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Colin Woodard kindle / Pdf American Nations

  • Hardcover
  • 371
  • American Nations
  • Colin Woodard
  • English
  • 03 September 2019
  • 9780670022960
American Nations

Free download Ä American Nations D reveals how intranational differences have played a pivotal role at every point in the continent's history from the American Revolution and the Civil War to the tumultuous sixties and the blue countyred county maps of recent presidential elections American Nations is a revolutionary and revelatory take on America's myriad identities and how the conflicts between them have shaped our past and are molding our future. Recommended with reservations the first half of the book covering the historical origins of the 11 diverse nations that comprise modern United States is brilliant For instance most people don t realize that the vibrant multicultural entity that is New York was just like that continuously all the way back to its founding as New Amsterdam which was the most diverse and progressive city of its time Or that Deep South was founded by Barbados plantators unlike the Tidewater area of Virginia and Maryland founded by recently transpanted gentry from England with conseuent differences in culture and policy Etc etc The second half of the book however is devoted to exposing the author s deeply partisan interpretation of the recent US history which is so biased that it makes one uestion the veracity of every historical fact listed in support of the author s viewpoint

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Free download Ä American Nations Distinct regional ones that spread over the continent each staking out mutually exclusive territoryIn American Nations Colin Woodard leads us on a journey through the history of our fractured continent and the rivalries and alliances between its component nations which conform to neither state nor international boundaries He illustrates and explains why American values vary sharply from one region to another Woodar. Jon Stewart can t do it all alone The Daily Show has evolved toward open minded consideration of the issues of the day and less outright comedy because Stewart still thinks honest people of good faith can cut through the nonsense and figure out problems in a way any reasonable person can admit makes sense Colin Woodard s American Nations A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America pulls off the unlikely feat of both offering the tools for just such a broader deeper understanding and demonstrates why in a larger sense that effort is doomedAdvertisementMany readers will be skeptical at first and I was too No doubt Thomas Frank What s the Matter With Kansas How Conservatives Won the Heart of America and others have done valuable work in looking deeper than the familiar red stateblue state divide to try to explain why people in different regions think and vote the way they

Download American Nations

Free download Ä American Nations An illuminating history of North America's eleven rival cultural regions that explodes the red state blue state myth North America was settled by people with distinct religious political and ethnographic characteristics creating regional cultures that have been at odds with one another ever since Subseuent immigrants didn't confront or assimilate into an American or Canadian culture but rather into one of the eleven. The good first I buy the premise of this book that the US is made up of rival nations with borders vastly different from the regions depicted on common maps of the country And I enjoyed the parts that seek to illustrate the founding and spreading of US colonies and what later became US territory When Woodard tries to characterize the people of the land however he brushes with broad unflattering strokes that I found hard to take seriously His discussion concerns missionaries slave lords congressmen etc yet he casually refers to Midlanders or Yankees as though he has provided any insight whatsoever to the women minority residents or political moderates of that region Woodard s personal prejudices are made most evident by the facts and events he chooses to discuss and the ones he ignores He laments the railway land grants in the Far West but handily excludes of any thoughtful consideratio