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Free read Fifty Shades of Grey 107 E.L. James ò 7 Free read Einem Interview für ihre Uni Zeitung kennen Und möchte ihn eigentlich schnellstmöglich wieder vergessen denn die Begegnung mit ihm hat sie zutiefst verwirrt So sehr sie sich aber darum bemüh. Introducing an even abusive and disturbing TWILIGHT Now with whips and chains Fifty Shades of Shit Haters please exit stage leftI m not sure what possessed me to pick up Fifty Shades of Grey I thought I might genuinely like it before I started but all I was left with was one hell of a mindfuck Whatever it was that brought on this knee jerk purchase seems to have mercifully left me with enough common sense to say I will not be continuing on with this seriesRecently I discovered one of my favorite publishers Random House has picked up Fifty Shades of Grey and made this statementAn orig i nal work and said to us that James had war ranted the books were indeed orig i nal Mes sitte added she was aware of the nar ra tive that 50 SHADES started as dif fer ently titled piece of fic tion but that they were and are two dis tinctly sep a rate pieces of workI m sorry but I m going to have to call bull shit on that Fifty Shades of Grey and Master of the Universe the original fan fic are essentially the same thing The biggest difference being Edward and Bella s name being replaced with Christian and Anastasia respectively And I would know this because I have both and while I was reading I would occasionally switch back and forth between the two without difficulty I d go through and give you examples myself but other people have done it already here and here So if you must read this book do yourself a solid and find the fan fic online You even get the second book tooI know some people claim this has no similarities to Twilight and got dammit I m allergic to all the bull shit Do I really need to point this all out Because it looks pretty obvious to me The mannerisms of the characters are exactly the same They even say similar things the original characters say The whole dazzle line and Edward asking Bella to trust him Her mother being remarried with the same inability to maneuver her way around a kitchen Bella is still trying to save Edward from himself due to his troubled past Edward still stalks and controls Bella only now he gets to hit her when she gets out of linefacepalm Shall I beat them both YesI struggled to come up with a proper review for this book and couldn t figure out why I was feeling rather uninspired to write one And then I figured it out I was left so disgusted by this book that I wanted to purge the memory of its existence from my mind With a rusty nail Every time I thought of the book my brain cells would go on strike yelling obscenities at me Anyway I thought Bella and Edward s relationship couldn t get any fucked up than Twilight I stand corrected If I were to describe FSoG in one sentence it would be this Fifty Shades of Grey is like Twilight on steroids high on ecstasy in a dirty little corner A very dirty corner With badly written sex LotsSexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexohsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexFifty Shades of Grey tells the story of the beautiful but of course she doesn t know it naive virgin Anastasia Steal after she is suckered into interviewing the Greek god Christian Grey Of course sparks fly and for some unknown reason he can t seem to stay away from this incredibly unremarkable girl Ana discovers Christian is into BDSM and desires her as his submissive fuck buddyThere are a myriad of problems with this novel many of which ironically can be found in Twilight Never saw that one coming ChristianEdward is still a controlling bastard only now he hides behind his BDSM practices to camouflage his abusive tendencies However Ana doesn t see it that way She thinks of him as a broken person and it s her duty to fix him Even when he says things like thisI want to hurt you But not beyond anything you couldn t takeCan you believe she let s him beat her after that And please don t even bother to tell me that it s just BDSM No just fucking no Ana is genuinely afraid of Christian and is never entirely comfortable with the punishment aspect of their relationship But Christian just manipulates her with sex to continue the relationship And that s what really gets me I just have a hard time believing a virgin would somehow become a sex goddess overnight because that is exactly what happens When she first is introduced to his kinky lifestyle and tells him she is a virgin he immediately tells her he needs to handle that situation before they could continue What Since when is your virginity a situation But that s not really the kicker Oh no because that is when we are introduced to Ana s two best friends Everyone say hi to SexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexohsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexAnna s inner goddess who always cheers her on when Christian wants sex or wants to punish her She s also uite annoying doing back flips at the mention of anything sexual related Simmer down Where did she come from exactly Ana is in her twenties and has never felt the urge to have sex with anyone until Christian comes along with his whips and chainsAnd Ana s sub conscious who hides behind couches when it comes time for her beating When it comes to Ana having sex with Christian well her sub conscious only has one thing to say So after the situation is handled Ana has to sign a contract agreeing to his sexual demands and also outlining things she won t do It was pretty pointless considering he still got what he wanted and she never signed the damn thing He exploits her stalks her and abuses her She cries after sex She is afraid of him being angry Even when he is angry at something else she thinks it s her Her reasoning for allowing him to hit her as his therapy is because she s afraid to lose him That is not a reason for agreeing to a BDSM lifestyle In fact that s not even really consent These uotes just scream domestic abuse to mePlease don t be angry with me I whisperPlease don t hit me I whisper pleadingHis brow furrows his eyes widening He blinks twiceI don t want you to spank me Not here Not now Please don tYeah he s a real catch that one Barf No excuse me That s not right The barfing came when the little ass wipe PULLED HER TAMPON OUT AND RAMMED HIMSELF INSIDE OF HER OMFG Yes the caps were totally necessary because that was the most disgusting thing I have ever had the misfortune of reading That is not sexy that s foulWhenever Ana thinks about leaving him he comes over to her apartment unannounced pounds into her literally and her inner goddess does a fucking happy dance forgetting her urge to kick his sick ass to the curb They fight they breakup They kiss they sex upSexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexohsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexChristian Do you still want me gone AnaInner goddess growlSub conscious Dance puppet DanceThe writing is a shitty mess too I mean if I had to sit and read Ana saying Holy shit or Holy Fuck or Oh my one time I was going to lose it I wanted to take my red pen and have at this book so badly It was the little things like Ana s roommate saying over and over You never cry Ana and what do we find Ana always doing Crying I m not sure where the hell the plot was smacks forehead How silly of me Didn t I mention this was a Twilight retelling Why was I expecting a plot And another example of poor writing for these characters to be American they sounded very British to me They used phrases that Americans don t useAnd now I m trying to figure out why this book is so popular Why do so many women love this book I get the appeal of the bondage even though it s not my usual cup of tea Whips Chains Sounds excitingSexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexohsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex Abuse Not so muchFuck my life Zero starsEh I m off to read a good book now and possibly to bleach my brainMore reviews at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Free read Fifty Shades of Grey 107 E.L. James ò 7 Free read T Sie kommt von ihm nicht los Christian führt Ana ein in eine dunkle gefährliche Welt der Liebe – in eine Welt vor der sie zurückschreckt und die sie doch mit unwiderstehlicher Kraft anzieh. Head s up If any of you fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say You don t understand BDSM I will hunt you down and make you eat your computer plus the mouse plus the keyboard plus any other internet connected devices in your home including but not limited to iPhones iPods iPads Androids games consoles and ereaders This book is not an accurate or healthy portrayal of a real BDSM relationship between two consensual and enthusiastic parties Thus by defending it as such you are doing a disservice to the actual culture of BDSM no kinkshaming So don t fuck with me and try to pull that shitOh also there will be a substantial amount of cussing throughout this review If you care about the sanctity of your virgin eyes then shut down your computer and go do something else We are all grown ass adults and this is the internet If you re going to come over and here and lecture me about swearing then I d advise that you PIPE the fuck down and stop being so bloody delicate Alrighty then You guessed it guys it s story timeWhen I was thirteen I decided I wanted to be an author For years I d chattered away about being an architect or a vet or what have you but who was I kidding All I ever wanted to do was write So I sat down and I did I did writeI m actually not shitting you I thought it would be as easy as sitting down and writing some crap on Wordpad alright calm down this was the noughties and I wrote a lot of crap I tried to write a play and then I tried poetry and then I wrote short stories before eventually expanding into novels Novels is a stretch I wrote about a hundred single spaced pages and to my present day horror made my family read it And they actually did Remember all those embarrassingly awful school projects you did when you were thirteen Or even just those embarrassingly awful things you did in general when you were thirteen I feel the same level of shame when I think of my little preteen self handing this pile of shit over to my sister and thinking I actually had somethingAbout a year later with zero knowledge of how publishing works I posted it straight into a bunch of indie publisher s slushpiles A vanity publisher replied to me and told me they didn t want my work and I did the undoable I argued with themAs I write this I m practically convulsing with embarrassment Vanity Publisher if you re reading this please forget I ever existed But if you can t do that at least give me an alias when you tell all your friends about that dumb kid who sent you the book about pyromania without having done any researchIn some ways having read this book I finally feel like I identify with that vanity publisher I read someone s irredeemable shit and hated it but then they tried to defend it and I got so mad I broke a window with my facePeeps if you think EL James hasn t tried to defend this shit then you need to get on YouTube and watch some pleading vids from the publisherI justI haven t read a book this awful since Revealing Eden but let s not open that can of worms It was like an acid trip Am I reading this I thought Is this actually a published book Are people actually parting with money for this slab of steaming garbageI feel like this book insulted me really I feel like it spat in my face because what reader respecting author would create a protagonist this redundant and awe inspiringly dense expecting an audience to love and respect her It s as if someone took an ice cream scoop and relieved Ana of her brain How could you Why would you Why is sheI justI have no words I have no words to explain this protagonist None at all I have to say about the love interest who s like a threatening Charles Manson but with only one brainwashed follower Ana This guy goes to the hardware store and buys like chains and lime and shit and Ana doesn t think this is weirdWhat the fucking fuckAnd of course there s the whole inner goddess shit and Ana thinking that it s sexy to wear a chunky knit sweater and be strapped into a vehicle and then using the word vagina during a sex scene Oh he touched my vaginaYeah excuse me while I tame my bonerI felt so uncomfortable reading this book Now let s be honest here I read porn Of course I read porn Anyone over sixteen who says they ve never looked at or read porn is talking out of their ass But this book made me feel uncomfortable and here s the kicker I read it alone I was reading it alone in my living room and I felt uncomfortable inside my own head What the fuck does that tell youI don t want to start yammering on about the way this book is written It s written like horrendous fanfiction There are spelling and punctuation errors stupid turns of phrase random asides stilted dialogue awful physical descriptions weird pacing and I don t know like a thousand instances of brand dropping and band naming which gives the book this bizarre cheap and dated uality that really takes away from what little redeeming features it might have hadWhat are the redeeming features I don t know The blurb sounds interesting That s about itBut what is it about this book that s captured the attention of so many millions of people across the world The absurdly stupid protagonist The pushy obsessive totally unrealistic love interest The relationship in which only one party is actually interested in BDSM and the other is incredibly resistant to it but is forced into it The terrible writing The awful cover art The cheap thin binding A story so convoluted so ridiculous so totally immature it could only ever have been born from Twilight There is nothing enjoyable about this book This book is garbage There are no two ways about it it is shit Awful awful shit And I m not sorry for saying so This is my fucking opinion and I m damn well going to voice it This book can kiss my ass

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Free read Fifty Shades of Grey 107 E.L. James ò 7 Free read Sie ist 21 Literaturstudentin und in der Liebe nicht allzu erfahren Doch dann lernt Ana Steele den reichen und ebenso unverschämt selbstbewussten wie attraktiven Unternehmer Christian Grey bei. You know I was beginning to wonder if I needed to change some of my two star books to one star I was thinking that I might not ever personally read a book worthy of one star and I was messing up my scale by giving some of the lame books I ve read lately two stars instead of oneThank you EL James for proving to me there was something worth waiting for Something that truly exemplifies the meaning of terribleNow hold up all you would be defenders I read this whole thing I did not skip anything I did not skim I read every word I bought this book with the intention of giving it the benefit of the doubt You see I love erotica and I m not ashamed to say that I both read as you see on my 2012 books I ve already read two others and write it myself So I was thinking to myself oh maybe there s a possibility that even though this is a twi fiction rewrite and even though everyone makes fun of it it could still be a fun little guilty pleasure read that I can laugh along withNONONONOThis book is NOT eroticsexy funny even ironically endearing full of sexual taboosThis book IS repetitive plotless well you knew that painful to get through depicting manipulative controlling and self destructive as desirable how to not write a novel how to gain success by using other people s characters barely changing them and then laughing all the way to the bankMost people know about the twilight matchups so I m not going to go into too much detail but it was actually uite sickening how lazy she was to change ANY story detailsBella Anastasia a clumsy girl who grew up in Arizona Las Vegas with her mother then moved to Forks Vancouver Washington where her dad stepdad lives while her mother lives with her new husband in Florida Georgia She has a younger friend named Jacob Jose with a crush on her and whose dad is friends with her dad because they are fishing partners and police force army buddies and who gave her his old truck VW beetleEdward Christian who is adopted and has a sibling named Emmett Elliott and a sister named Alice Mia also adopted who live with their parents Carlisle Carrick really CARRICK We couldn t even change the first three letters and Esme Grace Their father mother is a doctor Rose Kate and Jasper Ethan are also siblings in this story but have been changed to be friends of Anastasia since in Twilight they already have a convenient different last name than the other CullensAlso he dazzles herI can t even function over the fact that upon preparing this book for publishing she couldn t change one fucking thing to make it even remotely different That was too hard TOO DAMN HARD The similarities in character are so untouched that I am sincerely appalled that she thought it different enough to publish as is It s uite disgustingAlright continuing on and once again I m sure you ve heard this already this book is terribly written Most notably the lack of ability to describe anything other than the few choice phrases she knows how to type He ran his hands through his hair I bit my lip He told me not to bite my lip Oh jeez He grabbed me by the chin to make me look up at him Holy crap I peeked up at him Lather rinse repeat Over And over And over For 500 pages Then there s the case of multiple personality disorder where she hears the voices of two distinct other pieces of herself in her head The subconscious the one telling her she s not good enough and the inner goddess the one that s all into the sex It s strange because I m also currently reading a book right now Deadline where the main character hears a voice in his head because he is literally insane and it s written almost the exact same way he talks back to his voice who presents herself in italics just as Anastasia talks back to her two italics voices It s funny because she s supposed to be completely normal and yet shares the same schizophrenic tendencies as a book about someone who is completely insane This is sense Check out this awesome short paragraph from chapter 24 Through the haze of light I suint and see Christian leaning over me smiling Amused Amused at me Dressed In black What are these fragments four in a row What is this punctuation GASP AT HIM BEING CLOTHED Is this supposed to be poetryLet me add some line breaks for poetic interestThrough the haze of light I suint and see Christian leaning over me Smiling Amused Amused at me Dressed In blackThat s almost betterLet s have another shall we from chapter 24 once I didn t put that song on my iPod he says casually and puts his foot down so that I am thrown back into my seat as the car accelerates along the freeway What He knows what he s doing the bastard Who did And I have to listen to Britney going on and on WhowhoThe song ends and the iPod shuffles to Damien Rice being morunful Who Who I stare out the window my stomach churning WhoSAY WHO AGAIN BITCH JUST TRY IT I DARE YOUOkay and now maybe even worse than the writing oh hell nothing s worse than the writing nevermind is the lack of plot Now once again you already know this Do I even need to tell you nothing happens Seeing as it s based off of a book where nothing happens you can be guaranteed that as we go one step removed even less happens Here is the part where I apologize to Twilight where I said in my page by page commentary below that 50 Shades was entertaining I was at the very beginning I was young and na ve I didn t realize I m sorry You know how The Office kind of got bad after Jim and Pam got together because there was really nothing you were waiting for after that This happens by likechapter 2 You re likeokaywhat now we jut have to watch them whine as a couple for the next zillion pages Okay I can t even fathom that there are two other books written about this couple I literally want to open the window and invite birds to eat my eyes out as punishment for buying and reading this bookAnd now for a bit of tiddlybits I m going to share some information on storywriting that you guys might find interesting and will help show exactly why 50 Shades has zero plot I went to school for film and we had story development classes One thing we were beaten over the head with about is something called the 7 Sentence Story This will help for any writers that are writing their books to be cinematic or would like their novel to be considered for film purposes this is by no means a rule but a really helpful guideline First you need a problem a conflict A reason to tell a story Once you have that your plot should be able to be described in seven sentences thuslyExposition we are introduced to the protagonist andor main charactersInciting Incident something happens that kicks off the conflict the whole point of the storyPlot Point 1 because of the inciting incident character sets off to do somethingcorrect the problem etcMidpoint here in film you might see a montage but it s a place where either plot point 1 is resolved or there is a transition in the characters way of thinkingPlot Point 2 often an even bigger issue arises or a twist that changes or accelerates the conflictClimax final showdown or decisions needed to be madeResolution everything comes to an end the conflict is settled in one way or anotherBasically if you can tell your story in this way in seven sentences you ll know that A the main point is clear B that your story doesn t wander too much in different directions and C that you actually have a plot to stand on that you can justify there s enough substance there And since that s a lot of vagueness we ll go with a classic captivedominant story to show how one tells a story in seven sentences Disney s Beauty and the Beast First the main conflictConflict The prince has been turned into a beast and has only a limited time left before he is trapped forever as oneAnd the seven sentence story Exposition Belle is a smart girl who rejects the advances of Gaston as she doesn t want to be stuck in a mundane lifeInciting Incident Belle s father gets lost and captured by the Beast in his castlePlot Point 1 Belle trades her freedom for her father and is prisoner in the castleMidpoint Belle starts to experience feelings for the Beast and is complacentPlot Point 2 Belle s father is sick and the Beast decides to let her go even though he s giving up his chances of being with herClimax Gaston comes with an angry mob to destroy the BeastResolution While Beast lays dying his love for Belle turns him back into a human and he can live with her happily ever after Simple right Of course other things happen but no doubt you can communicate the main story with just these sentences Okay so let s try 50 Shades which hilariously has had its film rights bought already Conflict Anastasia must decide whether to be with a guy who she thinks is super hot but also scares her This fascinating decision I tell you whatExposition Anastasia is a literary student at WSUInciting Incident Anastasia meets Christian on page 7 and thinks he s hot and mysterious and also frustrating It is clear they both have chemistryPlot Point 1 which is sloppy and all over the place Christian chases her down brings her to his house and shows her he s into SM Also they have sexSorta Midpoint but kind of suished close to Plot Point 1 Anastasia must decide whether to pledge herself to him via contract if she wants to continue seeing him Plot Point 2 Nah she s still deciding and whining about how he s kind of scary but continues to have sex with him throughout this whole time There is no plot point 2Climax Well there isn t really one it s just kind of an all over the place endingeither the complicated sex scene at the end with the hymnal music or him hitting with her with the belt the next morning one of the two I guessResolution She says he s too weird and ends it What a complex thrilling and incredible plot full of depth SHOULD I HAVE CUT THAT FOR SPOILERS OOPS Did you even care If you ve gotten this far nopeBut guess what We know that there are two other books and they get together and lesson isn t really learned so AWESOME COOL I guess that s how she gets people to buy the next ones because hot diggedy I can t wait to see them get back together and whine some And let s talk about the sex for a moment Nothing forbidden actually happens that you ll be like ohhhh how scandalous I want to try that For the most part it s pretty much all basic stuff or basic toy play because basically he s taking it easier on her since she s inexperienced Except for the belt part at the end I guess which just doesn t sound funAnd you already heard about the tampon so like that s not even a surprise although imo it s not a big deal anyway Out of all the women having sex on their periods regularly I can guarantee you there are uite a few men that are tasked with taking the tampon out and throwing it aside I was actually upset about the fact that she is sleeping completely naked in a hotel room bed on day two of her period As if that isn t going to be a mess in the morningOkay lest I go on as long as the book you get the point If you want to see my commentary while reading it is below However a few things I cannot stand how much the author being middle aged shows from the point of view of this 21 year old I m gonna buy plane ticketson the Internet ARE YOU NOW WHOAOOOAOAOA Don t get crazy on us I might be too overwhelmed by this turn of events I fired up my email BLAZING SPEEDS REUIRED They actually do the you hang up no you hang up no you that gross couples tend to do And it was expectedly gross Someone on ONTD who liked this book yelled at me because I said that Christian is not a dominant they also said I wasn t experienced enough to understand lol okay like you know who I am anon I still stand by that statement It s not what he s doing it s how he s doing it He is deeply troubled whiny and manipulative and while he does love control it s for the wrong reasons He was abused as a child and sexually abused as a 15 year old and vastly denies it and because of this he justifies his activities as personal preference when he is in fact a bit too fucked up to currently have a relationship He ends up making the na ve Anastasia batshit crazy because he continues to string her along trying to convince her they want the same things instead of getting himself some help He gives her the illusion that she has the choice to back out but then turns around and says ha ha I m joking but I know where to find you by the way She goes to visit her mother because she needs a break from him to think and what does he do Flies out there using his roundabout stalker way of finding information about where she s at like he always does to meet up have sex with her and take her out with him She s supposed to be visiting her mother and having time to think yet he can t stay away and makes this about HIM taking her away from time with her mom whom she hasn t seen in 6 months I can t at this selfish fucking bastard because he just can t stay awayIt makes me mad just thinking about someone that clingy Which is another thing that pisses me off almost everything about their whining and relationship conversations reminds me of everything I ve hated about past relationships I ve had How does ANYONE enjoy this book How does anyone think that this is sexy that this depicts something they wantI can t evenI cannotAlso I should never have imagined Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl as the main characters Now everytime I see a commercial for Gossip Girl rage courses through my bodyI m bored Someone get me out of herePS Did you know that James recently stated she s set the bar for writing pretty highCoolPlease do yourself a favor and go buy a book of much higher uality plot and writing ohhhh likeModelland

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