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Dove in the Window [ kindle / Pdf ] BY Earlene Fowler – Kindle eBook and Epub

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Dove in the Window

Dove in the Window Download ß 105 Earlene Fowler Ê 5 Read & Download The West and a passionate desire to catch it all on film In Benni she finds a favorite subject and a new friend But when Shelby’s body is discovered on the ranch the next morning Benni’s closest relatives suddenly develop into prime murder suspec. Book 5 in the Benni Harper seriesShelby is a freelance photographer who is a member of the artist s co op where Benni works Shelby ends up dead due to blunt force trauma to the back of her head Since her body was found outside is it murder or an accidentGreer another artist at the co op is the one who accidentally murders Shelby Shelby had taken some photos of farm life for a book she was compiling Some of the photos shows Greer s pickup truck and trailer loading up cattle belonging to another rancher Greer would then sell the cattle to get money for her ranch upkeep She was fighting with Shelby and pushed her Shelby fell on a rock and died

Summary Dove in the Window

Dove in the Window Download ß 105 Earlene Fowler Ê 5 Read & Download Meet Benni Harpera spirited ex cowgirl uilter and folk art expert who’s staking out her own corner of the contemporary American West She’s got an eye for murderous designs and a talent for piecing together the most complex and cold blooded crimesB. I like Earlene Fowler novels which contain a little romance a little intrigue a little who done it mystery and a lot of close knit family and friends This was my least favorite of her uilt top books however It seemed to me like the whole novel was full of one liners and cliches I did enjoy it though and would probably give it a 3 12 if that was possible Erlene Fowler is a 3 time Agatha Award nominee and her stories make you feel like you are watching the Murder She Wrote television show Her Heroine is Benni Harper a 30 something ex cowgirl and uilter but the story doesn t delve into uilting much at all She is always getting involved in solving the town s murders and getting herself in trouble every time

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ê Earlene Fowler

Dove in the Window Download ß 105 Earlene Fowler Ê 5 Read & Download Enni and about two hundred of her relatives and friends are gathered for the family’s annual barbecue and cattle roundup Among them is Shelby Johnson a young photography student from a wealthy Chicago family who is drawn to San Celina by her love of. Benni Harper as the protagonist of what one guesses should be called a cozy series amateur sleuth usually female prone to intellectual and instinctual investigation that physical confrontation couldn t avoid a crime scene if she tried This time the crime scene is thrust upon her and no matter how she would like to stay out of it she feels an obligation to duty and to her ability to give up a significant grieving in her emotional life to keep probing around the edges as though the mystery is an egg stuck to a skillet when one is still trying to save the yolk Earlene Fowler has a tremendous ability to turn her fictionalized San Luis Obispo San Celina in the novels into a sleepier little town than I remember it being Of course the fictional town seems almost as full of murders as modern Chicago In the series of novels the per capita homicide might even surpass that of Chicago This time the problems encountered by Benni involve her former brother in law her late husband s sibling and a celebration called Heritage Days with all sorts of events to support local charities Interesting Your friendly neighborhood reviewer marched in the La Fiesta Days parade in San Luis Obispo and that parade was part of a celebration to help support the historic Mission San Luis Obispo for which the town was named So this novel resonated in ways that it might not for the average readerSan Luis Obispo is not a bucolic town by any stretch of the imagination but there are vineyards and ranches all around it San Celina is also surrounded by vineyards and ranches but the descriptions are far rural than how one would describe the real Central Coastal town This mystery probably fools the reader on a couple of occasions As one narrows the list of suspects and recognizes the obvious red herrings there is a tendency to focus on the right idea but end up with the wrong culprit For those interested in the romantic interests of the series Fowler introduces her cousin Emory who played a significant role in the antecedent title in the series Benni had made him a promise she couldn t possibly keep could she and the attempt to fulfill that promise brings the most romantic tension one can remember since Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd played off their characters sexual tension in the Moonlighting television show This is a nice touch since it leaves Benni free to build a mature and solider relationship with her new husband the police chief The sub plot as to whether Benni is over her former marriage is also part of the suspense even though one can easily anticipate the result Let s just say that it was appropriate and bodes well for future episodes unlike the Moonlighting episode for which everyone was waitingThere are mysterious characters sordid secrets action scenes than usually expected in a cozy and heartfelt moments For anyone who has enjoyed these mysteries before Dove in the Window will be a five star return to San Celina Yet Fowler builds and matures her characters so wonderfully that it might be a three star visit for those who would pick this up first

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 302
  • Dove in the Window
  • Earlene Fowler
  • English
  • 12 October 2017
  • 9780425168943