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[Download Swallowing Geography] E-pub ✓ Deborah Levy

  • Hardcover
  • 112
  • Swallowing Geography
  • Deborah Levy
  • English
  • 15 December 2019
  • 9780224027298

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Swallowing Geography Review Ù 102 Levy Embedded in this beautifully written novel is Deborah Levy's gift for blending f. This is a very surreal book Levy throws away all the things that you might consider conventional in a novel plot characterisation coherence for examples and throws something at you that it is simply not possible to grasp mentally At least I couldn t But and I think this is maybe the point it is possible to respond emotionally to the deluge of images the seemingly disconnected fragments If there s a plot of any kind to be found it centres on JK and her wanderings around Europe and her dealings with various lovers Plus Trotsky and Lenin somehow contrive to make appearancesIt s very short just 72 pages I believe although the real page numbers on my Kindle went mad and started at page 107 of iv and counted from there and leaves you feeling rather disoriented at the end But along the way it asks uestions about identity coincidentally a similar theme to the last book I read The Echo Maker isn t it strange how randomly chosen books sometimes seem to group together By messing around with everything that you might use to identify yourself name relationships home community for example it makes you stop and thinkPlus it is tremendous fun to read because no one else writes uite like LevyBy the way I can t claim credit for many of these ideas about this book I was floundering a bit until I read this review which helped enormously Independent Review

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Swallowing Geography Review Ù 102 Swallowing Geography is a stunning early novel by the Man Booker shortlisted Deborah. As much as I have loved all of the others of Levy s books I ve read this left me perplexed and rather disappointed Experimental to be sure and has sections that are as good as any of the rest of her work but there isn t a strong narrative thread or even thematic through line that I could decipher

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Swallowing Geography Review Ù 102 Airytale with biting satire Through the voice of the irreverent and ironic narrator J. we return to homelands and find they are a hallucination