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Mary Murphy Read Say Hello Like This

Say Hello Like This

Characters ì Say Hello Like This 102 Ing companion to Mary Murphy’s A Kiss Like This is an ideal read aloud for the very youngest of listeners and is sure to engage babies as they first learn to tal. Summary How do us humans say hello How do animals say hello What does it sound like Say Hello Like This is a cute little book that shows how different animals say hello to each other like dogs cats frogs chickens beetles and donkeys I recommend this book for toddlers to pre kindergarten It has bright beautiful pictures that kids will love There are small flaps inside each big page to keep kids engaged in the reading to see how the animals say hello I enjoyed hearing the animals say helloActivity As I am reading the book in whole group I can ask them how do you think the dog will say hello and then I will turn the page and have students repeat how the dog said hello and do that for each animal I will also have them use higher level thinking and think of different animals that are not in the book and think how they say hello After they think of some new animals I would have them pick their favorite animal and draw it and show the class and say out loud the noise how that animal they drew says helloCite Murphy M 2014 Say hello like this

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Characters ì Say Hello Like This 102 Y hello in their own way And who better than Mary Murphy to introduce their voices to the youngest of listeners Full of funny adjectives and sound words this charm. Cute story about how animals say hello The half pages offer a fun surprise for younger readers This title is great for toddlers but could also be used with babies So much fun making the animal sounds

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Characters ì Say Hello Like This 102 The creator of a Kiss Like This offers an exuberant concept book about the irresistible sounds that animals make The perfect baby giftDifferent kinds of animals sa. This would be fun for a preschool storytime

  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • Say Hello Like This
  • Mary Murphy
  • English
  • 02 December 2019
  • 9780763669515