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Julia Navarro [ epub Pdf ] La hermandad de la sábana santa

REVIEW La hermandad de la sábana santa

CHARACTERS ¶ La hermandad de la sábana santa The Brotherhood of the Holy Shroud is the explosive international bestseller that mixes fact and fiction to tell the riveting story of one of the world’s most controversial relics the Holy Shroud of Turin and the desperate race to save it from those who will stop at nothing to possess its legendary pow Did you have to waste so many pages Waste of time and energy The book is supposed to be a thriller and I didn t feel any thrill at all It was dulldraggingand tested my patience in many places You can t state few names like shroud of Turin and Knights Templar and expect the readers to accept it as a spectacular thriller Well I m to be blamed for falling for anything with those names in it And the ending It couldn t have been crappy

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CHARACTERS ¶ La hermandad de la sábana santa ErA fire at the Turin cathedral and the discovery of a mutilated corpse are the latest in a disturbing series of events surrounding the mysterious cloth millions believe to be the authentic burial shroud of Jesus Christ Those who dare to investigate will be caught in the cross fire of an ancient conflict THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE HOLY SHROUD is an excellent effort on Navarro s part The modern day story is fast paced with believable action and well defined characters The historical storyline however suffers a bit from an overabundance of characters some imagined some historical This does tend to slow down some of the chapters Still given the amount of territory she covers the plot moves along uickly enough to sustain the reader s interest In fact it moves almost too uickly at the end I felt it ended a bit abruptly But still it makes a very good read and a daring rather tragic end in which there is no one who has won decisively I really liked the book The translator of the original version has done a great job

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CHARACTERS ¶ La hermandad de la sábana santa Forged by mortal sacrifice assassination and secret societies tied to the shadowy Knights TemplarSpanning centuries and continents from the storm rent skies over Calvary through the intrigue and treachery of Byzantium and the Crusades to the modern day citadels of Istanbul New York London Paris and Rome One of the worst books I ve ever read in my life I seriously wanted to throw this book to the bin Not only it is really bad written but the characters are flat and unlikeable and extremely annoying and the storyline is just blah Seems like a bad remake of The Da Vinci Code Couldn t care less about this stupid book How could I ever read this I still don t know

  • Hardcover
  • 399
  • La hermandad de la sábana santa
  • Julia Navarro
  • English
  • 28 August 2017
  • 9780385339629