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[The Big Handout download] Pdf By Thomas M. Kostigen

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The Big Handout review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Y the government to a private business that is deemed advantageous to thepublic Cotton wheat corn soy and oil are the most subsidized commodities in the United States Inthis eye opening book New York Times best selling author Thomas Kostigen explores government policies that cost taxpayers 200 billion per year over 1500 per household In some cases we pay for subsidized goods than we'd pa. Kostigen paints a detailed alarming picture of how the whole subsidy system started during the Depression in good or better faith has now become a mighty albatross around taxpayer necks and a source of anti American ill will worldwide Most troubles stem from cheap Corn and Soy whose subsidized abundance ripples through the beef dairy poultry and pork industries not to mention the totally messed up energy industry Lord how I hate ethanol There are brief stops along the way in the land of Cotton Steel Oil and Gas eually fascinating and depressingI ll be reviewing the book extensively on my UrbanFarmJunkie blog this week wwwurbanfarmjunkieblogspotcom tag The Big Handout but I d have to say it was overall a demoralizing read Motivating politicians of either stripe to change the system and motivating all those recipients of subsidies to give them up for the common good sounds this side of impossible so I ll have to settle for my usual MO encouraging people to buy cook and eat real food grown by small family farmers without the help of government handouts and help from Monsanto products

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The Big Handout review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Y in a free market and in the most shocking abuses of the subsidy system we pay for goods that aren't even produced The Big Handout exposes how artificial pricing hurts us and people worldwide from our waistlinesand pocketbooks to our health By revealing just how toxic America's subsidy system has become for everyone The Big Handout is a wake up call that empowers readers to effect chang. Good read Well thought out and written with thorough research behind it Make no mistake This book isn t a love story It won t make you happy It might even tick you off Hopefully then you ll want to begin the ending of this world of unsustainable subsidies It s insane how willing our representatives are to throw good money after bad Thanks to the author for taking the time to write this book

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The Big Handout review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Just reading the word subsidies may cause many people's eyes to glaze over We don't think itaffects us directly so we tune out But it turns out that this complicated sounding issue has an enormous impact on all of us The Big Handout is about bad fiscal environmental agricultural water energy health and foreign policies And it's a story about just one thing subsidiesA subsidy is a grant b. This book makes an interesting counterpoint to Clean Energy Nation by Congressman Jerry McNerney which I reviewed in August McNerney is a Democrat has a high regard for the sustainable energy policies pursued by President Jimmy Carter in the 1970s while regretting the micromanagement and lack of higher level political skills that helped to doom those policies thinks well of Clinton and Obama and is not so fond of Ronald Reagan and George W Bush Kostigen is libertarian leaning considers the Cato Institute the American Enterprise Institute and the Heritage Foundation good and respectable sources and admires Ronald Reagan as one of our great presidents These two men are not coming from the same place in their political worldviewsYet the underlying central message of the two books is the same Our economic energy and agricultural policies are unsustainable doing damage to our planet endangering our national security and making us poorer McNerney attacked the problem from the perspective of energy policy Kostigen comes at it primarily through agricultural and other corporate subsidiesYes other corporate subsidies because while 80% of our farms are smaller family owned operations nearly all of the agricultural subsidies direct and indirect go to the 20% that are owned by large corporate agribusiness entities For some subsidies small farms aren t even eligible We think of farm subsidies as helping the ordinary farmer on a family owned farm vulnerable to the hazards of weather natural disaster and uncertain demand but the reality is that those subsidies are primarily going to farmers who are corporate executivesKostigan lays out in careful detail how this distorts our agriculture our food bills our diets and our international relations Subsidies encourage high capacity factory farms or in the preferred terminology Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations or CAFOs These CAFOs crowd animals together in ways that promote the spread of disease among the animals reuiring routine use of antibiotics which aren t completely eliminated from the animals systems and affect us promoting the growth of drug resistant bacteria They create toxic runoff which damages our waterways and causes dead zones along our coasts They help to drive smaller farms that operate sustainably not due to ideology but simply because it s what makes practical sense for smaller farms out of businessCorn is heavily subsidized so making high fructose corn syrup and using it as a substitute for sugar is cheap Sugar meanwhile is artificially high in price due to tariffs designed to keep out foreign sugar Result Artificially cheap HFCS is used to make low uality food including junk food tastier and attractive to us while healthier foods including fruits vegetables whole grains and sustainably raised meats are expensive than they would otherwise be There s than one factor in the obesity epidemic in America but the rise of obesity as a major problem tracks very well with the rise of the use of High Fructose Corn Syrup in our foodWe pay to lower the cost of agricultural production and we get some benefit here but the greater part of the effect is to make our agricultural products cheaper on the world market enough cheaper that in developing countries we re driving local farmers out of business The result is that they have no income and even our cheap food is hard for them to buy and they are angry resentful and susceptible to the recruiting efforts of Al aeda and other terrorist groupsKostigen while focusing mainly on agricultural subsidies also talks about subsidies to the oil industry the most profitable industry in the history of the planet McNerney focuses heavily on global warming and its effects Kostigen says no matter what you think of global warming it s bad for our health to inhale the pollutants that burning fossil fuels puts into the air and we re paying to encourage this to continue rather that switching to sustainable less polluting energy sourcesI haven t and won t discuss the numbers in detail you re better off reading Kostigen s discussion of them However he lays out those numbers very clearly and while we get some savings at the cash register due to the subsidies those savings are a small fraction of what we re spending In exchange we get air pollution water pollution soil erosion and increased hostility to our country around the worldThere s a lot to take in here and I haven t scratched the surface This book is really a must read for anyone concerned about our economyHighly recommendedI received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley

  • Hardcover
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  • The Big Handout
  • Thomas M. Kostigen
  • English
  • 04 September 2017
  • 9781609611132