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[Read Torn Razor Saga #2] Epub Author Rue Volley

Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Rue Volley

Torn Razor Saga #2 characters ´ 104 With this she is tormented by Tyler a man who may seem innocent enough but has a dark secret she is soon to discov. wowwowwowas if rue didn t suck me in enough with book 1 in this seriesamazing read amazing erotica amazing charactersoh and did i mention AMAZING and onto book 3 i go thank you rue

Read & Download Torn Razor Saga #2Torn Razor Saga #2

Torn Razor Saga #2 characters ´ 104 After Lilah recovers from her bloody night at “Razor” she starts to unravel and allows herself to be open to da. I have had the extreme honor of reviewing this second installment of Razor Saga by the amazing Rue Volley OMG What a sick a twisted puppy Tyler became Definitely loved it Poor Lilah will she ever find Love and Happiness Those were the first words out of my mouth LOL I can tell Rue is having a blast with this series it amazes me how writers spin their tales so brilliantly I really do Love My Authors because they have put their hearts out on the line for all to see Bravo RueThe story picks up right where Razor left off Lilah is leaving the scene with the events from Razor s bloodbath still on her mind she allows herself to be carefree without paying attention to her surroundings With the inner turmil of missing Rin coupled with Tyler s sick games will she survive long enough to ever find Love and HappinessI would recommend this series to ADULTS ONLY Very graphic and bothering scenes yet potrayed tastefully

Summary Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Rue Volley

Torn Razor Saga #2 characters ´ 104 Ngers she did not see coming Lilah fights her lingering nightmares of her dead lover “Rin” and as she struggles. Hea y all Anne here with my review for Torn book 2 in the Razor Saga and again I just have to say how much I adore this Saga while the erotica is extremely adult it s about damn time someone put a great big spot light and who better the person than Rue Volley to do that Torn picks up right where Razor left off with Lilah finding herself as a strong woman not depending on a man but definitely using them to fulfill her needs and show her a good time She takes men but none spark her interest but when one does can she trust him enough to open up or will she remain guarded and cold toward life I adore this series hence it being my favorite I love the brass ball approach to broaching subjects that no one else dares touch 5 out of 5 stars for Torn novella 2 in the Razor Saga

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  • 07 April 2019
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