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Laurent Bossavit ( Kindle ePUB Ebook ) The Leprechauns of Software Engineering

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The Leprechauns of Software Engineering

FREE READ ó The Leprechauns of Software Engineering The software profession has a problem widely recognized but which nobody seems willing to do anything about You can think of this problem as a variant of the well known telephone game where some trivial rumor is repeated from one person to the next until it has become distorted beyond recognition and blown up out of all proportionUnfortunately the objec. Software engineering tries hard to be a real science In the last four decades some claims have gained general acceptance 10x developers exist and defects become costly to fix the later they re discovered These claims are often followed by a list of imposing citationsIn The Leprechauns of Software Engineering Laurent Bossavit chases down the sources of these accepted facts and in the process demonstrates that there s no science behind themWhile he explains in detail how he manages to unravel the various citations in order to get to the heart of the matter the book is easy to read At times it s like reading a thriller I was literally turning pages and didn t want to put the book downThere s a risk that I suffer from confirmation bias but this could be one of the decade s most important books about software developmentMy only problem with the book is that I feel that I should not take citations for granted Instead in its spirit I should get to the original sources in order to verify that the author hasn t misrepresented them It s just that if we are to believe Laurent Bossavit that s a major undertaking For now then I ll choose to believe himI strongly recommend this book for all with an interest in software development

CHARACTERS The Leprechauns of Software Engineering

FREE READ ó The Leprechauns of Software Engineering Ts of this telephone game are generally considered cornerstone truths of the discipline to the point that their acceptance now seems to hinder further progressIn this short ebook we will take a look at some of those ground truths the claimed 10x variation in productivity between developers; the software crisis; the cost of change curve; the cone of unce. Well researched debunking of some of the most stubborn myths in software engineering combined with a thorough case for critical thinking in software engineering For some reason I was constantly reminded of Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering as one of the possible offenders I should probably reread thatIf I have to pick a negative point with this book it s the uality of writing which is easily overcome by the uality of the content

READ ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Laurent Bossavit

FREE READ ó The Leprechauns of Software Engineering Rtainty; and We'll hone our scholarship skills by looking up the original source for these ideas and taking a deep dive in the history of their development We'll assess the real weight of the evidence behind these ideasAnd we'll confront the scary prospect of moving the state of the art forward in a discipline that has had the ground kicked from under i. pretty much what I got from this is that you can t trust a lot of meme rules of thumb in software engineering the science sucks and is not a good fit for our industry our work is too complex and hard to measure the examples give some ideas about how you can debunk a lot of software engineering research and call out the BS it s a short book dense and not an easy read and a little expensive but worth it for originality it pairs well with software xrays which shows a better alternative to how we can measure things in our own software developments

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