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  • Paperback
  • 352
  • The Hungry Tide
  • Amitav Ghosh
  • Dutch
  • 08 October 2018
  • 9789044604924

Amitav Ghosh ë 7 characters

characters The Hungry Tide Amitav Ghosh ë 7 characters characters The Hungry Tide 107 In de Golf van Bengalen ligt een uitgestrekte archipel van eilanden de Sundarbans genaamd In dat gebied vermengen de wateren van de Himalaya zich met het inkomend getij van de zee Dagelijks verdwijnen duizenden hectaren oerwoud in het water om uren later weer droog te vallen De plaatselijke kol If Shadow Lines enthralled you Amitav Ghosh s latest masterpiece the Hungry Tide will sweep you off your feet and into the precarious waters of the SundarbansIn the typical Ghosh style the narrative moves fluidly between past and present You will be transported into the mindset of the superstitious yet brave folk who have adapted themselves to the constant ebb and flow of the tide and are living in continuous fear of the Bengal tigers The tide begins to turn with the advent of two seekers from the outside world Piyali Roy an Indian American marine biologist in search of the Irrawaddy dolphins and Kanai Dutt an urbane translator from New Delhi who s there to retrieve his deceased uncle Nirmal s journal Their lives become intertwined particularly with Fokir an illiterate but proud fisherman who has the rivers in his heart As the narrative progresses they are forced to respect nature in order to survive and to communicate with people who differ not only in language but also in euations of existence It is a story of love revolution brutal history and the place of man within the treacheries of nature It seems to underscore Nirmal s observation that nothing escapes the maw of the tides

characters The Hungry TideThe Hungry Tide

characters The Hungry Tide Amitav Ghosh ë 7 characters characters The Hungry Tide 107 Rzoek doen in de uitgestrekte en gevaarlijke Sundarbans en laat zich daarbij begeleiden door Fokir een ongeletterde man uit de omgeving Kanai wordt haar vertaler Vanaf dat moment begint het tij te keren Piya's zoektocht naar de biologische omstandigheden wordt vooral een zoektocht naar zichzelf Home is where Orcaella are says PiaHome is where I can brew a perfect cupof tea says NilimaHome is where books as fine as this reside says MeThis was a very educational journey into the tide country the SunderbansSo far Sunderban has just been a printed name in my geography text books of yore After years I encountered it in all its glory ruthlessness and ethereal beauty along with the magical folklore which seems almost real to me and the majestic man eating tigerI will never forget the beauty of a rainbow hanging low over moonlight or the ruthless storm uprooting giant trees as if those were small twigs placed in the groundor the madly rushing tidal waters of the river or the groups of river dolphinsI learnt a lot from Pia Nirmal Horen and FokirI learnt to love animals and nature I became an environmentalist a zoologist a thinker philosophy still eludes meThe ending was majestic I will not forget Fokir for a long time to come I will be less judgemental of people whom I encounter in my day to day lifeEvery person has something which I don t have every person has a higher education than their counterpart in one way or otherthank you Amitav Ghosh

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characters The Hungry Tide Amitav Ghosh ë 7 characters characters The Hungry Tide 107 Onisten geloven dat wie zonder zuiver hart het waterlabyrint in gaat niet terugkeertDe komst van Piya Roy een jonge onafhankelijke vrouw Indiaas van geboorte maar Amerikaans opgevoed en Kanai Dutt een zakenman uit Delhi verstoort de gevoelige balans van het lokale leven Piya wil ecologisch onde A fascinating and gripping read given an insight into a subaltern history In particular I enjoyed the exploration of language and who is given the ability to write history However there were slightly cringeworthy elements tacked onto the end of each chapter especially the final lines of the novel This cheapened the novel slightly and seemed a bit out of place