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Samurai author John Man

free read Samurai author John Man review Samurai author John Man Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB The name 'Samurai' is synonymous with the ultimate warrior With their elaborate armour fierce swordsmanship and code of honour the samurai have become iconic figures whose influence can still be felt today From Kurosawa's epic Seven Samurai to the figure of Darth Vader in Star Wars to Manga comics and video games the figure of the fight. An excellent biography of Saigo the true last samurai Really unsure why Hollywood chose to replace him with a Westerner in the movie His story was just as moving and poignant as was his redemption after death Saigo was uite the walking contradiction easily showing that few things in this human world are black and white The author has the knack for educating and providing sources while making it sound like you re sitting across from him at a pub while he tells you the story Really am unsure why the intro to this book s entry on Goodreads et al reads The definitive history of the Samurai it s really just the biography of Saigo Nonetheless a really well done and excellently w

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free read Samurai author John Man review Samurai author John Man Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Ing samurai still inspires us today In John Man's new book we discover the truth behind the legendFrom his birth in the shadow of the great volcano Sakurajima to his glorious death by ritual suicide and disembowelment Saigo Takamori was the ultimate Samurai leader His fall brought about the end of hundreds of years of Samurai tradition. As others have indicated the title of this book is a little deceptive Though the author does give some general background on samurai and their culture the book is mostly about Saigo and his role in a period of rapid change in Japan in the late 1800 s The author does a good job of explaining the complex politics and interplay of the daimyos samurai shogun foreigners and emperor I ve been interested in the medieval period of the daimyos and shoguns and this book showed me the denouement of that time period The author also does a good job characterizing Saigo s personal traits of loyalty and honor and how that led him to his final resistance to the new centralized government

John Man ✓ 3 review

free read Samurai author John Man review Samurai author John Man Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB And in many ways marks the birth of modern Japan Saigo was a man trapped by paradox a faithful servant to the emperor and yet a leader of rebel troops; a mighty Samurai warrior and also a master of Chinese poetry His life and ultimately his death offer a window into the hundreds of years of culture and tradition that defined the samurai. I m usually a fan of History but this book was rough I expected a relatively short recap of Samurai culminating in some details about their final years of relevance Instead the author is crushing on the man considered the last relevant samuraiPros History Not much otherwise it was difficult for me to finish thisCons Extreme focus on one samurai and obviously preferential treatment of him Glosses over what looks like some of the most interesting parts of the conflicts One chapter focuses on what seems like highly speculative detail about the subjects sex life That part felt very out of place in this context

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