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[Deepak Chopra] The Future of God [rock n roll Book] ePUB

Deepak Chopra Í 6 review

The Future of God

characters The Future of God Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra Í 6 review Rs an empowering message asking us to re evaluate how we look at and live with God in our livesHe acknowledges that for many of us faith poses an immense challenge today for how is. In a word The Future of God is a beautiful book At the risk of offending those who subscribe to a traditional religion this book is for the rest of us the spiritual the believers who dismiss the God of children s fables and the Bible Who reject a white bearded father in the sky and don t necessarily euate God with Jesus Christ Many such heathens believe uneuivocally in God We re smart enough to know that to presume otherwise is wholly illogical and arrogant As Deepak points out to accept that a universe as complex as ours haphazardly came to be absent a deeper intelligence is like believing that the six million parts of a Boeing 747 whooshed together from the wreckage of a tornadoDeepak divides our Universe into three parts the material world the subtle world and the transcendent world Naturally we cannot see or perceive the latter two but this does not mean they do not exist Rather if we are open if we connect with our deeper consciousness the subtle and transcendent worlds offer hints of their existence Deepak gives such examples as when we have an aha moment or when we are struck by awe and wonder Other examples are having a leap of creativity experiencing love thinking of someone s name and then that person calls isn t it uncanny how often that happens And what about those meaningful coincidences that sometimes fall into place to fulfill our desires or feeling the presence of someone who died Deepak also speaks about faith in god leading us to wise choices such as speaking up for the truth not succumbing to the voice of fear and making conscious decisions about those inevitably bad situations life throws our way ie put up with it try to fix it or walk away These are perhaps mundane moral issues we each face all the time But it seems to me that respect for a higher consciousness provides the foundation for right thinking Conversely the abandonment of any spiritual core erodes our moral imperative which is why it s now fine to lie coast and cheat as long as we don t get caught I gave this book four stars because as many other reviewers have pointed out Deepak spends way too much time refuting the claims of Richard Dawkins author of The God Delusion It s as if a prime purpose of Deepak s was to rebut Dawkins illogical and poorly argued case for atheism I daresay Deepak probably did to promote The God Delusion through his outspoken indignity when The Future of God can and should stand all on its own But unlike some reviewers I do not fault Deepak for not being enlightened as I hold him to no higher standard than the rest of us He too is a mere mortal on whatever path he is on I once saw him on Bill Maher s show Politically Incorrect where he became uite riled over something another guest had said And Deepak can be repetitive at times and a bit fluffy in his arguments Nonetheless he deserves credit for tackling a topic of universal and enduring importance in an uplifting way we ordinary non religious folk can appreciate On the whole The Future of God gave me a greater feeling of connection to a higher consciousness I have little doubt exists It left me at peace and in awe than ever at the sheer wonder of it all Kudos to Deepak for a timely comforting and uite respectable reaffirmation of the inevitability of God in these divisive times

characters The Future of God

characters The Future of God Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra Í 6 review It possible to believe in a deity who matters If we are to save faith Chopra reasons we must find new ways of living with God which may mean rethinking our approach to reality itsel. Misplacing this book I said to a person do you know where The Future of God is She mistook this as a defensive take on one of life s big uestions explaining numbers of youth attending church are up I guess she has her God as a witness to that oneBut chances are if you re offended by Chopra for many reasons his net worth his network Oprah 12 people of big credibility supporting him at the beginning of this book He s twinged skeptics nerves challenging Team Dawkins Team Harris Team Hitchens While I refuse to jump on or stand militant by any person and honestly accept my opinion as a far less learned offering that s to say I know very little sometimes I m stupid proving that in this review However the hostility and arrogance from whoever no matter the message is off putting Robust rational debate is reuired but I think when any person demeaned on purpose it comes at cost especially to those of us once skeptic who ve surfaced from suffering rejected the material world opting for creativity diet change meditation living better and operating from the heart therefore discovering some of Chopra s wooThere s great value in uashing aspects of religion we know are batty Eually there s value in offering us a new version of spirituality or indeed a version followed personally without inferring on others as THE way THE only way and best left to your interpretation no matter what language used to persuade or deter you away fromLike him or not he s added something to consider and whether you give him credit is entirely run by your gut head and cold heart ha

Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Deepak Chopra

characters The Future of God Read ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra Í 6 review SAVING FAITH deals with a subject that Deepak feels especially passionate about the role of spirituality in today's world While providing an insightful critiue of atheismChopra offe. uoteThe chance that higher life forms might hve emerged in this way ie randomly is comparable to the chance that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard might assemble a Boeing 747 from the materials within Physicist Sir Fred Hoylep49uoteThe analogy was brilliant because it can be easily understood and believed by anyone A Boeing 74 has around six million parts and it takes intelligence design and planning to fit them all together Hoyle wasn t a creationist and he didn t believe in God His aim was to show that highly complex structures can t be explained by chance p49uoteDawkins The God Delusion takes nearly four hundred pages to demolish God without seriously considering that a father in the sky might not be the only way to think about the divine As soon as you reply That s not the God I had in mind the straw man of God the Father becomes irrelevant Organized religion has been backed into a corner by its refusal to find a viable alternative to God the Father but such alternatives do exist Saint Augustine had already rejected a literal reading of the Bible in the fifth century AD Modern belief has gone much further away from literalism but it serves Dawkins not to even take a peek p53uoteOne possibility is that God became the creation Einstein suggested something like this in his famous uote about wanting to know the mind of God although he didn t explicitly say that God was inside the laws governing time and space In other words God is not a person but the totality of nature As the source of existence he is the starting point of your being and mine God isn t our father he isn t a watchmaker assembling parts into a watch an image devised in the eighteenth century to explain how a single intelligent creator put all the moving parts of the cosmos together he doesn t have feelings and desires He is being itself All things exist because he existed first There is no need for such a God to be intricate p53uoteGod could be the simplest thing of all in fact He is a unity Diversity unfolds from this unity and diversity the expanding universe billions of galaxies human DNA is bewilderingly complex But its source doesn t have to be diverse Picasso was the source of tens of thousands of artworks but he didn t have to imagine all of them at once in his mind Like natural selection God is allowed to produce the natural world step by step unless you insist as Dawkins does that the literal acceptance of Genesis is the only creation story religious people believe The alternative I posed that God became the creation has a long tradition as well p54 55uoteIt would only have taken a few dropped stitches billions of years ago for the whole enterprise to have collapses for example if water didn t emerge from the combination of oxygen and hydrogen The early cosmos was full of free floating hydrogen and oxygen as it is today DNA cannot exist without water and the water must have been in abundance for hundreds of millions of years Since 999999 percent of the oxygena nd hydrogen in the universe didn t turn into water add as many decimal laces as you like the fact that water appeared on Earth isn t a matter of tiny probable steps uite the opposite arguments for the uniueness of life on Earth still hold enormous power and they don t have to be arguments based on a Biblical God p55uoteIf you explore the universe mining it for data and discount everything else most of what makes life rich and beautiful goes out the window God isn t a strange supernatural fiction as Dawkins asserts He s the source of our inner world the same place where art music imagination visionary conceptions love altruism philosophy morals and human bonding are born This world has its own truths We can reach them by experiencing them p56uoteWe need to be clear about a very basic point The visible universe isn t the same as reality When solid objects are reduced to atoms and then to subatomic particles they are no longer solid They are clouds of potentiality As physics defines it potentiality is neither matter nor energy but completely intangible no matter how solid a mountain may be or how powerful a lightning bolt Particles in such a state aren t even particles any They do not have a specific location in space instead every particle emerges from uantum waves that can extend infinitely in all directionsThe most recent theories of the cosmos propose that only 4% of the universe is made up of matter and energy that can be measured the remaining 96% consists of so called dark matter and energy which are little understood They cannot be seen only inferred p93uoteAll the evidence points in one direction We need a new paradigm for explaining the cosmos We need to accept first and foremost that the last things to be trusted are the five senses More than that even cherished theories like relativity have become drastically unstable Dark energy is enlarging the space between galaxies faster than the speed of light So something beyond space and time serves as the major force for creation and destruction in the cosmos and whatever it is it will be as invisible as mind God the soul and higher consciousness p94uoteWisdom tells us secrets before we have a right to know them That s the beauty of it You don t have to pray for wisdom or make yourself worthy of it As with the concept of grace in the New testament which falls like rain on the just and the unjust alike the ultimate truth simply is When we catch a glimpse of it we become real in ourselves It is undeniable that the outward appearance of life contains suffering and distress Wisdom reveals that suffering comes and goes while a deeper reality never changes That reality is founded on truth and love p121uoteThe same forces that create saints are present in your life What they wait upon is to be noticed If you are reasonably attentive to what s happening in yourself you are already responding to the forces listed above p 158 You envision a better life for yourself Growing as a person matters to you You can see the outlines of a better future for yourselfGod is realized in the highest state of awareness Since everyone is aware God is reachable by all of us p159uoteAs banal as it sounds finding God depends on regular practice p189uoteLet It Bep201uoteAt a certain stage you reach a tipping point Having done the work of imprinting your brain to have new responses you can trust those responses This opens the door for Being You can let it be when your brain starts taking care of you You already trust your brain to take care of you in countless ways It automatically controls hormone levels respiration the sleep cycle heart rate appetite sexual response the immune system and much So the art of being isn t foreign to you it is second nature p203uoteGod is reached by going beyond which is the definition of transcending There is no other way to get past the dead end where thinking stops being useful uiet awareness must step in If it wants to awareness is capable of going beyond the material and even the subtle world p211uoteUnless you are blinded by your allegiance to materialism it s obvious that brain cells can t see or hear in the first place This fact is supported by the simplest test if you peer inside the brain is dark and silent Something creates glowing sunsets and the clap of thunder along with all the ravishing sights and sounds of the world That something is personal it s creating your world right this second Genesis is now but it isn t happening in the brain p218uoteIn the end to know God is to remember and to forget You forget the illusion that you are separate isolated powerless and stranded in an overwhelming cosmos You remember that you are the dreamer who is in charge of the dream What you perceive through the five senses isn t the same as reality Go beyond the shadow play of appearances and reality will greet you as Rumi say in a world too full to talk about Enter the realm of all possibilities Making them come rue is a great gift It comes directly from God p222uoteThe real issue is how much of infinity you can absorb into your life When expansion is infinite the whole project feels daunting Why challenge your boundaries which feel like home You might go flying outward like a paddleball only to come springing back on a rubber band A liver or heart cell is fortunate To remain alive it must connect with wholeness It cannot doubt or opt out turn its back on its creator or denounce God as a delusion But you are even fortunate You have self awareness the ability to know who you are So your spiritual path comes down to choosing an identity You act like an isolated individual or like the whole You either align yourself with the universe or you don t p227