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Northern Lights Review ↠ 2 Lyra is rushing to the cold far North where witch clans and ard bears rule North where the Gobblers take the children they steal including her friend Roger North wher. B 78% Good Notes A solid story and well written but very much a children s tale with one child going on a uest to save other children

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Northern Lights Review ↠ 2 E her fearsome uncle Asriel is trying to build a bridge to a parallel worldCan one small girl make a difference in such great and terrible endeavors This is Lyra a sa. the golden compass trilogy seems like a natural progression in christian literature yes it is christian literature the same way the chronicles of narnia are aslan is only a lion when the reader is about 10 or so in the united states after a point he unrepentantly becomes jesus and the four children are like the gospels or something and the story is somewhat ruined then because as an adult you can t just shoehorn jesus into a lion outfit without snickering a littlepullman however has solved this problem i can t continue without utterly spoiling the story for everyone who hasn t read it so consider yourselves warnedhe made jesus into a little girl even better he made jesus into a little girl who doesn t even know she s jesus now how s that for a new twist on the new testament the part that s particularly brilliant about it is that it actually worked lyra is never really anything like christ she just follows the path of his narrative first she has the absent father lord asrael is desperately involved in his own ideas so though he s not actually in heaven he may as well be wait a sec isn t this just dogma again sort of except dogma is really relevant to catholicism in particular rather than scriptures and instead of linda fiorentino who is kind of a mopey christ we get a 10 year old girl 10 year old girls are the best focal point for any story i ve been one for yearsand this is a perfect choice because she really never takes time to mope she doesn t miss her faith or wrestle with it she doesn t believe at all and therein lies the genius of pullman s work that has all the christians in a snit she s also the antichristwhy would he do thatbecause the bible does if you really take a look at the word antichrist it does not mean evil khristos from which christ is derived means anointed so what does antichrist really mean unanointed or that which is against the anointed there s a bunch of baggage on top of that meaning which is how we got those omen movies but at the heart of it it just means smeared with fat actually it means recognized by the divine but in ancient times we did that by smearing the recognized thing with the fat of a sacrificed animal or person and that is why we celebrate the crucifixion it was the point of christ s birth as if it wasn t obvious enough it s why he s referred to as the lambwow so this is heavy pullman has gone all the way back to the origins of the judeo christian faith and said this important guy was just the carrier of this magical stuff that we re obsessed with that we don t even use any it s like we re infected or poisoned by this idea we need an antidote we need an antichrist to show us how far we ve wandered from the truth which had nothing to do with trooping along after some guyand this explains why christians are so antagonized by the books they ve been following the beast for years without recognizing it the golden compass referred to in the book is the bible we ve all forgotten how to read and in its stead we ve rallied around the church which claims to help us understand the symbols but in reality it is the beast referred to the one which rose from rome with many heads that change over time so what really is the golden compass about it s about how to be human again how to regain an understanding of the world that doesn t rely on our fragile expectations for good and evil all it reuires is that you give up everything in order to discover what is important again and i don t know how christians could have missed that primary message

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Northern Lights Review ↠ 2 Vage a schemer a liar and as fierce and true a champion as Roger or Asriel could want but what Lyra doesn't know is that to help one of them will be to betray the oth. I enjoyed the premise and theme of the book Pullman created well thought out and memorable characters It was a little too technical for me in regard to the depths of fantasy ie I had to go back and look up the meaning of some of the made up words in the book to stay focused on what was actually happening But great imagery I m not sure if I will read book 2 or 3 of the series yet thoughts

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