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Pingalavel summary ½ 8 One of finest short story book co. Pingalavel according to me is the most profound writing available in Marathi There are some booksauthors which appeal to one s intellect there are some which appeal to the child inside you and there are some others GA Kulkarni s writing however is beyond all these genres and descriptions He writes with a root approach to life and his stories completely mesmerize your mind Stories like Swamy and Kairi are masterpieces in Marathi literature His writing can be summarized by the uotes found in opening pages of this book Stranger think long before you enterFor these corridors amuse not passing travellersBut if you enter keep your voice to yourselfNor should you tinkle and toll your tongueThese columns rose not for the such as youBut for those urgent pilgrim feet that wanderOn lonely ways seeking the roots of rootless treesThe earth has many flowery roads choose oneThat pleases your whim and gods be with youBut now leave leave me to my dark green solitudeWhich like the deep dream world of the seaHas its moving shapes corals ancient coins Carved urns and ruins of ancient ships and gods And mermaids with flowing golden hairThat charm a patch of silent darknessInto singing sunlight

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Pingalavel summary ½ 8 Ntaining few awesome short storie. One of my very favourite author This book is very special to me since I received it as a gift on my matric exam achievement The Neighbors Son 2 Forbidden Love #2 of my very favourite author This book is very special to me since I received it as a gift On the Run Sweet Valley High Super Thriller #2 on my matric exam achievement

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Pingalavel summary ½ 8 S OrpheousSwamiLakshmiKairi Yatri. GAKulkarni is among one of my favorite authors His style is realistic He has ability to touch your sensitive mind Stories are often emotional negative having dark shades of life depressing Suffering and emotions like the stories of Anton ChekhovThey are based on his experiences His skills in converting emotions in writing are fabulous Even imaginary stories from him are of top notch leveStories such as Orphius swamy Kairi Veej yatrik and lakshmi are amazing Frankly speaking I like each story from the book This one is collectible for me Those who want to read best of the GA s literature should go for these 4 books1 Kaajalmaya2 Pingalavel3 Ramalkhuna4 Sanjshakun

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  • 26 December 2018
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