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Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra

Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra Free download Ó 2 Condenado a la seriedad y a la impostura Julio el silencioso protagonista de este libro acaba convenciéndose de ue es mejor encerrarse en su cuarto a observar el crecimiento de un bonsái ue vagar por los incómodos caminos de la literatura Es ésta como dice el narrad. 25 perplexed indifferent what is the fuss all about stars I am at a loss as how this book won Chile s Literary Critics Award for Best Novel Was it a very bad year Were there no other novels published Were the critics all first year double majors in post modern literature and philosophy I don t get itDon t get me wrongthis is not a poor book but I found nothing that interesting or moving or interesting or profound or interesting or humorous or interesting or meaningful or interesting or special or interesting I think you get my gistLots of literary name dropping random stories that interact in almost a predictable and dull fashion and two dimensional characters living their lives rather emptily I was bored indifferent but very perplexed at the many accolades given to this novellaHere is a little sample She thought or accurately she felt that she did not want to hear what Emilia was going to tell her that she did not wish to know what she seemed in any case condemned to know I don t want to know why there s so much shit in this neighborhood why you came to live in this neighborhood full of caca replete with cunning glances with weird young people with fat ladies dragging bags and with fat ladies who aren t dragging bags but who walk very slowly She examined once again carefully Emilia s eyebrow She decided it was better to stay uiet in regard to Emilia s eyebrows and on and on and onIn the end I don t care Read it and tell me what you think

Review Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra

Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra Free download Ó 2 Or «una historia liviana ue se pone pesada» un relato elíptico y vertiginoso marcado por la inuietante desaparición de una mujer Jorge Luis Borges aconsejaba escribir como si se estuviera redactando el resumen de una obra ya escrita Eso es lo ue ha hecho Alejandro Z. And better still after the third reading If anyone is interested in reading this one and needs a copy of Macedonio Fernandez s Tantalia feel free to give me a shout and I ll email you the 5 page story prontoEven better after the second reading The world is of tantalic inspiration So begins Macedonio Fernandez s fantastic story Tantalia Zambra makes reference to it I encourage readers to get a copy and read it bizarre and an incredible complement to this novella complement in its older sense of something which completes The He and She of Tantalia could easily be Julio and Emilia of this story Gazmuri an authorcharacter in this novella could easily be Fernandez if one is inclined The stories fit together like complimentary angles Fernandez s story informs this one Zambra s story attaches as if integral Where MF baffles AZ seems to illuminate entertain bedazzle and bedazzle with a healthy dose of humor which wasn t as apparent if at allon the first read Get them both Read them both 4 pages from MF 83 from AZ uickly accomplished and so well worth the time I m tempted to revise my rating but I m retaining it as my initial feeling Do yourself a favor read them bothTantalia may be found in The Book of Fantasy which the translator of Zambra s novella translates literally as Anthology of Fantastic Literature don t waste time hunting around for that title Original reviewIsn t it just the way your GR friends start reading whoppers so what do you do you start chewing through some of the slimmest novellas you own Well that might not be what you do but it seems to be what I m doing Going against the grain So here I am My Read list well ahead of where I need to be for meeting my year s goal Building a cushion against the time I start my own next whopper And even that I screw up I recently got an email about a new group which I was checking out on my phone man I hate having a phone smarter than I am so I clicked Join looking forward to reading Infinite Jest with the folks I expected to join or had already joined only to then realize I d joined a group to read Gravity s Rainbow Gravity s Freakin Rainbow It s cool I need to get it moved from TBR to Read all s good But and here s the thing I like the randomness of what s next for me that is the randomness of what I read and when I read it So a long winded approach to a review of Bonsai I recently read and loved The Private Lives of Trees because the author s Bonsai was constantly being recommended by this site and all well and good that except that Bonsai was Out of Print or Out of Stock or something and the only copies available were used and 30 a throw Ya gotta love suggestions like that So now I was determined Get Bonsai and read it Lo Behold It s being reissued in a movie tie in less expensive edition all s right with the world I started it almost immediately upon its arrival and have now read it twiceBonsai begins with what appears as the beginning of a framed story it leaves no doubt where the story will go only how it will get there Then the lineIn the story of Emilia and Julio in any case there are omissions than lies and fewer omissions than truths of the kind that are called absolute and that tend to be uncomfortableFollowed on the next page with the passageThe relationship between Emilia and Julio was riddled with truths with intimate revelations that rapidly established a complicity that they wanted to understand as definitive This then is a light story that turns heavy This is the story of two students who are enthusiasts of truth of scattering sentences that seem true of smoking eternal cigarettes and of closing themselves into the intense complacency of those who think they are better purer than others than that immense and contemptible group known as the othersUltimately the novella is about fiction lies reading truth characters who do and don t matter overlapping stories that may or may not be mentioned in one text or another Literature and love s beginnings and endings All shoved into the briefest of 83 pages I liked this one A lot It gets 4 rather than 5 stars because I preferred The Private Lives of Trees Totally arbitrary Absurdist like the novel Worth spending the better part of a psychiatrist s hour with

Summary Ï PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Alejandro Zambra

Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra Free download Ó 2 Ambra en este libro ue del mismo modo ue un bonsái no es un árbol más ue una novela corta o un relato largo es una novela resumen o justamente una novela bonsái Bonsái supone el brillante debut narrativo del joven chileno Alejandro Zambra poeta y crítico literario. IMAGINEImagine a book whose first sentence is a huge spoiler it summarizes the plot and tells you what will happen at the end Imagine a book which is a moving homage to literature and its ironic mockery at the same timeImagine a book in which its author invites you to participate in an intellectual game and winks at you in conspiracy from time to timeImagine a book filled to the brim with literary allusions Eyvind Earle Bonsai 1987 Imagine a book which will enrich your To Be Read listImagine a book which will make you ponder what some passages of classics would sound read aloud in an erotic voiceImagine a book which will make you understand in case you are still not convinced that literature not only provokes philosophical uestions but also gives sheer joyImagine a book by an author whose prose is as compact as a grain of gunpowder but its allusions and ramifications branch out and illuminate even the most remote corners of our minds according to Valeria Luiselli She adds that it feels like someone s shooting fireworks inside my head Alfio Giuffrida BONSAI Exp5 2017Imagine a book which will make you wonder what a bonsai symbolizes from the author s point of view Literature Caring for a bonsai is like writing thinks Julio Writing is like caring for a bonsai thinks Julio Or maybe art in general How about love They decided to buy a bonsai to symbolize the immense love that united them Life Illusory hopes Needless to say all the answers might be correctImagine a book in which the plot based on a love story serves only as a catapult for reflection on writing and readingImagine a book which will leave you hungry for Imagine Actually you don t have to imagine anything Just read Bonsai 2008 by Alejandro Zambra Ee Suchin

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