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[PDF] The Furry Trap author Josh Simmons

  • Hardcover
  • 164
  • The Furry Trap
  • Josh Simmons
  • English
  • 28 June 2019
  • 9781606995365

Josh Simmons ¿ 8 review

The Furry Trap Summary Á 8 Isarmingly cute yet terrifying demons of Demonwood to the depraved caped crusading antihero in Mark of the Bat Simmons is a master of creating terrifying beasties that inspire and inflict nightmarish horrors usually taken to unforgettable extremesThe individual stories in The Furry Trap stand on their own as mini masterpieces of skin crawling terror but collectively complement each other in a way that only heightens the anxiety and dread pouring from page to page Just remember You've been warne. OkayI found this at the Library and skimmed the first few pages I was almost immediately offended to the point where I put it back on the shelf and prayed that no little kid would ever pick this upThen I went back minutes later to read the whole thing cover to cover There was no way I was going to bring this into my house but I felt compelled to read it Fortunately most of the stories after the first were ever so slightlyless horrifyingI can handle uite a lot of dark morose morbid content before it affects me to the point where I dislike it Furry Trap broke that threshold though in fact I think this may be the first time everThis would have been a solid 1 star rating except for the last story Demonwood was so incredibly terrifying It had a Less is approach whereas the previous stories had a philosophy of The most possible is The difference between Demonwood and the others is this The earlier stories left me in shock and horror only as long as the page was open to them Demonwood is still haunting me nowI would almost go so far to say almost that this would be worth the buy JUST for Demonwood

review The Furry TrapThe Furry Trap

The Furry Trap Summary Á 8 G of dread and claustrophobia and the stories herein all share an unmistakably and uncompromising commitment to exploring the crossroads of abomination and hilarityThe Furry Trap contains 11 short stories varying in length from one to 30 pages as well as a number of extras that will flesh out the reader s experience From the title creatures in Night of the Jibblers to the witches and ogres of Cockbone to the Godzilla sized centaur bodied depiction of the title character in Jesus Christ to the d. Very strange stories with high gore and perversion I found myself simultaneously disgusted and intrigued throughout the book

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The Furry Trap Summary Á 8 Graphic novelist Josh Simmons House returns with a harrowing and genre bending collection of modern horror short stories that could curl the toes of a corpse in a state of rigor mortis Simmons disturbing uncomfortable and even confrontational stories often work on multiple levels straight uncompromising horror; blackly humorous satirical riffs on the genre; or as vicious assaults against the political correctness that rules so much of our popular culture His artwork excels in conveying a feelin. Deliberately shocking and offensive horror comics in the tradition of splatter porn I guess Disturbing I think of Crumb who was asked why he did some of his most shocking stuff and he said he didn t know where it came from didn t really want his daughter to see it was also kind of disturbed by it Okay so I experienced it and will wash my hands of it This is about violence sexual violence Johnny Ryan territory and I don t uite get it am not cool enough to say I think it is so awesome dude as some hipster artists would and Simmons doesn t give a damn whether I like it or not If he were to get popular he would hate himself and all his fans It has that Dead Kennedy hate your audience punk feel to it Good I hate you too JoshI also just today read Al Columbia s Pim and Francie which is also disturbing and could be seen in the same category as Simmons as horror comics but Columbia s work is amazing to me ambitious Still disturbing and deliberately disturbing but somehow impressive and thoughtful complex layered See my review of that if you care enough about these kinds of comics I might just not be a horror guy I mean you hardcore Saw types will just snicker when I tell you my kind of horror is this soft core literary variety Neil Gaiman Sandman stuff SO tame dude So it s a matter of taste and literary tastes finally I supposeSo the point of this stuff is not to gain wide recognition it is to be transgressive to shock and it fulfilled its purpose Maybe horror is just meant to horrify to cross lines so you are shocked Simmons is technically proficient and he can tell a story and a variety of stories and they re not ALL disturbing And thank god they are short stories because to sustain the level of disgust for longer within any given story would be doubly brutal But the hell with it I am still not going to give this two stars just because he has some talent in a particular form So there