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Daniel OMalley Á 9 review

The Rook

Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Daniel OMalley Daniel OMalley Á 9 review The Rook Free download Ä 9 Ristocratic woman who can enter her dreams a secret training facility where children are transformed into deadly fighters and a conspiracy vast than she ever could have imaginedFilled with characters both fascinating and fantastical The Rook is a richly inventive suspenseful and often wry thriller that marks an ambitious debut from a promising young writer. Honest to god I m both confused that I m still reading this book and appalled at how highly rated it seems to be everywhere The praise this book has been getting got me interested in reading it and within a few chapters I had to wonder if there was some massive conspiracyTo put it uite simply the book has an intriguing premise that s destroyed by a hackneyed writing style a juvenile approach to character and a narrative that is grossly overshadowed by the writer s apparently high opinion of his own talents The main character is not even remotely likeable When she s not being a high school prom ueen regularly calling technical people nerds repeatedly criticizing the dress sense of the former occupant of her body she s delivering oh snap wisecracks She s just strong enough to take command of a situation when a story needs it but also nicely feminine enough to need to be rescued She confronts the leader of the enemy forces and her primary concern is the gross goop getting on her clothes She appears commanding and independent and in the next scene is naked in front of a stranger for laughs and then subjected to intrusive and demeaning physical exams for comedy She s strong willed enough to be attractive but not so much that she s truly an independent character Her sexuality is regularly and offensively used as a tool to humiliate her for laughs and that makes her non threatening In short she s not a character so much as she s a collection of tropes designed to make her the perfect female character for the male audienceTo make matters worse none of the secondary characters are anything than one to two word tropes Ingrid motherly secretary Shantay sassy friend Alrich mysterious vampire etc None of these characters develop from these descriptions into anything memorableSetting aside the issue with characters is the issue with plot Myfanwy goes from knowing absolutely nothing to be a confident and controlled leader of a powerful government organization How much time has passed between her waking up and her turning into this bombshell in a suit We re told it s been several weeks and it s here that we arrive at the crux of the problem with the narrative we re told too much We re told everything We re not left to learn anything Practically overnight she turns from this terrified mouse whose every third thought is DO THEY KNOW MY SECRET to this confident administrator When her sister appears we re told suddenly that she is lonely and wants friends and family There s no buildup There s no sense of this given to the reader through dialogue and emotional description I had no idea this was coming We re told that she suddenly wants to be with friends and family just as we re told that she becomes confident in her new role These are just two examples of manyThis goes further than just the author hamfistedly handing us important facts about the characters as though we re moving our way down a checklist The book redefines what it means to infodump Nearly every chapter is interrupted by what is essentially an encyclopedia entry giving us the history of the character Myfanwy just met or the term she just encountered When it s not an infodump about a character it s a letter written by the pre amnesia Myfanwy telling the current Myfanwy some story that is rarely connected with the plot at hand and it s usually written in such exacting narrative detail that violates the nature of the epistolary format that these sections are written in Finally there are just so many parts of the plot that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE you re hunted by the same person who made you lose your memory and just killed a bunch of your friends and you decide to go out clubbing and then the author spends four pages talking about how ruined her clothes were and her struggles to get her car back from a hotel garage In what world would this be even slightly logical An uneuivocally awful book Avoid unless you re looking for something for kindling

review The Rook

Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Daniel OMalley Daniel OMalley Á 9 review The Rook Free download Ä 9 Hat she is a Rook a high ranking member of a secret organization called the Cheuy that battles the many supernatural forces at work in Britain She also discovers that she possesses a rare potentially deadly supernatural ability of her own In her uest to uncover which member of the Cheuy betrayed her and why Myfanwy encounters a person with four bodies an a. page turner page turner lady wakes in park with no memory battered bruised bloody surrounded by dead people that she killed with her bare hands cause she has special powers the same special powers that i have often imagined myself having if dreams came true uelle coincidencethe narrative is propulsive the ideas are automatically right up my alley the whole thing is clearly built for fun i gave it to a colleague and he immediately halted the book he was reading because the jacket description alone was enough to give him a massive boner same here but i could have been challenged or surprised a bit the narrative goes back and forth between the present day actions of the woman before us and past letters that the woman she used to be wrote to her which could have opened up many interesting possibilities not even necessarily literary possibilities but maybe something along the lines of a potboiler cum meditation on memory like Memento but nope all those letters from the past serve a very straightforward function infodumps hella infodumps entertaining and intriguing infodumps and nothing but page turner page turner young woman is named Miffanwy rhymes with Tiffany she works for a secret government agency that is staffed by people with super powers and whose goal is to protect the world from super powered and supernatural threats including the evil Belgian Grafters the high level administrators have titles named after chess pieces cool my favorite is one who lives in multiple bodies and whose name is Gestalt Miffanwy is in charge of domestic operations and her title is The Rookyou know what i hate well many things but in this instance the answer would be cheap snarkiness ugh i even hate the word snarky such an ugly word like it was made up by a 12 year old the only cheap snarkiness i appreciate is the kind that pops out of my mouth or from my keyboard otherwise it needs to be good or the eye rolling will commence Good as in the films of Howard Hawks or Joss Whedon some of the time unfortunately most snark is of the CW or SyFy networks variety which to me is just lazy shallow writing unfortunately this novel is full of cheap snarky dialogue that comes out of nearly every character that is when they are not sounding like The Lord and Lady of The Masterpiece Theater Manor and so characters end up sounding just like each other and as if they just stepped out of one of the Scream films it grew tedious and hey Daniel O Malley listen high level government administrators in both the US and the UK particularly ones who are women probably do not refer to other women as chicks on a regular basis now that was just intolerable to readbut page turner page turner ignore the bitching above this book was all kinds of fun and i read it like reading was going to be declared illegal at the end of the night pure pleasure i can t wait for the seuel plus no tedious romance to speak of yay woot win

Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Daniel OMalley

Download Ï E-book, or Kindle E-pub Á Daniel OMalley Daniel OMalley Á 9 review The Rook Free download Ä 9 The body you are wearing used to be mine So begins the letter Myfanwy Thomas is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves With no recollection of who she is Myfanwy must follow the instructions her former self left behind to discover her identity and track down the agents who want to destroy herShe soon learns t. Audio reread so I can carry on with the next book There are too many next books I need to get readI freaking loved this book I can t believe this was the author s first book It s got all kinds of cray some ewww some funny parts Well I almost peed my pants at times but I digressMyfanwy Thomas known as Rook Thomas wakes up not knowing who she is There are dead bodies all around There is a note in her pocket and lots of instructions and letters through out the book Rook Thomas has powers along with all kinds of creatures do that her form of government work to oversee so to speak I m still confused as to whether Rook Thomas was before and was she after only people that have read the book will know what I m talking about Maye D And then there is Rook Gesalt Wasn t it great fun I will let you all meet it for yourself God I freaking loved Myfanwy and Shantay together Shantay came over from America when Myfanwy s group found out some stuff from this person they had captured The group was going to torture him and some stuff went down and freaked everyone out But oh the girls had the best time I almost cracked a rib laughing when they went into this place together to see what kind of freaky thing was causing chaos I wish I could excerpt the whole thing Poppat gripped her arm desperately Myfanwy we both know this is not your field I can t let you go in there aloneNo came a firm voice from behind them They turned to see Shantay zipping herself into a Pawn combat uniform She d coiled her hair up at the back of her neck and suddenly looked much dangerous She s not going in alone I m going in with herAbsolutely not said Mayfanwy There may be legal precedents for you coming along to observe but can you imagine the repercussions if a Bishop of the Croatoan was harmed on a Checuy opYeah but you ll probably be dead too so it s not like it ll be your problem Well then said Myfanwy As long it causes me no inconvenience When they got inside I about peed myself I felt like I was reading a weird version of Stephanie and Lula only Plum series lovers will get that reference Anyway I had loads of fun and am going to be getting my next book as soon as BN sends me my reward card Enjoy Mel