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  • Paperback
  • 218
  • Donovan's Child
  • Christine Rimmer
  • English
  • 25 August 2018
  • 9780373655779

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review Donovan's Child 100 Once been the Man Who Had Everything at that point he thought he had nothing left to loseUntil Abilene Bravo walked into his life and he realized he was wrong. 35 Stars

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review Donovan's Child 100 Because though he thought he'd lost his heart years ago he found himself losing it again as he fell fastfor the feisty woman who wouldn't take no for an answ. It was a nice uick read but I was left feeling a little flat at the end of it H has had a bit of a crap time of it and is feeling sorry for himselfguilty when the h comes along and wants to snap him out of it with her lurveShe comes across as a bit interfering to me to be honest he s kind of her boss and she just pushes and pushes because of what she wantsAs for the H he is kind of an ass He is rightly feeling guilty because he made some poor life choices As a parent struggled with some of the decisions he made to be honest which made me lack sympathy for him a bit I was kind of shocked about what happened to his child and it made me sad

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review Donovan's Child 100 Both times it was a fall that nearly did him inThe first time it was a tumble down a mountain that threatened Donovan McRae's very survival And though he had. This was a decent book the heroine has been waiting for a year for her fellowship with the famous architect the hero who seems to have gone underground when she finally gets a call and goes to meet him and finds a bitter man in a wheelchairgetting better who doesn t seem to have any hope He annoys her angers her with his talk of how he s done and refuses to interact with the outside world but she is persistent and slowly brings changed in himShe allows the hero to open up about his accident and how he lost his son years ago but when he was waiting for help it got too much for him She doesn t push him and we know they are in love but the hero seems to think she deserves so much than him and pushes her awayI enjoyed the book mainly because I liked the heroine