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[PDF/EPUB] A History of IndiaVolume One by Romila Thapar – Epub and eBook

  • Paperback
  • 592
  • A History of IndiaVolume One
  • Romila Thapar
  • English
  • 14 March 2017
  • 9780140288261
A History of IndiaVolume One

Review ß A History of IndiaVolume One 102 Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Romila Thapar Characters A History of IndiaVolume One Ion of readers This new work brings to life thousands of years of history tracing India's evolution before contact with modern Europe was established its prehistoric beginnings; the great cities of the Indus civilization; the emergence of mighty dynasties such as the Mauryas Guptas and Cholas; the teachings of the Buddha; the creation of heroic epics such as the Mahabharata and t. I enjoy reading history and am just becoming interested in the history of India and central Asia I figured a Penguin book on the topic would be just what I needed That was not the case I was looking for a book which told me stories about Indian history instead I got a soulless Marxist manifesto This year I ve read two great history books The Fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather and Consuming Passions by Judith Flanders Both were great books which entertained me and left me with a sense of having learnt something Not so with Romila Thapar s book I feel like I ve learned a lot about Romila Thapar but very little about history I may have some feeling of the great ideological battle raging to define India but I didn t want to read a book about politics Sadly I feel that Thapar cannot write otherwiseLet me fill you in on some of the conflicts I sense Everybody knows that India has Hindu and Muslim inhabitants If you ve seen Gandhi you ll know there were terrible massacres perpetrated after partition in 1948 The historical uestion is have Hindu and Muslim always been enemies or have they lived together peacefully Your answer to that uestion will influence your position on the war in Kashmir Pakistan s role within the world and hence your opinion on what to do about AfghanistanEverybody knows India has a caste system The highest caste is the brahmins the priests then kshatriya the warriors then vaishya and shudra Brahmins have traditionally been well educated these days it is family tradition so brahmins are often professionals from wealthy families In modern India there are uotas for non brahmins at universities because the brahmins tend to oversupply students This means that there is effectively anti brahmin discrimination resulting in a brahmin diaspora as budding professionals travel overseas for education Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your historical perspective did brahmins achieve their advantageous position by generations of hard work or did they achieve it by preferential treatment by the kings who were mostly kshatriyaThapar takes the opportunity to mention that brahmans as she spells it counter to convention were the recipients of land grants from the rulers Brahmins then became administrators of the land employing the lower castes to do the labour She then casts brahmins as a ruling elite Strangely she doesn t use this description of the kshatriyas Sadly her evidence for this judgement is so vague that I can t say whether she has a point or notSpeaking of vague this book is infuriatingly so For example discussing the status of women when social groups moved from clans family groups to jatis subcastes she saysKinship patterns and gender relations would have differed between the major groups of castes and between regional practices It is likely that in the initial stages of conversion jati status some customary practices from the previous status were retainedWhat I want to know is is she telling me something or is she guessing Is there any evidence at all for this statement And if there is what the hell does it mean anyway If you ask me where to catch the bus do I say it is likely that the bus will continue to arrive in the traditional location and it would possibly do so at approximately the same time as it has previously The book is full of this sort of meaningless vague waffleAdmittedly as the subject is Indian history from prehistoric times until 1300AD it s likely that the concrete knowledge available if detailed However that s no excuse for publishing 489 pages of guesses Unless you re interested in the political issues in Indian historiography this is one to stay well away from

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Review ß A History of IndiaVolume One 102 Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Romila Thapar Characters A History of IndiaVolume One This title represents a complete rewriting by Romila Thapar of her classic work A History of India the first volume in the Penguin History of India series thirty five years after it was first published Thapar has incorporated the vast changes in scholarly understanding and interpretation of Indian history that have occurred during her lifetime to revise the book for a new generat. Very unprofessional book of history I must say This does not tell what is the truth but tells what is truth according to a person s beliefs The author forgets that this is a book of history and not of philosophy where she can act upon her whims and inclinations

Characters A History of IndiaVolume One

Review ß A History of IndiaVolume One 102 Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free È Romila Thapar Characters A History of IndiaVolume One He Ramayana; and the creation of regional cultures Thapar introduces figures from the remarkable visionary ruler Ashoka to other less exemplary figures In exploring subjects as diverse as marriage class art erotica and astronomy Thapar provides an incomparably vivid and nuanced picture of India Above all she shows the rich mosaic of diverse kingdoms landscapes languages and belie. Instead of full account this book is rather a failed account of Indian history which betrays the basic tenets of historical writing Romila Thapar has misled her readers