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The Secret Sinclair Read ´ 104 Read & Download The Secret Sinclair Having taken on yet another job Sarah is on her knees scrubbing floors when her eyes meet those of her designer clad new boss – the man she’s never been able to forgetRaou. So Raoul and Sarah had a brief three month stint in Mozambiue Both are young and neither full in the bank account than the other However Raoul has big plans and they don t include the woman he KNEW would be wanting a HEA so he dumps her He feels slightly better because she does rally briefly before they completely part ways Raoul left no way to contact him and you know what that meansFive years later he comes across her in his newly acuired business while he is there w some OW Sarah sees dollar signs and wastes no time exposing her little secret to him Okay it wasn t exactly like that but it so FELT like that Here is this woman that claims she has some pride because she doesn t want her parents to be forced to completely support her but she accepts government assistance and STILL has her parents supporting her by sending her money She sees big bucks ex who owes her something and she sure doesn t put up much of a fight to prevent him from taking over her life This annoyed me and it didn t help that Raoul thought that when he dumped her all those years ago holding a bun sure he didn t know but he didn t really care to check either that she would NEVER say anything bad to anyone about what he did Where did he get off thinking that she wouldn t So he pushed her aside for his goals and dreams and she can not possibly find an alternative to achieve hers She just gives up and seems like a run down version of what she was before But when he comes on the scene suddenly she sees an easier life and it just rubbed me the wrong way In the end I just didn t care too much for either of these two characters The only character that was enjoyable and held up under some pressure from Raoul who thought he could buy everything despite the fact that it is proven that he can buy Sarah is their child

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The Secret Sinclair

The Secret Sinclair Read ´ 104 Read & Download The Secret Sinclair The most shocking conseuence of all She didn’t mean to fall for a notorious playboy but Sarah Scott’s head was overruled by Raoul’s skilful seduction Yet after he jets ou. The story started out promising with a brutal break up that left the heroine devastated What I can t help it I m an angst junkieThe next scene five years later with the billionaire hero discovering the heroine is now a cleaner in the building he just bought is also satisfying She faints He s defensive and arrogant especially when he finds out he has a secret sonIt all goes downhill from there The hero is judgey about her house and she is judgey about his modernist flat They both snipe and snipe and snipe about logistics of child custody what if s about sex with other people what if s about sex with each other trips to theme parks meeting her parentsIt was all minutiae writ large so the Hh didn t have to reveal their true feelingsWhat silent Oliver their son thought about all of this is beyond me He s the only one I liked by the time this boring story ground to a stop For those who need to know hero had other women in the five years Heroine was a virgin when she met the hero and has been celibate since their affair as college students in Africa

Free download Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ã Cathy Williams

The Secret Sinclair Read ´ 104 Read & Download The Secret Sinclair T of her life Raoul’s legacy continues Sarah is pregnant with the Sinclair heir Five years later single mum Sarah is struggling to make ends meet working as an office cleaner. So the H Raul met the h Sarah in Africa they had a relationship 3 months which ended when she asked him the big uestion where our relationship is going so she left africa pregnant but she doesn t know of course 5 years later they met again She working as an office cleaner and He a billionaire and a 4 year old kid in the middlenice read

  • Paperback
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  • The Secret Sinclair
  • Cathy Williams
  • English
  • 15 January 2019
  • 9780263890334