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[Andrew Taylor] The Scent of Death [manhwa Book] Kindle ePUB – Book, Kindle eBook or TXT

  • Hardback
  • 480
  • The Scent of Death
  • Andrew Taylor
  • English
  • 20 May 2019
  • 9780007213511

Summary The Scent of Death

Free download É The Scent of Death Andrew Taylor Æ 5 characters Summary The Scent of Death From the No 1 bestselling author of THE AMERICAN BOY comes a brilliant new historical thriller set during the American War of Independence Manhattan 1778 A city of secrets profiteers loyalists and double agents As the last part of America under British rule New York is home to a swelling tide of refugees seeking justice from the British crown Edward Savil Frankly I could barely set it down It was right up there with Bleeding Heart Suare about which I once taught a class in evoking atmosphere and time The plot was superb with just enough hints to keep the reader curious without giving everything away The attitudes of the characters revealed so much about colonial America and politics about which many even history students are unaware The characters remind me of some of those in the Roth Trilogy in that there is a what we used to call sociopathic but now say borderline personality disorder uality to some of them Killing is matter of fact no big deal and is committed with no apparent sense of guilt or remorse I like this in a novel because by its very nature a novel is fictionit s fine with me if characters do not behave as they might in real lifeor as only a few might It was intriguing to hear the Other Side of the Story

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Free download É The Scent of Death Andrew Taylor Æ 5 characters Summary The Scent of Death L is sent from London to investigate the claims of dispossessed loyalists No sooner does he land than he becomes embroiled in the case of a gentleman murdered in the city's notorious Canvas Town An escaped slave hangs for the crime but Savill is convinced they have executed the wrong man Lodging with the respected Wintour family Savill senses the mystery Another solid historical novel from Taylor who does his homework and has a gift for describing the period details of the era about which he is writing Here he paints a bleak picture of the last days of Colonial New York a compelling setting for a series of missteps and murders

Andrew Taylor Æ 5 characters

Free download É The Scent of Death Andrew Taylor Æ 5 characters Summary The Scent of Death Deepening Judge Wintour's beautiful daughter in law Arabella hides a tragedy in her past while his son plans a dangerous mission into enemy territory And what of Mr Noak the enigmatic clerk seemingly bent on a dubious course of his own One thing is clear the killing in Canvas Town was just the start of a trail of murder and it's leading directly to Savill Well crafted and satisfying in the end but the structure of the story made this book really really drag until the last hundred or so pagesI had high hopes for this after reading Taylor s Anatomy of Ghosts and indeed this is on the whole a good story But it s really convoluted and hard to follow and the reader is asked to slog through a lot of text that drones and drags to get to the payoff at the end Had the story been structured differently perhaps a bit action in the first 75% of the book I would probably feel favorably toward it Taylor s books are also tough to like even if you can appreciate them because the characters are not terribly endearing What they are is often exceptionally realistic which I can certainly respect It s a brave way to write characters in a way because reality casts so few of us as the heroes we like to read about Still as much as I tip my c