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Swimming Pool Summer ( PDF ) ✓ Rebecca Farnworth – Kindle or Book

  • Paperback
  • 448
  • Swimming Pool Summer
  • Rebecca Farnworth
  • English
  • 16 February 2017
  • 9780099564478
Swimming Pool Summer

FREE READ õ Swimming Pool Summer Frankie hasn’t had a proper relationship for years But though she tells everyone this is how she wants it secretly she’s in love with her best friend PatrickTor didn’t think she could have a baby but now she is pregnant. 35 StarsSwimming Pool Summer focuses on Frankie Tor and Leila who are all holidaying on the Greek island of Zakynthos All have secrets they are hiding and everything is gradually revealed over the course of the bookFrom the Synopsys Frankie hasn t had a proper relationship for years But though she tells everyone this is how she wants it secretly she s in love with her best friend PatrickTor Victoria didn t think she could have a baby but now she is pregnant by her younger lover Could this mean the end of a romance that has started to mean to her than she expectedLeila seems to have it all a happy marriage a beautiful daughter and a successful career But Leila is harbouring a secret that could destroy her marriage foreverGood things about this book include the alternating chapters being told by different characters for me it gave of an insight into each ones state of mind as different things were revealed I loved the summaries at the end giving details of the characters 1 5 and 10 years on as well I saved this book for my summer vacation and I am glad I did it s the perfect curl up by the pool book in my opinionARC provided by Netgalley

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FREE READ õ Swimming Pool Summer By her younger lover Could this mean the end of a romance that has started to mean to her than she expectedLeila seems to have it all – a happy marriage a beautiful daughter and a successful career But Leila is harbouring. 45 starsreview to comeLeila s parents own a villa in Greece and she decides to invite her best friends along with her husband and daughter Gracie along for a two week vacation It s an absolute beautiful location and all the girls hope that this trip will fix some ongoing issues that they have First there s Leila who appears to have it all on the surface A beautiful daughter a caring husband an amazing job but she had an extra marital affair which is haunting her plus the guy won t stop contacting her She doesn t know how to get past it or come clean to her husband Then there s Tor or Victoria who finds out on the morning of her flight to Greece that she is pregnant Her doctor has told her that she has zero chance to conceive naturally so this has come as a complete shock Her boyfriend Ed is ten years younger than her and she doesn t think he is ready for this kind of commitment Obviously this life altering news puts a damper on her trip and she isn t sure if she should tell Ed as their relationship is still pretty new Lastly there s Frankie who is single and hasn t been in a long term relationship in years She secretly harbors strong feelings for someone who isn t the best fit for her All three women must address their secrets eventually and who can think of a better location than at the Greek villa Rebecca Farnworth s Swimming Pool Summer is the perfect beach read combining female friendships secrets drama a beautiful location and of course romanceAll three women are in their thirties and are dealing with real life issues in Swimming Pool Summer It was very Sex and the City to me which if you know me is a huge compliment Leila is the amazing hostess who seems to have it all together but has huge secrets Her relationship with her husband is pretty stressful and it made for some pretty awkward moments on the trip Also I wanted Tor to tell her boyfriend that she s pregnant like immediately I have no idea how she was able to hide it especially dealing with nausea the entire trip Ed is the perfect guy so I was hoping she would justtellhim Frankie frustrated me with her control freak tendencies and the fact that she couldn t get over her major crush even though he s a horrible person This horrible person whom they have all known since college ends up going on the trip Drama ensues Leila also invites her husband s best friend a fabulous guy on the trip as well and Frankie has had issues with him in the past More drama ensues once Frankie realizes he s going on the trip as Leila has kept that from her The setting was to die for in Swimming Pool Summer Can I be friends with this group and go on a trip to the Greek villa please Farnworth does a fabulous job portraying a group of friends from college and how those friendships evolve and change once you are in your thirties I could especially relate to this aspect of the book The point of view switches each chapter and focuses on all three girls which I thought was done well I was eually invested in all three stories so it wasn t an issue that Farnworth jumped from character to character in Swimming Pool SummerMy only regret is that I didn t read Swimming Pool Summer this past summer on vacation It would be the absolute best book to read while laying out by the pool or soaking up the sun at the beach If you are looking for a read this fall to help you forget about the impending winter then check out Swimming Pool Summer It will make you forget about the leaves falling and snow coming instead you ll want to have a cocktail by the pool with Frankie Tor and Leila

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FREE READ õ Swimming Pool Summer A secret that could destroy her marriage foreverOn an idyllic Greek island the three women try to keep their secrets hidden But emotions are running high and when an unexpected guest arrives events start to spin out of contro. This is my first book by Rebecca Farnworth Tsk tsk From the blurb we know that the story is going to be about three friends and all of them have secrets Some of them some of them less breath taking In my opinion less breath takingThe book is actually very engaging and interesting I was really curious what is going to happen when will the secrets be relieved and what happens then the writing is flowing but But I missed something I missed action I missed complications I was hoping for drama and things happening It is very cliched plot in my opinion it was all very very predictable and from the beginning I could tell how it is going to endEvery chapter is dedicated to one of the girls so we know their point of views which worked brilliant in this book The characters are good they are nicely written and like I already said all of them have some kind of secret The most interesting for me was Leila s problem and I was very curious when it will be relieved and how it is going to end And I must say that I am dissapointed I was expecting it to see the lights earlier and then take part of the book not just some pages at the end Unexpectedly for me it was Candy who stole the show and she was the most colourful and most interesting of all the people thereThe descriptions of Greece and all the tavernas food colours were just greatBut I have enjoyed the book and if someone is looking for a summer unchallenging read you don t need to look furtherI have received a copy of this book from publishe via NetGalley