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My Wifes Story

FREE READ My Wifes Story Richard Babcock ↠ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ´ My Wifes Story In this short fiction with echoes of both O Henry and Hitchcock a husband is driven. My Wife s Story is a very old fashioned story suitable for a sophisticated time I could see this story in a magazine in the fifties or sixties when the art of short story writing was kept in higher regard and when a story could be told simply but have this wonderful subtext I could also see this with minimal tweaking as an Alfred Hitchcock PresentsMWS is very much about the nature of relationships I could say the nature of marriage but I d say there is some spill over into friendship and familial bonds The story that delights us draws us closer to someone perhaps even makes us fall in love becomes the thing that later on makes us grit our teeth The words are too familiar the teller holds no secrets or surprisesThe wife at first glance might seem unsympathetic as we consider the people we know who bore us with a repetitive tale but I believe this author wants you us to think about this To think about a woman who had the most interesting thing that will ever happen to her be ever increasingly a long time ago and who just wants to feel special again She s not the little girl on the ship saving the day and she s no longer the much loved bride of an adoring groom either She has the story that s all and her husband has no tolerance at all for the story not an understanding of her need to tell itIn the words of SpringsteenNow I think I m going down to the well tonightand I m going to drink till I get my fillAnd I hope when I get old I don t sit around thinking about itbut I probably willYeah just sitting back trying to recapturea little of the glory of well time slips awayand leaves you with nothing mister butboring stories of glory days

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FREE READ My Wifes Story Richard Babcock ↠ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ´ My Wifes Story Is the author of two novels and a long time magazine editor in New York and Chicag. A very good short storyI was looking for a couple of short stories to help me gain ground on my reading goal This was perfect It was funny and sad at the same time if that is possible

Richard Babcock ↠ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD

FREE READ My Wifes Story Richard Babcock ↠ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD ´ My Wifes Story To extremes by the anecdotal story that his wife repeats endlessly Richard Babcock. Would make a good Twilight Zone episodeI must say the story kept me wondering the whole way through The ending was not what I expected which is good and maybe not what I hoped for which is okay too A uick read and a fun story

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