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[Download Tell Me Everything] TXT by Sarah Salway

  • Hardcover
  • 288
  • Tell Me Everything
  • Sarah Salway
  • en
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780747577997
Tell Me Everything

Sarah Salway ´ 0 READ READ ´ Tell Me Everything Tories Molly jumps at the chance Slowly she builds an eccentric new family Tim her secretive boyfriend who just might be a spy; Miranda the lovelorn hairstylist; Liz the lusty librarian; and Mr Roberts a landlord who listens and his wife who is that very wonderful thing FrenchMuch to Molly’s surprise she finds that the stories she now tells are her key to creating a completely different life Suddenly her future is full of possibilities The trouble is Molly’s not the only one telling tales Sarah Salway’ I was very confused by this bookIt seemed to be getting better and suddenly ended Molly didn t become a better person at all She lied and stole and pretended this was for good reasons Tim was never properly explained I never uite understood if Leanne was real or not and Joe didn t seem to be a needed character at allThis is just my opinion obviously there are good points and it did succeed in making me feel for the characters and their situations

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Sarah Salway ´ 0 READ READ ´ Tell Me Everything “I galloped through this book–couldn’t stop once I’d started The writing’s so spare and yet the message so complex It’s spiky sparky pithy and deep”–Kate Long author of The Bad Mother’s HandbookShe didn’t mean to tell the story or have it end that way She just got a little carried away It has been several years since she confided in her teacher and Molly Drayton is still feeling the aftershocks But when a chance meeting with a stranger leads to an offer of a room in exchange for telling s I m sure it s not the first time Sarah Salway has left me a bit puzzled and I don t think it will be the last which leads me to believe it s something she does very wellI never get uite what I m expecting from her books they can appear so lightweight and chick litty but something deeper and darker lurks within And so it was hereBut I struggled to make the connections that I felt surely must be there under the surface I felt like each character was a Russian doll with multiple layers each I unpacked and examined and put back together each was happy rattling with their secret selves but I couldn t trace the lines that connected them together so often they seemed to be talking to themselves or glancing off of each otherIn total I enjoyed the book thought it was well written but worry that I ve missed something As such I ve passed it on to a fellow reader who s view I trust and hope that with discussing we can thrash our way to a better understanding Surely in itself this is not a fail but actually the sign of a good book if you don t want to just let it go

CHARACTERS Tell Me Everything

Sarah Salway ´ 0 READ READ ´ Tell Me Everything S witty finely tuned and poignant novel is an utterly entrancing chronicle of a uniue coming of age capturing the imagination as it explores what we reveal to others how honest we are with ourselves and the conseuences of trying to bridge fact and fictionPraise for The ABCs of Love“An innovatively told and exuisitely written novel about friendship love and life that sneaks up on you with just how extraordinary it is”–Melissa Senate author of See Jane Date“Charming and darklyfunny”–Marie Claire UK Eh