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Harvest Author Richard Horan Summary Þ 2 “Richard Horan has brought us a welcome view of America to defy the prevailing political and financial nastiness This is a timely and important book” Ted Morgan author of Wilderness at Dawn“A lively visit with the dauntless men and women who operate America’s family farms and help provide our miraculous annual bounty Richard Ho. Sarah L Courteau Reviewed Richard Horan s Harvest An Adventure Into The Heart Of America s Family Farms The New Republic It s worth readingIf you really want to start a food fight leading to extraordinary vitriole just mention you are for or against organic food raw milk GMO veganism or whatever So it s with some trepidation I link to this review in the New Republic about Richard Horan s new book As someone who at one time in his life milked over 100 cows twice a day for several years and who now lives surrounded by several 1000 acre farms all family owned I know that things are not uite as simple as the advocates of both sides would have us believe Full disclosure I really really like big farm machinery see my photosIronically this is an argument that can occur only among those who never have to worry where their next meal comes from Those who are hungry can t afford to be picky and would be than happy with road kill When anti GMO types condemn and prevent Golden Rice from being introduced a product that has the potential solve a serious vitamin deficiency where rice is a major staple I think we need to reexamine our self righteous arroganceFrom the review Unfortunately personality and politics get in the way of Horan s good intentions The resulting book says a lot about what is wrong with today s food crusaders and I distinguish these from the many thoughtful and hard working people some of whom are sketchily profiled in Horan s book who are trying to help re balance a food system that is severely out of whack Our food choices matter but the food crusaders are so intent on preaching their gospel that they have developed withering scorn for anyone whose answer to the uestion What s for dinner differs from theirs But many organic and local foods proponents assume that they have already attained a moral victory and everyone who buys conventional stuff can go to hell A study published earlier this year in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science found that exposure to organic foods actually makes people less altruistic Subjects in three different groups were shown pictures of foods labeled organic like apples and spinach comfort foods like ice cream and brownies or neutral seeming control foods mustard rice oatmeal Afterward participants who saw the organic foods were willing to spend less time helping a stranger in need and their judgments of moral transgressions were significantly harsher than those who viewed the other foods The comfort food group was the most generous Someone please pass me the double chocolate chipFrom an article about the Social Psychological study The findings are especially interesting when considered hand in hand with previous studies including a 2010 paper in the journal Psychological Science titled Do Green Products Make Us Better People It found that when people feel morally virtuous about purchasing green or organic products they sometimes experience a licensing of selfish and morally uestionable behaviour otherwise known as moral balancing or compensatory ethics The 2010 study suggests that such a halo of green consumerism makes people less likely to be kind to others and likely to cheat and steal Note that I m not sure it s fair to go after those who prefer to eat organic food for feeling morally superior since the same kind of arrogance is obvious in those who ride bicycles don t drink that s me I m afraid exercise own guns belong to a church or indulge in any kind of behavior that permits them to create their own little tribe of morally superior adherents Then again perhaps this feeling of moral superiority is endemic to Americans many of whom descended from those little Puritan shits

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Harvest Author Richard Horan Summary Þ 2 Ran writes with energy and passion” Hannah Nordhaus author of The Beekeeper’s Lament“Horan’s new book evocatively describes the peril and promise of family farms in America I loved joining him on this journey and so will you” TA Barron author of The Great Tree of AvalonIn Seeds novelist and nature writer Richard Horan sought. Maybe it s a symptom of feeling claustrophobic and stressed in my chaotic suburban life There s something soothing very appealing about being in the country and it s just that sentiment that led me to pick up Richard Horan s Harvest An Adventure into the Heart of America s Family FarmsHoran s story is one of a writer and teacher who embarks on a uest to explore organic farms across the country meeting colorful characters and exploring various aspects of farming in the months he s away from his Oswego NY home Harvested crops include green beans tomatoes wild rice and cranberries and his locations range from the High Plains of Kansas to Michigan Ohio Maine California Horan s uest is national and the locales were what most appealed to me about the book I m an armchair traveler you knowI was sold on needing to read the book when I learned one of Horan s stops was in Winters Calif site of my magnificent hot air balloon ride where he harvested walnuts In Winters ourselves we marveled at the amount of agriculture blossoming in the countryside Our balloon guide talked about the many crops grown in the foothills of California and I was enchanted by it all It s hard not to imagine a different life in California one in which we actually take notice of the earth and really depend on itThat s sort of where Horan is coming from too He wants to get back to basics He wants to work with his hands get dirty get involved in something that doesn t involve a classroom or book or electronic device He wants to just be into it And you know what I really respected thatSomething about Harvest felt disjointed though While I liked following his adventures from one town to the next the narrative felt sort of weightless as though Horan had no real point to it all Combined with the distracting footnotes on many pages I found myself wondering what I was supposed to get We didn t spend enough time with any of the farmers or their familieshelpers to really connect with them and maybe that s where the book veered off for me Just as I become interested in one gregarious up and at em farmer we were bound for Michigan Or some suchHoran is certainly adventurous pitching in and using all manners of devices or just his plain hands but I didn t fully connect with him as a narrator I appreciated that he was giving a voice to some of those hardworking folks who harvest and provide food for the rest of us office drones but I never felt invested in the story I finished the book and liked it well enough but something was just missingThose interested in farming practices travel and the state of American agriculture might find Harvest enjoyable than I did While Horan can certainly write and I appreciated his observations I wanted

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Harvest Author Richard Horan Summary Þ 2 Out the trees that inspired the work of great American writers like Faulkner Kerouac Welty Wharton and Harper Lee In Harvest Horan embarks upon a serendipitous journey across America to work the harvests of than a dozen essential or unusual food crops and in the process forms powerful connections with the farmers the soil and the seaso. I am not a farmer but I spent several summers and one fall working on small sustainable family farms when I was younger In college I volunteered on local farms attended the biggest organic farming conference in the US several years running and traveled to Kenya Africa for a month to learn about sustainable farming and permaculture there It was a lifestyle that I loved and envisioned myself following and though life has taken a few turns since then I could still see myself doing so on a smaller scale I explain this because given my personal experience this book simply rings overly rosy and idealistic to me I assure you picking and packing blueberries might seem like a rosy job if you do it for a day but if you do it for three years running and your income for those months is dependent on what you pick you will have a much nuanced view of it Also having grown up in Wisconsin as the child of two wildlife biologists I can safely say that we have precious few of the wolves moose and cougar mentioned in the wild rice chapterI know it s all perspective and I would be overwhelmed in cities he probably thinks are small but having worked in an area of northern uebec where there is one gravel road for hundreds of kilometers and only one town of 800 I laughed out loud when he talked about the remote Maine interstate And yes I have been to remote Maine as wellOverall this guy seems very comfortable making broad sweeping idealistic statements with only a small amount of hands on knowledge or experience

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