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Read & Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Lee Child Lee Child Ú 0 Read & Download review Never Go Back After an epic and interrupted journey all the way from the snows of South Dakota Jack Reacher has finally made it to Virginia His destination a sturdy stone building a short bus ride from Washington DC the headuarters of his old unit the 110th MP It was th Where is Jack Reacher Who is this imposterI am a huge Lee Child Jack Reacher fan and have been reading these books for years but it has got to the point where I say that this could very well be my last Jack Reacher purchase It pains me to say this as these books have been the highlight of my reading calender for a long timeThere were a few times when I seriously considered not finishing the book but this is Lee Child and Reacher surely it can only get better No the writing was consistent throughout it was boring and repetitive The plot was weak and every solution to every problem on both sides was just too convenient unbelievably so on many occasionsJack Reacher in my opinion has become arrogant he is no longer the Jack Reacher I have enjoyed reading about all these years This new Jack does things because he can not because he must in order to survive The ridiculous fire episode and the aeroplane scene clinched the deal for meThe ending and the reason for all the trouble Jack found himself in was crazy far fetched and not what I have come to expect from Lee ChildI have been holding back on this review for days but when you take the price of this book into consideration and what is between the covers I think it is important that potential readers know that this is not up to Lee Child s earlier standardsI am definitely the minority when it comes to reviewing this book the 5 star reviews are rolling in on both and Goodreads Maybe you will still enjoy this book if you are a die hard Reacher fan if not I would give it a skip and rather try Lee Child s earlier Jack Reacher novels they were brilliantWould I recommend this book NoWill I buy the next book Not on pre order I will wait for the reviews to come in first before buying if at all

Read & Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Lee ChildNever Go Back

Read & Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Lee Child Lee Child Ú 0 Read & Download review Never Go Back E closest thing to a home he ever hadWhy He wants to meet the new commanding officer Major Susan Turner He liked her voice on the phone But the officer sitting behind Reacher’s old desk isn't a woman Why is Susan Turner not thereWhat Reacher doesn’t ex Book ReviewJack Reacher is back in this the 18th in the series Like all the others I read this in one or two sittings in spite of the fact that some parts did not involve as much action as we have come to expect from this series Lee Child s skill in causing one to turn the page is really uite excellent Completing the book I took a look around GR and touched base with some fellow fans of this series Although I was going to give this book a 4 star rating reading their reviews caused me to halt spitting out my own It s been a few weeks since completing this book and in that time I ve had reasons to downgrade this book In part due to my friends reviews and in part because I let my subconscious sift through the rubble that was my initial thinkingI believe Child made a serious mistake in this one When I eat a certain delicacy over and over one after the other there comes a time when I want something different Or perhaps another analogy might do you know those cereal boxes in the store the ones with the horrendous packaging How long has it been since humanity has had to deal with those impossible to open wax paper linings inside the cereal box I mean really Isn t it time that we added a zip lock to the damned things You see right When repeatedly going through the same struggle we want some sort of progress Same thing with series booksWithout introducing spoilers Lee Child introduced certain plot elements and characterizations in this novel that are uite different from previous novels elements that could have moved this series into another realm into something that would cause us to eat another 18 books like pop corn He didn t do that He relied I m guessing because of writer s fatigue on his old formula I m thinking if L Child is tired of writing Reacher novels he could have ended the series beautifully with this novel Or if not tired by taking a leap forwards he could have transformed Reacher given us the core reason why he is alonewhy he discards human relationships and in a way forced him to abandon that and bring us into novels where he might struggle with his former life while living a new existence Yes yes I know easy enough for a reader to say If I d written this I d have done this and this And in general I d agree But in this case it might very well be a reason why I might abandon this series in the future Series ReviewLee ChildIf you feel a certain affinity for the lone hero a man of principle of unwavering knowledge and assent as to his own actions than Jack Reacher s your kinda guy Out of all the conseuences that arise out of human motivation I do think that the threat of isolation and the threat of death are among the top two motivations that drive humans to do what they do The Dark Ages for example arising out of a religious view which is at base made possible by a fear of death is one such conseuence and much has been written about this in fiction Umberto Eco s the Name of the Rose for example And then on the subject of isolation a continuing theme in this series we have Lee Child s hero Jack ReacherLet me preface this by saying Lee Child is no Umberto Eco This should not be read if what you re looking for is an in depth psychological understanding into the human psyche delivered with beautiful literary prose This is not literature It is escapist reading par none The series relies on a certain formula that the reader has come to expect from L Child The books are easy to read page turners so to speak You sort of gobble up the books like pop corn at the movies When finally a new book is published in this series you re the first to buy it and you finish it in one or two sittings out on the back patio with coffee and in my case a cigarette or soThe formula consists of the following a nomad with military experience travels the country He is discharged from military services owns nothing but the clothes on his back which instead of throwing in the laundry are thrown into the rubbish bin when dirty The nomad Reacher finds someone in trouble and he steps in to help In this process he meets women and gets involved Once done solving the problem like his clothes he moves on discarding everything and everyone involved in the novel s elements What fascinates about this series is the portrayal of Reacher Forget about the movie that has just been released Jack Reacher is NOTHING like Tom Cruise probably one of the worst casting I ve ever seen let alone the disgusting need of Hollywood to sensationalize everything it produces Jack seems to implicitly understand that he is a uniue animalhuman running around on this planet and that in spite of social conventions cultural trappings and whatever conventions and abstractions we allow into our mind in order to alleviate this core fact of our singularity and solitudethe truth of it is not something Mr Reacher denies Secretly we only wish we could face life alone as Reacher does It would certainly lift the veil off love cure the blindness with which we often enter into romantic relationships another often repeated theme in literatureJack Reacher embraces it Understands his philosophy implicitly revels in his physical being his conventions and values He defends those he loves albeit temporarily those he does allow into his world with a loyalty bar none while never letting go of the notion that he is alone and being perfectly comfortable with that

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Read & Download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ú Lee Child Lee Child Ú 0 Read & Download review Never Go Back Pect is what comes next He himself is in big trouble accused of a sixteen year old homicide And he certainly doesn't expect to hear these words ‘You’re back in the army Major And your ass is mine’Will he be sorry he went back Or – will someone else There is such a purity in Child s formula I can t resist it All variations on a primal theme of one man against a Goliath of corrupt forces A haiku of nouns and verbs of chase and run the reading of tea leaves like ripples that point to the track of sharks Brave confrontations with desperados without even a butter knife In this one our ex military policeman hero Reacher breaks the mold by teaming with a twin the new female chief of his former MP unit Child whets us with small glimpses of their faceless enemy high in Homeland Security tracking their moves under code names of Romeo and Juliet So satisfying to fulfill the dream of a true American setting the world right again In another year the hunger for such a hero will likely return and I will know where to look

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