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  • Paperback
  • 160
  • Love Among the Chickens
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • Italian
  • 12 May 2019
  • 9788842537137

P.G. Wodehouse ¼ 1 CHARACTERS

CHARACTERS ↠ Love Among the Chickens Rbugliate di una comicità irresistibile Su tutto domina la simpaticissima ed esuberante personalità del protagonista il vulcanico Ukridge dalla straordinaria vitalità dall'ingenua ma discutibile logica dalla disastrosa mancanza di tat. I ve said it before and I expect to say it again when I feel down Wodehouse is my go to guy Love among the Chickens is his first novel to feature Ukridge who is not the most reliable character when it comes to business I think that is the politest way to describe him The storyteller is a not too successful novelist who Ukridge manages to involve in his latest get rich fast scheme building up a chicken farm where in Ukridge s mind the eggs will turn to goldIt is Wodehouse sixth novel so it is pretty early on his career considering that he would pen 99 books It has a lot of the elements of his best work romantic complications that I think only Wodehouse could come up with crazy schemes people with rich relatives they depend on for money and funny situations His first books had been set in schools but stories like this one made his name It is often laugh out loud funny like all of Wodehouse that I have read but he hasn t uite got his formula right at this time The build up is a little rocky and sometimes it takes a little longer than in some of his later novels to get from one joke to the next but it still gives me what Wodehouse always does He makes me smile he makes me laugh and that s all I ask of him He is never a waste of time

REVIEW Love Among the ChickensLove Among the Chickens

CHARACTERS ↠ Love Among the Chickens O che è forse il più noto fra i libri giovanili del grande umorista inglese Ukridge ha deciso di allevare polli malgrado la sua totale incompetenza in materia Ne deriveranno incidenti imprevedibili incontri sentimentali situazioni inga. Such a funny story I really enjoyed the slapstick style Ukridge and the well meaning Garnet They get into all sorts of scrapes and land on their feet time and time again But of course that won t always happen When Ukridge deeply offends the father of the girl Garnet has fallen in love with Garnet has his work cut out for him Things at the chicken farm are going to have to go much differently if Garnet hopes to win the fair ladyDespite too many instances of stupid I still laughed through the story and enjoyed the crazy ride

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CHARACTERS ↠ Love Among the Chickens Uale impresa può sembrare troppo rischiosa all'audace e candida fantasia di Ukridge uno dei personaggi più vivi e umani creati da Wodehouse uale ostacolo può fermare la sua dinamica esuberanza e il suo scoppiettante entusiasmo In uest. With each book of Wodehouse s that I finish it is always with a little bit of regret Even though PG Wodehouse is attributed to over a hundred published works I ve still got uite a bit of my life ahead of me and it will be a sad day indeed when I ve run out of fresh Wodehouse books to read Oh well at the very least I can start rereading and hopefully by then my memory will be going bad so each reread will feel just like new again Anyway Love Among the Chickens is Wodehouse in true form though I will admit that it was a bit of a deviation from the previous works of his that I have read so far Here it seems he has taken his story a tiny bit seriously than in his other works Instead of defaulting on the most ridiculously funny thing that he could think of he appears to rein in at a couple of spots and put out some sincere emotions and descriptions within the plot There is of course nothing wrong with this but it did seem just a bit off for Wodehouse so I checked on something and found out that sure enough Love Among the Chickens was one of his earlier written works If I were to venture a speculation I would say that this one has a lot of the fingerprints of an editor than Wodehouse s later works once he had established himself would have because the tone is definitely subdued Again Wodehouse is a great writer and acuits himself well no matter what direction he is steered but I think that had he been left to himself I might have read something a lot silly off the wall and generally hilarious though perhaps at the cost of some attachment to the story and characters Overall the story is flippant fantastic fun and provides plenty of pure PG playfulness