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Epic Win for Anonymous (Ebook ebook) by Cole Stryker – Kindle and Epub

  • ebook
  • 304
  • Epic Win for Anonymous
  • Cole Stryker
  • English
  • 08 October 2019
  • 9781590207383

Cole Stryker Þ 4 characters

Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Cole Stryker Cole Stryker Þ 4 characters review Epic Win for Anonymous Hable Whether examining the 4chan provoked Jessi Slaughter saga and how cyber bullying is part of our new reality or explaining how Sarah Palin's email account was leaked Epic Win proves 4chan's transformative cultural impact and how it has influenced and will continue to influence society at lar. The problem with this book was that it was positioned and marketed as a look deep inside Anonymous Instead it was a primer on weird web culture for outsiders There s a place for that but that s not what I was looking for

Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Cole StrykerEpic Win for Anonymous

Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Cole Stryker Cole Stryker Þ 4 characters review Epic Win for Anonymous 4chan is the Anti Facebook a site that radically encourages anonymity It spawned the hacktivist group Anonymous which famously defended WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by bringing down MasterCard's and Visa's Web sites Created by a 15 year old wunderkind in 2003 it is the creative force behind t. The author works as an online journalist and he decides to break Rules 1 and 2 and talk about what goes on at 4chan I have to think that the title is an attempt at placating the denizens or to grab attention First he proceeds through a list of the boards and explains that mostly they are for images with additions prank alterations and captions Such as Japanese anime cartoons cats autopsy slides gross diseases and cartoon sex between men We are later assured that child porn may crop up but is swiftly removed and reported b is called the random topic board and many people btards contribute anonymously Insults are commonplace as is strong language and seemingly abusive talk But if everyone including the poster is being called a bad name how bad is it really Then we get a potted history of the boards from 2chan a Japanese anime board which inspired 15 year old Christopher Poole calling himself moot to start his own board called 4chan because he didn t speak Japanese He invited everyone to join in and there would be no rules Later he started an art site called Canvas We are told that many memes cultural gimmicks get started on 4chan as bright or bored people kid around with images and captions in spare time Here the author makes the mistake of thinking that everyone uses the social media he does Reddit Tumblr Twitter Facebook whatever no I don t use any of them So much of what he was saying however nicely explained was wasted on me He makes one brief reference to AOL boards in the early days detailing that those days were slow and expensive due to dial up modems at home pay subscription and pay for time I used CompuServe from mid nineties and there is no mention We had similarly separate chat boards with mods We get a mention that women are sometimes insulted or instructed to show images of themselves stripping on 4chan If they do fool them This is a laddish chattery abuse slinging culture More recently than publication a young woman was doxxed after stripping with as reuested a bottle of her medication all the lads needed to find out who she was Her images were sent to her family and friends Some btards had spoken against doing this but with no conseuences to the doers they proceeded At the end we get a look at how some members working together formed Anonymous and carried out DDoS attacks mixed with other attacks on Scientology and other groups they disliked They managed to hack into a major security company To read what I consider a better look at this hacking see This Machine Kills Secrets How WikiLeakers Hacktivists and Cypherpunks Are Freeing the World s Information by Andy Greenberg However Greenberg another journalist did not appear to have been able to get anyone in Anonymous to talk to him whereas Stryker being already on 4chan got uotes from members of both Neither man tells us that some women took part in the protests against Scientology Pages 286 304 contain references and an index I counted 16 names which I could be sure were female This is an unbiased reviewPostscript I review this book on 5th July and on 6th July I get a phishing e mail allegedly from Blockchain saying in the headline that my access to a Bitcoin purse has been blocked

review Epic Win for Anonymous

Read & Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Cole Stryker Cole Stryker Þ 4 characters review Epic Win for Anonymous He Web's most infectious memes and catchphrases Wired Today it has over 12 million monthly users with enormous social influence to match Epic Win is the first book to tell 4chan's story Longtime blogger and 4chan expert Cole Stryker writes with a voice that is engrossingly informative and approac. Kinda refreshing to read a book about 4chan from 2011 I believe it was published before pol was formed There was a time 4chan is known as Internet hate machine for the left not other way around against white supremacists animal abusers and pedophilesNowadays 4chan is known as complete otherwise and this book helped me to explore in retrospect Contrary to Kill All Normie by Angela Nagle it do expose the core ideologies of 4chan such as anonymity and it subcultures despite both books connect the dots around meme cultures The former just trying to depict 4chan as mysterious neckbreads doing extreme stuffs and they support Donald Trump for the lulz But in case of 4chan what medias trying to portray is just merely a piece and could not represent the whole community At the very least it s different kind of bad bad organized chaos For me what Cole Stryker submerging to 4chan and his conservation with oldfags are interesting to me than journalist attempt to examine the depth by referencing a bunch of articles