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Characters Late Night Shopping

Characters Late Night Shopping Review ☆ Late Night Shopping 102 Endlessly busy single mother Annie is single no She has a brand new man in her life and she plans to succeed as a fashion entrepreneurShe’s an expert in handbags and shoes so why not start selling them on line and become the next Louis Vui. Annie Valentine was even annoying and pathetic than she was in the first book I don t know what Ed sees in her

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Late Night Shopping

Characters Late Night Shopping Review ☆ Late Night Shopping 102 Rong and usually does Especially when your new man thinks you’ve gone crazy and there’s a gorgeous Italian who’s determined to lure you to his handbag factory for a personal tour This book was published in the UK as Late Night Shopping. I picked this up at the library without realising it was the second in the series and though I have the first The Personal Shopper as marked as unread I think I must have read it at some stage as the characters in this were so familiar I admired Annie s ambition but felt her motives and behaviour were too self serving to be sympathetic I was waiting for her to acknowledge her actions as at least a little unreasonable and redeem herself but I felt that the conseuences for here were token at bestThe story itself was okay fairly predictable though amusing enough in places It probably doesn t help that I only own 3 pairs of shoes and one 20 handbag so I find the label dropping and lavicous descriptions of puffy sleeves and satin heels uninspiring Mainly though I didn t mu

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Characters Late Night Shopping Review ☆ Late Night Shopping 102 TtonHer family and friends think she’s taking them to Italy for a holiday but in fact she’s on a secret handbag sourcing missionShe’s about to find out that running your own retail empire isn’t as simple as she thought A lot can go w. Not bothered enough to write a full review But lemme tell you one thing She can never be another Sophie Kinsella Not even in the wildest of dreams in that possibleYou just can t get yourself to even remotely like Annie who s the MC What s the point of going any further

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  • 08 June 2019
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