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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd
  • Alan Lloyd
  • English
  • 02 March 2019
  • 9780600204671

Alan Lloyd Í 6 Summary

Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd Free read Ü 6 Atures prowl secret paths and hedgerows and whiskered legions gather for battle as autumn draws nearBewitching cruel fresh poetic sad here is all the magic of the hidden coutrysid. Again I went into this book with high hopes and for once I was not disappointed The wording of the book was a little strange as it is a older novel however it was still easy to follow I found myself both raging and loving Kine and I indeed almost shed a tear at his loss I wouldn t recommend it for anything less than say a 14 year old

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Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd Free read Ü 6 A peaceful valley of woodland and marsh little changed for centuriesUntil a ferocious invader appears wild mink savage and unstoppableIt is left to a brave but tiny hunter Kine th. A great little story in which animals are given human characters and a huge epic style uest to fill the pages Yes KINE has much in common with WATERSHIP DOWN the novel that popularised the whole sub genre of anthropomorphised animals yet it stands alone as an entirely separate style of work The author comes across as a poet a man with a love of nature who captures the passage of the seasons and the beauty of Britain s countryside in lyrical proseThe narrative is relatively small scale and yet it packs a whole raft of memorable characters and situations into the narrative Kine is an initially arrogant weasel who uickly grows on you and becomes a hero to root for while the villains of the story are a band of minks who would be at home in a tale of horror And be warned this is a grisly book indeed far worse than WATERSHIP I think I would have had nightmares had I read this as a childRead it for the humour the shrew is a particularly well written and amusing character the drama the vivid descriptions of the flora and fauna and the sheer un putdownable nature of the adventure I loved it and I hope to track down the seuels

Summary Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd

Kine AUTHOR Alan Lloyd Free read Ü 6 E weasel to fight back against Gru and her dark followers So with Kine and his motley allies we spend one glorious unforgettable summer in another world a world where solitary cre. I was looking for weasel fiction books on and happened to come across this along with Welkin weasels I ended up buying both of them I was expecting this book to be poetic and heavily descriptive witch it was but that is not the type of writing style I like to read Despite this I enjoyed the book What I really liked was Kine s character ark He started off as a cocky weasel thinking he is unstoppable and nothing could hurt him Then after some events thought him lessons he became a smart mature respectable warrior There was this young heath weasel at the end who was much like Kine s younger self Having Kine reflect on this young weasel was a nice touch Another thing I liked was all the plot twist that occurred throughout the book They were surprising and fulfilling The reason why I took off two stars was that I did not like the writing style It was too descriptive and poetic for me This is a personal preference not a problem in the actual story and writing It was written uite well actually