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eBook [Love is Power or Something Like That young adult fantasy] by A. Igoni Barrett – PDF, Kindle eBook & DOC

Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ A. Igoni Barrett

Love is Power or Something Like That

Read Love is Power or Something Like That ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free S confidante Men and women can be objects of fantasy the subject of beery solilouies They can be trophies or status symbols Or they can be overwhelming in their needIn these wide ranging stories A Igoni Barrett roams the streets with people from all stations of life A man with acute halitosis navigates the chaos of the Lagos bus system A mino. A collection of stories of uncommon power A few did not grab several wallopped me A rich and talented writer

characters Love is Power or Something Like That

Read Love is Power or Something Like That ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free R policeman full of the authority and corruption of his uniform beats his wife A family’s fortunes fall from love and wealth to infidelity and poverty as poor choices unfurl over three generations With humor and tenderness Barrett introduces us to an utterly modern Nigeria where desire is a means to an end and love is a power as real as mon. Barrett is amazing at capturing a tone of a character in a few sentences which makes these short stories driven by the people they are about than the woefulness that befalls them And woe is plentifulNever melodramatic always slightly bitter without being nasty we find each story kind of in the middle of the story each ends with a trail that will continue long after this short interlude concludes In part because each of these stories deals with Love not the love of wishfulfillment paperbacks or the love of romcoms or even the sweeping love of epic winter wind swept Russian novels Barrett is interested in the difficult and complicated and not always passionate or honest or helpful Love that we all experience For instance the opening story The Worst Thing That Happened deals with an aging mother whose children love her from a distance or ignore her completely yet in helping a neighbor reconnects with her own sense of self Or Trophy where the narrator befriends a man with a much complicated set of circumstances than the narrator could ever manage himselfOther stories deal with sexual abuse love of career a beloved child s act of defiance and a story of how one man s awful breath and how he ended up at the dentistLeo the white South African in the final story stole my heart and ends the book on the final epiphany Love means you make me happy until you don tOverall a well done and original collection of love stories for people like me

Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ A. Igoni Barrett

Read Love is Power or Something Like That ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Vivid powerful stories of contemporary Nigeria from a talented young author One of the Millions 's Most Anticipated Books of 2013 When it comes to love things are not always what they seem In contemporary Lagos a young boy may pose as a woman online and a maid may be suspected of sleeping with her employer and yet still become a young wife’. The collection of nine stories by A Igoni Barrett is a thought provoking read that gives a good start to a reading year Most of these stories except perhaps for the last one are set in Nigeria It is this setting that provides one of the greatest strengths for the collection Nigeria is brought alive in these short stories and for anyone that has remotely interacted with a Nigerian they will see how truthfully they have been represented by Mr BarrettEach of the short stories captures the reader s attention some better than others but definitely makes one feel they have spent their time doing something worthy By making them very visual and largely uncomplicated in plot Mr Barrett allows the reader to easily access his stories And the readers feelings and emotions sometimes become one with those of the characters as they search for love understanding and a place to belongIn Nigeria there are many ways that this can be done which makes the nation uite peculiar One needs to read Dream Chaser to see this A young man makes a world of himself in a cyber caf preying upon the love and attention of white people in cyberspace Another young man in the story The Shape of a Full Circle watches the slow degradation of his alcoholic mother and their landlord who will be soothed from kicking the family out by taking advantage of the poor womanThe range of issues covered in all these short stories is wide enough to paint a kind of picture of Nigeria and the manner in which life is approached there Though it might be a bit different with other African countries and cities like Nairobi where I live some realities are very much similar Talk of dishonest and blood sucking Pentecostal preachers as has been deeply and beautifully captured in Godspeed and Perpetua But for a laugh out loud moment which Mr Barret surely pulls off beautifully one need only read My Smelling Mouth Problem I first read this story in the 6th edition of Kwani a few years ago and I loved it very much Now it felt fresh and full of life when I reread it and would not hesitate to revisit it again in the futureMy problem with this collection of stories is with the story about Nairobi which is where I live It seems a prejudiced outsider s view of the happenings sort of cleverly aligned to make the seedier streets ruthless than they areIgoni Barret is perhaps one of the most exciting young African writers that I have read in long time His stories are unpretentious and they capture the life as is in the African continent He has also largely been based here in the continent unlike most other young writers of African descent that are based abroad He is a writer that will definitely stay and I will enjoy reading for as long as I find anything he writes

  • Paperback
  • 199
  • Love is Power or Something Like That
  • A. Igoni Barrett
  • English
  • 05 February 2019
  • 9781555976408