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characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay Guy Gavriel Kay ↠ 6 read & download read River of Stars There he emerges years later and his life changes again dramatically as he circles toward the court and emperor while war approaches Kitai from the north Lin Shan is the daughter of a scholar his beloved only child Educated by him in ways young women never are gifted as a songwriter and calligrapher she finds herself living a life suspended between two worlds Her intelligence captivates an emperor and alienates women a. With every Kay book I read I m tempted to say This is the best one yet River of Stars is no exception It may be only the fact that it is fresh in my memory but I believe the author has reach a new height in his uest to conjure and breath life into ancient histories I have also noticed that the supernatural elements feature less and less with each new novel as if the actual events that served as inspiration are enough in themselves to interest the modern reader and we don t need fairies and trolls at the end of the garden to make the point One of the characters in the book can be considered as an alter ego of the author i Wai is a nobleman who gathers relics of the past preserving lost treasures and keeping a flame of reason burning while barbarians gather at the gates of the capital city I have been a small man carrying a small torch looking back and further back In particular for this latest book I noticed a better control of the passive melancholy voice singing paeans to lost glories and a ambitious plot construction weaving together the men of action soldiers the political animals emperors councillors and dissidents the artists poets archeologists musicians and the commoners who carry all of them on their backs There are battle scenes here than in the last five Kay books combined but to me this is a bonus not a shortcoming In fact if I were to resume the book to one major theme it would be the balance of power between brute force and civilized behaviour between those who build and those who destroyAs usual the chosen period of study is one of a great civilization on the point of collapse the moment of change when new forces new ideas are pushing the old ones aside In previous books we had the passing of the Moors in Andaluzia of the vikings in Ireland of the Age of Chivalry in southern France of the Romans into the Byzantines etc The Twelve Dinasty of Kitai ruled by the Son of Heaven Emperor Wenzong is threatened from outside by the rising power of the steppe riders and from inside by corruption incompetence and an effete lifestyle A hero is needed to bring back national pride and to energize a lethargic society Ren Dayan is a young boy with big dreams with a uick mind and a talent for archery The book follows him from the first confrontation with bandits on a minor country road through a successful outlaw career as a kind of Oriental Robin Hood and later as an oficial army commander rising through the ranks until he passes into legend Wolves howl I cannot find restBecause I am powerlessTo amend a broken world He is a good character to anchor this sprawling story but given his status as a mythical hero of the people he tends to act in a pompous and self righteous way and I found myself interested in the lesser characters of the epic Lady Lin Shan is my favorite a bit of a tomboy in an age where women are supposed to be decorative and useless a poet a scholar an independent spirit and a passionate woman who is forced to hide behind a facade of conformity and bow to the male egos around her Of special interest in her early manifestation of feminine emancipation is her horror at the fashionable bounding of young girls feet as a statement of their delicate and submissive nature Her poetry on its own may not be so impressive but taken in the context of the events it describes it becomes one of the most poignant moments in the whole story I stand upon my balconyLooking down on ancient bronzesBeside the courtyard fountainThe evening wind risesGeese fly overhead going southLeaves fall into the fountainOne and then anotherFar away mountains gather cloudsSomewhere it is rainingHere it grows dark under the river of starsThen the moon rises over houses and wallsShadows of trees lie along the groundI cannot keep the leaves from falling Xi Wengao is an old hand at the game of thrones the grey eminence behind the Emperor until ruthless adversaries push him into exile Divided between bowing to tradition and real politik power plays he is not capable of overcoming the age old distrust of the civil administrators towards the military competent leadersLu Chen is a dissident and a poet a descendent of another poet from Under Heaven Another exile banished from court on account of polemic pamphlets he turns to a life of contemplation seeking peace in a retreat from the world of backstabbing and kowtowing to power His own doctrines were about compassion the brush strokes of words painting conversation enduring friendship family Laughter Music Service to the Empire Wine The beauty of women and of rivers under stars Another particularity of the novel that I believe is new for Kay is the freuent use of minor one shot characters as narrators looking at society and at the events from the perspective of the common man a teenage guard at a war camp a young girl forced to marry in a small village an orphan boy helping the outlaws escape the guards in another village an itinerant spirit healer These episodes are very useful in fleshing out the society of Kitai in the times of the Twelve Dynasty Speaking of which there are freuent references throughout the novel to events and personalities from the previous dynasties underlining the weight of history and the continuity of civilization like a river without a beginning or an end a grandiose landscape in which individuals and their efforts count less than the whole After turning the last page I feel I have learned a great deal about the Song period that served as inspiration for the novel and also that there is so much to discover I hope I will find time to search for and to read other books set in China fiction or non fiction

characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Guy Gavriel KayRiver of Stars

characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay Guy Gavriel Kay ↠ 6 read & download read River of Stars T the court But when her father’s life is endangered by the savage politics of the day Shan must act in ways no woman ever has In an empire divided by bitter factions circling an exuisitely cultured emperor who loves his gardens and his art far than the burdens of governing dramatic events on the northern steppe alter the balance of power in the world leading to events no one could have foretold under the river of sta. TornWhat do I say about this book The trends that I hoped were an aberration in Under Heaven seem to have increased and not waned I read the book it was well enough written but there was no magic no sense of intimacy no prose that made me want to stay on a page indefinitelyLike Under Heaven the scope of the canvas was enormous the dilemmas faced by the characters seemed less poignant and inevitable In addition the distance placed between the reader and the characters was increased by the insertion of observations about history and stories and essentially the road not taken not Kay s term but the gist of his ruminations The most moving scene to me was at East Slope near the end of the book and for a moment the poignancy and humanity of the situation and the characters was real and beautifully rendered although slightly distracting in the present tense and seen through Shan s eyes It made a minor character the most real alas but only for a fleeting moment and it was back to the arc of the story and then as on page 562 hardcover philosophical thoughts Perhaps I would enjoy reading these as an essay by the author but not inserted as observations in the midst of the storyThoughts about history and story truth and perception paths that cannot be taken unless you believe in infinite parallel universes yes we grasp how we create our own mythologies how we make people into something larger and noble than ourselves beyond mere mortals which can excuse us of our own inaction due to our lack of super humanity nobility and ability that we cannot really look back and say if only I had done x and not y everything would have been different better for there is no way to go back and test that theory and who knows what wild cards would be revealed if we couldLook this is well written and if by any other author a good read By Kay my heart flares like a fire I am not transported I am not filled with sorrow and longing I am not revisiting and mulling over the people and the events and the ending which is never actually an ending but simply a door to the next part of their story I am not heart broken I am not shoving the book at someone saying you have GOT to read this it is SO beautiful magical human I cannot give it less than a 3 but please please Mr Kay come back to us Maybe you are evolving into a creature of pure energy light moving beyond your tales but we want you here with us making your own special magic and letting us share in its flickering light

Guy Gavriel Kay ↠ 6 read & download

characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Guy Gavriel Kay Guy Gavriel Kay ↠ 6 read & download read River of Stars “River of Stars is a major accomplishment the work of a master novelist in full command of his subject” Michael Dirda in The Washington Post“Game of Thrones in China” SaloncomRen Daiyan was still just a boy when he took the lives of seven men while guarding an imperial magistrate That moment on a lonely road changed his life in entirely unexpected ways sending him into the forests of Kitai among the outlaws From. I feel cheated I hate these wishy washy anti climactic Kay endings and the wishy washy over virtuous flat characters but that was not the only thing that disappointed me hereI must say that although I loved most of the first three uarters I hated the endingThe book is supposedly based on the fall of the Northern Song Dynasty in China and a lot of the background does indeed portray thisSure there was a Chinese general who underwent a fate like this but since Kay changed and embroidered upon so much of the detail anyway couldn t he just as well have changed history to make the end satisfyingor written a parallel history a scenario of what ifIf you re going to make some famous characters your main characters and you re going to diverge from what is known about them why then not just as well re write a parallel history in a pleasing what if format Like for instance what if a character chose not to follow orders at a certain point in time How could that have changed history Since the author portrayed aspects of their personal lives differently in any caseAnyhow I think that the actual Chinese legends and history associated with the birth and end of Yue Fei are much interesting than Kay s rendition of themAlso the technological and infrastructural developments of the Southern Song Dynasty and the establishment of the Ming dynasty would have made a cool second half to this novel which was all too rambling for what it coversI also hate his blooming sexism It just grated on me how he repeatedly only talks about women as objects Kay seems to have insight into what a horse must be feeling and thinking when ridden than all the women who were used and raped as the spoils of war for instance And what about the concubines they re like paper puppets not to mention his version of one of the greatest female poets in Chinese history Shan is based on the poetess Li ingzhaoIn fact if you read up on the period you will see that many upper class women were pretty well educated at the time so as to better run their households since they were in charge of the household and often mostly of the household finances too Nothing of this is reflected in the novel and the fact that Lin Shan can read and write is presented as something unusual as unfitting for a womanSure Confucianism was repressive towards women but not to the point that upper class women were not allowed an educationFemale education was still subordinate to male education and women were subordinate to men of course but Kay s women are like totally flat paper cut outs like objects rather than people Never does Kay successfully manage to see the world through a woman s eyes we always just get a male chauvinist view of thingsAlso on the Northern Steppes women were not merely helpless sexual chattels They lived a hard life and had to run the household when their menfolk were away Some of these women even took on military roles So not uite the Gor like view that Kay paints of women being literally mindless animals I ve been musing about why Kay s apparent sexism seems to grate on me so and I ve realized that a lot of it might have to do with the fact that I ve recently been reading a lot of the work of author China Mi ville a male author who manages to present a remarkably non sexist view of the world in comparisonI ve become spoiltAnother niggle not all that important but really irritating are all the banal platitudes for instance It was an important day Some days are and the foreshadowings that never truly materialize all the hints about legends in the making and so on When the west wind blows the blinds asideI am frailer than the chrysanthemums Li ingzhao Li Ching chao 1084 1155 image error

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