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Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates

Free download Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Wood's myth and an extraordinary woman's heartbreaking reality Blonde is a sweeping epic that pays tribute to the elusive magic and devastation behind the creation of the great twentieth century American star Joyce Carol Oates has appropriated our American wet dream the winner of the global boner bracket the all time Who d You Rather champion she s taken and made some kind of Cinderella Christ myth out of her tarted up for the ball by her leering old fairy godfather and when the clock hits twelve martyred for our filthy sins No soft focus angel Christ here either this is Mel Gibson torture Christ all meat and oozing sores inside her mouth Oates insists on the fact of her body Marilyn Monroe spends the entire book menstruating and sweating and stinking and pissing When she s sodomized by an old guy Oates describes it like a beak plunging in She never blinks She feels everything Like Christ she has some Daddy issues Like Christ she tries to chicken out Like Christ she seems to understand where this is all headed and to face it bewildered and terrified She s not dumb she just has no defenses She knows why she s here It was my intention to create a female portrait as emblematic of her time and place as Emma Bovary was of hers says Oates and you re like Create Wasn t Marilyn Monroe already created But the historical Monroe is a palimpsest for Oates She has her own agenda The historical individuals are not in the novel she says Rather their historical roles are the subject of the novel In one scene Marilyn Monroe goes incognito to the theater to watch her own movie and finds herself surrounded by men staring up at the screen and masturbating and that scene is this book in a nutshellOates has her sights set high Blonde is her longest book and her most audacious in a long career of audacity and it totally works Suck it Mailer The singular Great American Novel doesn t exist because there are so many Americans right The loner cowboy the runaway slave the pioneer woman and the dizzy blonde too the sexpot the whore that s an American archetype Oh hey you can t miss Marilyn says Marilyn She ll be the one with the vagina Here she is

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Free download Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook In her most ambitious work to date Joyce Carol Oates boldly reimagines the inner poetic and spiritual life of Norma Jeane Baker the child the woman the fated celebrity and idolized blonde the world came to kn YOU MUST READ THIS Have to have to you will It must be one of the BEST FINEST novels of all time y all know that this is the sole topic I will NEVER joke aboutSeeing the elusive the ephemeral through different filters a jaguar prowling through the jungle a baby left all alone as if you had the privilege to do so in the first place Blonde is a privilege to read the rarest of rare novelpoetry book combos Why read itty bitty poetry in its refracted basically restricted state Read novels exemplary novels like this one for a novel like Blonde kicks the ass of those tiny singular books there is poetry in each and every page Undertaking this journey is a huge endeavor for the reader This humongous tale for the reader is a grotesue fairy tale through throughNorma Jean s thoughtsactions occur in present tense in actual time also in fatalistic retrospection It is a topsy turvy house of horrorThis is an expert fictionalization momentous literature which must be absolutely devoured The saga is sublime The topic the figurehead that is Marilyn Monroe is and has been ultimately misinterpreted But thanks to Joyce Carol Oates give her a Nobel already I mean even Coetzee and Saramago have one and her extensive research the meat on the bones are as beautiful and enigmatic as the person herself and by this I mean Monroe AND JCO their collaboration is what dreams are made of Their nightmare is our heavenStrange to figure how many modern actresses wish to emulate the gorgeous blond they try time after time and the great actress tried so much to be the character she was chosen to portray She was even painfully paranoid of her fictional characterizations drifting into her real life like ghostsConsider Oates s Norma Jean as a 20th century Emma Bovary but with something to offer the outside world And of this many great Hollywood men took notice and the exploitation that ensues is demonic The elusive father figure Norma Jean never met hers and so what happens is a collection of men she disgustingly refers to as Daddy see Even porno stars want to be Marilyn She becomes addicted to Codeine tablets super uick solutions to issues which stem all the way from infancy There is a patina of infinite sadness of devastation being covered up for the sake of illusion and the glimmering of the silver screen The novel is filled with endings conceivably almost every section in the story could be a possible way for Oates to finish her masterpiece the prolongment is absolutely masochistic and inspiring if that makes any sense The novel that starts off with dolls star homes and star funerals is undoubtedly what awaits the girl beautiful and young corpse at the end Everything sad with a foretaste of certain doom of impending tragedy The girl devoted to God and literature and meaty roles as evidenced by her poems and musings which beg the reader to feel defensive of her of this child in a woman s body The Woman s body The cooly complex metaphysical stuff this is a 21st century novel after all and all the Greats brought out all their tricks at this point is infused with intelligence and yes MAGIC Marilyn is a woman who falls out of time She recalls scripts that have never even existed before but compete with her actual life she s smart beyond recognition she is not DUMB AT ALL She juxtaposes art with life and this is what all actresses all good actresses must feel for their art She suffers for her art like any other artist worth his or her saltIt is pretty rare for literature to be so perfectly precise in emulating the theme and source it describes like the person herself RIP the novel for me will remain uniue and unforgettable

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Free download Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ow as Marilyn Monroe In a voice startlingly intimate and rich Norma Jeane tells her own story of an emblematic American artist intensely conflicted and driven who had lost her way A powerful portrait of Holly This book was marvellous in many ways It s a fictional piece of work following the life of Norma Jeane Baker aka Marilyn Monroe from she s a child till her death as a 36 year old woman devoured and intoxicated with drugs medication and alcohol It s a tragic life story but it s hugely inspiring as well and if you have even the faintest interest in Marilyn Monroe s life I would highly recommend this book To me one of the most interesting aspects of Blonde was how it balances fiction and facts It s based on the truth but it s retold through another person who I assume hasn t ever met Monroe and only know her through the media coverage that we all have access to This book reads like great fiction but simultaneously I learned so much about Monroe s fascinating life and development into the sexy icon she became I LOVED THIS I have never read anything like this and I know that this book has impacted me hugely I will remember and cherish it for a long time to come because it speaks of a life so beloved intriguing tragic and yet fascinating and it does so wonderfully What a piece of art Blonde is

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