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Johanne Hildebrandt [ Kindle ePUB Ebook ] Idun Sagan om Valhalla

  • Hardcover
  • 410
  • Idun Sagan om Valhalla
  • Johanne Hildebrandt
  • en
  • 08 October 2019
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review Idun Sagan om Valhalla

characters Idun Sagan om Valhalla í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Har växt sig så stark att hon ser sig själv som Gudinna Freja vägrar att hjälpa honom Men när bud kommer från Vanaheim tvekar hon inte Svartsoten hotar att utplåna människorna påön Freja måste rädda sitt folk Men hennes högmod gör att Mångudinnan vänder Freja ryggen Och Idun Frejas dotter lockas till att överge sin mor Utan Mångudinnan står Freja maktlös I. It s good but not as good as the first book which was amazing This was so dark so grim It was horrible for Idun and me I wanted magic and culture things this was mostly just violence This took me two months to read At least there were some hope left in the end but I don t know how long it will take I still want to try the third part

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characters Idun Sagan om Valhalla í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Historien fortsätter Prästinnan Freja och hennes Tor den enögde hövdingen Oden och den undersköna drottning Alfhild – och alla de andra hjältarna – möter oss igenTor seglar till Alfheim Han är och bekymrad Svartsoten plågar både vaner och asar Tor måste förmå Freja att hjälpa honom Bara hon har kraft att driva bort farsoten Men Freja är förändrad Hennes makt. I was very delighted when I found some Viking stories from my Library s shelf The writer had very skillfully bound the myths into her writing but characters were uite one dimensioned and the protagonist in the book Idun suffered from a disturbingly hard inferiority complex as I peeked into the 3 novel I noticed the same thing continues there so I did not even start the next book Also the writing uality of the sex scenes were uite sloppy and there were loads of them in this book almost an gormandizing amount They called having sex poleing in the Finnish version and I found that pretty disturbing cause first thought of poleing was putting up telephone poles rather than wild Viking love making This book left a bit sloppy taste in my mouth and decided to leave this series of books for now Not really my taste that a book is based on inferiority complex and with badly written poleing scenes Of course it s a part of the culture then but enough is enough and she could have put time on the details to make the character and the scenes deeperI guess this felt too sloppy written and shallow to my taste but it lightened up strong feelings in me and that s why the two stars

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characters Idun Sagan om Valhalla í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Sin svåraste stund får hon hjälp från underjordenDödsgudinnan gör henne till sin och ger henne ett uppdrag att finna Bringisgamen Det smycke som kan ge Freja kraft att bekämpa den häxa som sänt svartsoten över asar och vaner Freja vet inte var hon ska söka Hon vet bara att utan Bringisgamen går både asar och vaner underIdun är den andra delen i trilogin om Valhalla. In Idun the saga combining historical fiction and Norse mythology continues Idun is in this story the daughter of Fr ya and Thor and given the name of the book you would think it would be about her But the author never really builds her up as a character and instead concentrates on her parents which character traits are growing much worse that in the first book Idun hasn t inherited any of her mother s gifts meaning that she hasn t any superstitious powers and is basically just a normal insecure person I wish the author would have evolved her character so that we as readers actually could feel a connection with her but she was only a side character through the whole book Of course she gets a daughter in the end of book to bring the family inheritance on and the next book is supposed to be about her I have to wait until the library reopens to get it but I think I might continue the series just to see where the story goes