well knew Everyone close to Setsuko is dead as a result of the war yet she believes in the war unuestioningly and writes letters to soldiers on the front urging them to fight to the finish Naomi's father is imprisoned because of his anti war beliefs and she struggles to find justification for war Over the course of the novel through flashbacks that occur within sentences or paragraphs. It s hard to read such a story But this was excellent in it s writing structure and deployment of the scenes and plot Somehow Shizuko Go gave expression to what barely can be imagined but wasis the truth for human beings affected by war We all know natural disaster or accidents make no sense but war the humans cause it knowingly and that makes the absurdity of the misery humans have to endure due to war even grippingMaybe all people who aspire to go into politics should be first forced to work thru a reading list of books about war just to make sure they have a clear understanding of the concrete human impact of nation wide violence and then this book could be part of the top 10 of mandatory reading Yet testimonials or no testimonials it just keeps happening For an ideal An ideology To protect the riches of some countries against the poverty of other s For no good reason as there can t be a reason to justify what is described in this novel based on biographical elements from the author

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summary Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Shizuko Gō Shizuko Gō ´ 9 characters read れくいえむ The horrors of the war are brought painfully to life and each young woman uestions her own stand Who is patriotic What are the rules of war when it is in your front yard Shizuko Go herself a survivor of the bombing of Yokohama has written a devastating and important novel For great reviews of books for girls check out Let's Hear It for the Girls 375 Great Books for Readers 2 14 From 500 Great Books by Women; review by Holly Smi. I like the way the horrors of the American bombing spree are shown in the novel I also like how it gives space to Japanese voices who opposed the war and for this very reason were repressed by the imperial state The book offers an excellent account on how the Japanese ideological apparatus worked to impart chauvinist patriotism and fascist ethos among its population to support imperialist adventures abroad

summary Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Shizuko Gō

summary Æ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Shizuko Gō Shizuko Gō ´ 9 characters read れくいえむ The end of World War II in the city of Yokohama Japan is portrayed through the heartfelt conversations and letters of two young women Setsuko and Naomi classmates and friends living in a bombed out city sort through their individual beliefs two girls seventeen and fifteen at their next birthday and though their real lives had yet to begin they were talking like old folk lost in reminiscences Or perhaps this was their old age fo. Shizuko Go Reuiem Kodansha International 1973One of the review blurbs on the back of Reuiem calls it The Japanese counterpart of Anne Frank s diary Actually Reuiem is a much better book than The Diary of a Young Girl Go does a fine job of weaving her main character s dying moments in with recollections of the last year of her life Go gives us no illusions from page one her main character Setsumo Oizumi is lying in a bomb shelter close to death clutching a grey notebook containing letters from her best friend Naomi Niwa and the flashbacks alternate between letters between the two of them and scenes from Oizumi s lifeWhere this short novel fails and this is rare in Japanese novels is in its lack of reserve Go wanted to pen a horrors of war novel and for the most part she succeeds Much of the book uses the imagery of war and Oizumis developing disillusionment with the war effort to convey its pacifist message But every once in a while Go drops the veil and comes out with a passage where the message overrides the medium the book goes from a fine sparse novel to a political polemic There is never a point where this gets out of hand and Go recovers herself uickly every time still one feels that perhaps one final revision under the watchful eye of an editor concerned with the craft of writing than the art might have been a good ideaStill there is much to like here You can safely ignore another of the reviewlets on the back Should be compulsory reading for every Western schoolchild that would imply this to be a bad Americans go to your room without supper polemic there is of All uiet on the Western Front here than there is Johnny Got His Gun and Go s message is directed not at any one set of allies but at the futility of war in general There are no guilt trips to be had aside from those all of humanity shares Recommended

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  • れくいえむ
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