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[PDF/EPUB] Poppet author Mo Hayder By Mo Hayder

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free read Poppet author Mo Hayder 106 Mo Hayder has for years been a master of chilling seamlessly plotted thrillers that keep the reader glued to the page long after lights out and fresh off of winning the Edgar Award for Best Novel for Gone Hayder is at the top of her game Her latest novel Poppet is Hayder at her most terrifying a gripping novel about the search for a dangerous mental patient on t. Ever since the publicaton of Birdman still in the top 10 list of my favourite crime reads ever I always await the next Mo Hayder title with bated breath Poppet is the latest in the the DI Jack Caffrey series and fear not if you have not dipped into these before as there is a cogent covering of back story for the new reader In this new book Caffrey is drawn into a series of mysterious deaths at a pyschiatric unit but are lives being lost by human or supernatural hand Are the patients and staff being manipulated by the supernatural figure of the Maude said to walk the corriders of the hospital or is there the frightening possibility that they are meeting their demise from one of their own number There is the normal assured ratcheting up of terrifying tension that Hayder is renowned for and by employing the motif of the sinister little dolls called poppets and the legend of the Maude there are than enough shocks to get even the bravest amongst you checking under the bed before lights outThe characterisation is superb as always as the continuing tensions between Caffrey and his police colleague Flea Marley ebb and flow through the course of the book with their personal and professional loyalties continuing to be tested as an old investigation and their actions in conjunction with this comes back to haunt them Aside from our two familiar friends Hayder introduces a wide spectrum of other characters as the setting of the psychiatric unit allows her to present to us the very different mental rationales of those existing within it Her portrayal of the patients including the brilliant Monster Mother and Isaac Handel delve deep into the effects of mental illness on the human psyche and this is counterbalanced extremely well with the mental effects on the staff themselves who seek to treat and care for them AJ LeGrande is a stand out character in this regard as his position as a Senior Nursing Coordinator within the unit allows us to see the demands of the profession on him as an incredibly likeable man who becomes deeply affected by the strange goings on with serious repercussions in his life outside his work I would also highlight Patience AJ s aunt who is an absolute gem of a character who does not suffer fools gladly but has an absolute devotion to him despite her brash exterior The synergy between all these characters be they police patients or mental health workers make for an interesting and at times disturbing read with the issues and demands of mental illness handled in a sympathetic and compassionate way throughout whilst not detracting from the central murder plotIf you re a long standing fan of the Jack Caffrey series you will not be disappointed as this is another accomplished instalment and likewise if I ve tempted you enough for this to be your first Mo Hayder I think you will enjoy your first foray into Caffrey s world An excellent character driven thriller that will keep you hookedbut beware the Maude she may be coming to get you

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free read Poppet author Mo Hayder 106 He looseEverything goes according to procedure when a patient Isaac is released into the community from a high security mental health ward But when the staff realize that he was connected to a series of unexplained episodes of self harm amongst the ward’s patients and further that he was released in error they call on Detective Jack Caffery to investigate and. It was good but not as good as I predicted whoopsie Oh well so far I have rated 4 out of 6 with a 5 star so can t be that sad about it I hope the last book will end the series on such a high note as the series started

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free read Poppet author Mo Hayder 106 To track Isaac down before he can kill again Will the terrifying little effigies Isaac made explain the incidents around the ward or provide the clue Caffery needs to predict what he's got plannedMo Hayder is renowned for conjuring nightmares that sink under the skin and in Poppet she has delivered a taut unbearably suspenseful novel that will not let readers go. Six installments into the Jack Caffery seriesand I m plenty hooked but unsure if it s a guilty pleasure or genuinely a good read As always the back story between Jack and MisPer diver Flea Marley is by far compelling than the main story in this case centering onr a young adult man in a mental hospital accused of killing his parents and diving his fellow hospital residents to kill themselves As always the usual caveat applies THESE ABSOLUTELY MUST BE READ IN ORDER Ms Hayder is definitely worth reading but this British police procedural series is only as good as the sum of its parts

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