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The Land of Decoration

free read The Land of Decoration summary The Land of Decoration º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Grace McCleen Å 0 read & download Sich von der sündigen Welt fernhalten muss Ihr streng religiöser Vater hat kein Ohr für ihre Nöte die Mutter hat sie nie kennengelernt Vielleicht denkt Judith wenn ich es hier drinnen schneien lasse mit Rasierschaum Watte und Daunenfedern fällt am Montag die Schule aus Als sie am nächsten Tag die Vorhänge öf. The Land of Decoration is a peculiar novel but peculiar in a good way I was so intrigued by the premise Judith is a ten year old girl who lives with her devoutly religious father in a small English village As members of a fundamentalist sect they warn their neighbours of the approaching Armageddon Motherless and bullied at school Judith seeks solace in her bedroom where she creates a miniature world she calls The Land of Decoration a phrase she takes from Ezekiel One afternoon Judith wonders if she makes it snow in her handmade little world she can prevent school from opening again on Monday And sure enough when she draws back her curtains the next day the real world outside her window is blanketed in white This is just the first of Judith s many miracles but with her new power comes trouble as her father s work colleagues come out on strike and the bullying at school intensifiesGrace McCleen says she was inspired by her own childhood in writing her debut novel She grew up in an isolated fundamentalist household and spent a lot of time in the countryside making things in her room The Land of Decoration is certainly a very uniue novel with elements of magical realism sophisticated philosophy and religious imagery The writing is bold and skillful and the themes addressed pack a big emotional punch especially Judith s alienation at the hands of her father and the bullying she endures The story is both tense and tender as it shines a light on a young child s crisis of faith and it demands consideration from the reader Is Judith capable of dark magic or are these miracles merely coincidence Has she summoned the voice of God or is what she is hearing somewhere in the realm of imaginary friendship The Land of Decoration is difficult to categorise all I can say is that if it sounds intriguing to you as it did to me read it I found it to be a beautiful and haunting novel and a heartbreaking psychological portrait of a very lonely and lost little girl 4 45 stars

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free read The Land of Decoration summary The Land of Decoration º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Grace McCleen Å 0 read & download Fnet ist tatsächlich alles weiß Judith hat ihr erstes Wunder bewirkt Und damit fangen ihre Probleme erst richtig an Grace McCleen hat einen herzzerreißenden Roman über Gut und Böse Glaube und Zweifel über Liebe Verlust und Erlösung geschrieben mit einer bezaubernden jungen Heldin Ein Schicksal das tief bewegt. This book didn t work at all for me It had no sense of time or place could have been the seventies could have been Wales or somewhere North with hills The joyless religious sect stifling the lives of Judith and her father reminded me of the than just a Baptist religions I came into contact with as a child but to me the plot the setting and the characters were just contrived stereotypes in a story that failed to convince

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free read The Land of Decoration summary The Land of Decoration º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Grace McCleen Å 0 read & download Ein Roman so großherzig und unwiderstehlich dass er nur ein Wunder sein kann Menschen aus Pfeifenputzern Häuser aus Keksschachteln Wattewolken und ein Spiegelsee Die zehnjährige Judith hat sich in ihrem Zimmer eine kleine Welt geschaffen ganz für sich allein In der Schule wird sie gehänselt weil sie anders ist. The Land of Decoration is a first novel told in the voice of a young girl who has been brought up as a member of a religious sect Grace McCleen is a young writer who was herself brought up in a similar environment Of course most authors draw deeply on personal life experiences as they write not surprising since writing about events and circumstances you know is likely to be easier and realistic However sometimes the parallels between events and a novel and the author s own life seem particularly close Anthony Powell s Dance to the Music of Time seuence being a good example and perhaps that is also the case here Certainly the setting of the novel is completely convincing even if the events are at least partly imaginedThere have been a number of successful recent novels told in the voice of a young child so the approach is by no means completely original However for it to succeed reuires significant technical skill as a writer as well as considerable imagination and in The Land of Decoration Judith the narrator convinces completely as a somewhat precocious young girl The book is a little slow to get going but ultimately the story and the world it creates is engrossing and I found difficulty putting the book down at some pointsJudith lives with her father and it is clear from the outset that her mother is dead She has been brought up as a committed member of a small Church which operates under strict rules and is clearly closely modelled on the Jehovah s Witness movement Judith stands out from her schoolmates both for her intelligence and for her religious differences As a result she is isolated and bullied and retreats to an imaginary world which she makes in her bedroom Judith comes to believe that she has been given the power to perform miracles and that when something happens in her model world it will be paralleled in the real world At first it seems to her that this will provide a rapid solution to her problems but she uickly comes to realise that the conseuences of our wishes coming true can be hard to predict and that perhaps the adults in her life do not truly believe all that they say There are many strong aspects to this novel the voice and personality of Judith her relationship with her father the portrayal of the Church and its congregation and the reality of bullying in the school There are also some unexpected aspects the unseen social factors which turn a child into a bully the impact of isolation on the development of an intelligent child the impact of a strike in a closed community The portrayal of the Church is not particularly sympathetic and some readers have objected to this but neither is it unreasonably harsh Above all my memory will be of Judith and her imaginary world and how imagination can euip a child with the resilience to deal with incredibly difficult circumstances Finally I should comment on The Land of Decoration as an object As e books become ever popular publishers need to work harder to make us buy their books I read the first edition hardcover from Chatto Windus and it is a truly beautiful book Coloured page edges maroon like an old fashioned Bible pictorial endpapers and a superb dustwrapper Who would choose an e book over an object like this