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Strictly Bipolar Download È 2 Strictly Bipolar is Darian Leader's treatise on the psychological disorder of our timesIf the post war period was called the 'Age of Anxiety' and the 1980s and '90s the 'Antidepressant Era' we now live in Bipolar times Mood stabilising medication is routinely prescribed to adults and children alike with child prescriptions this decade increasing by 400% and overall diagnoses by 4000%W. One in four Americans is estimated to have some form of bipolar disorder How did we come to thisDarian Leader makes a very compelling case against the way we tend to see manic depression as a uestion of biology a thing to be resolved by pharmaceuticals It s considered to be a whole spectrum now and he explains why a correct diagnosis is crucial often times symptoms are part of other disorders and we don t really ask enough uestions to distinguish one from the other We aren t treating the disorder we fine tune medication instead of asking what caused the onset of mania or depression doctors simply ask how the pills have been lately If something s not a okay we simply give you another medication to add to your breakfastUnderstandingly recovery rates were better in the pre drug era when traditional psychotherapy was employed Manic depression was seen as the one type of psychosis that would resolve as time goes by whereas now the diagnosis is immediately followed by a heavy chemical cocktail in the form of pills and pills and pills to cure the side effects of those first pills After distinguishing the original bipolar disorder and calling it manic depression Darian Leader takes on investigating the symptoms and analysing the specific symbols in mania or depression The constant need of talking the way language changes its meaning the need of splittingcontrast the shopping sprees the revenge fantasies the obsessive rituals the need to blame others the sense of connectedness to the world are each analysed with examples from Leader s own practice or memoirs by people with manic depressionWe need to explore the details and investigate the past in each individual case if we want to do anything about that disorder at all It s a great book about something that we ll hear and about I got it on a whim but would definitely recommend it It s not difficult to read and relatively tiny which might be a bonus as wellJust to be clear I m not condoning the use of pills they could save your life it s a serious disorder and like any other it calls for medication Let s just not forget about how important analysing is is what I m saying

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Strictly Bipolar Download È 2 Hat could explain this explosion of bipolarity Is it a legitimate diagnosis or the result of Big Pharma marketing Exploring these uestions Darian Leader challenges the rise of 'bipolar' as a catch all solution to complex problems and argues that we need to rethink the highs and lows of mania and depressionWhat he asks do these experiences have to do with love guilt and rage Why the sp. Excellent little book and a must for serious coaches It is a joy to read an idea explored in such an intelligent and concise way Read alongside madness explained and what s wrong with you your body never lies and simplicity parenting and you ll get a very healthy world view

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Strictly Bipolar Download È 2 Ending sprees and the intense feeling of connection with the world Why the confidence the self esteem and the sense of a bright future that can so swiftly turn into despair and dejectionOnly by looking at these uestions in a new way will we be able to understand and help the person caught between feelings that can be so terrifying and so exhilarating so life affirming yet also so leth. Love this bookThe psychopathology of manic depression is written not ignoring the sociocultural and economic truths of a generation and contextualising the narrative discursive framework of the experience of vitality and energy in mania The motifs of references in personal histories of people living with bipolar and critical differences from other psychological states was very insightful to read for me Look forward to reading from this author

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