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[PDF/EPUB] A Prayer for Owen Meany ↠ John Irving

  • Paperback
  • 617
  • A Prayer for Owen Meany
  • John Irving
  • English
  • 03 July 2017
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review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ John Irving A Prayer for Owen Meany Download ¼ 4 To the mystery that follows them–and the martyrdom that parts them–the events of their lives form a tapestry of fate and faith in a novel that is Irving at his irresistible bes. To begin the year I tackled one of John Irving s classic novels that found me laughing throughout while also extracting some of the serious themes Owen Meany is a small child much tinier than those his age With this he has the most grating voice one could imagine Some attribute this to the family granite company while others prefer to keep the mystery alive Owen is unlike many other children his age as his best friend John Wheelwright has come to discover One summer day in 1953 Owen hits a foul ball on the baseball field and ends up killing John s mother Owen attributes this as an act of God one in which he is a vessel for the Almighty The rest of the novel is set in a number of vignettes involving John and Owen surrounding by a number of other characters who cross their paths throughout this complex friendship From a number of interactions with the Wheelwright family through to stunning decisions that could significantly shape his adult life Owen Meany finds a way to make his impact felt by all those around him sometimes in a saviour like manner This storyline is contrasted nicely with the adult John Wheelwright who has left his native New Hampshire and settled in Toronto exploring some of the goings on in modern 1987 America Having been a resident of Canada for over twenty years it would seem Wheelwright is unable to accept his new home and struggles significantly with the political foibles in the US things he superimposes his own Owen Meany perspective upon Stunning in its delivery and slow momentum build the story is a lot than it seems on the surface Recommended to those readers who love tales that take their time but leave literary breadcrumbs throughout as well as the reader who enjoys a meandering tale full of messagesWhile he has penned a number of great pieces I have never read John Irving Even this book was not familiar to me when placed on my reading challenge list I was not entirely sure how I would feel about it when I read the dust jacket blurb but I cannot say enough now Layered between a religious undertone and preachy child who seems to know it all the story developed in a meandering fashion but always seemed able to push forward I found Owen to be as annoying as ever from the opening pages but I stuck with him and noticed that he has some redeeming moments even though he seems too pompous and pious for his own good His prophetic ways and odd obsession with older women both in admiration and an odd sexual manner leaves the reader wondering about him yet also transfixed by his oddities Even with John as the narrator Owen seems almost takes centre stage and does not defer at any time I did enjoy John s character as he comes of age alongside his best friend and seems never to hold animosity for the accidental death of his mother Inseparable for most of the book John and Owen seem to grow together and experience life through many of same experiences though their lenses differ greatly The flash forwards to John s 1987 life show that he remains committed to being Owen s narrative protector and seems unable to divorce himself from his American roots refusing the conform to the Canada he accepted as his new home With strong religious ties to his Episcopalian Anglican upbringing John Wheelwright sheds some of that on the reader as well With a full cast of wonderfully diverse characters the story moves forward and is flavoured repeatedly as things take many a tangential turn Irving is a master at this type of colourful depiction never losing the reader no matter how far off the beaten path things get The story appears to be a uilted collection of memories and vignettes but soon finds its groove and the reader is able to see the themes that Irving embeds within the narrative These gems slowly come to create a larger masterpiece that the patient reader is able to see for themselves by the final few pages I am happy that I was able to last this lengthy piece as its rewards surely outweigh the non linear nature of the story at timesKudos Mr Irving for a stunning piece well worthy of a five star ratingThis book fulfils the January reuirement of the Mind the Bookshelf Gap reading challenge This book also fulfils Topic 3 Children Matter in the Euinox 9 reading challenge Lovehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

review A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ John Irving A Prayer for Owen Meany Download ¼ 4 Bonded forever in childhood the stunted Owen Meany whose life is touched by God and the orphaned Johnny Wheelwright whose life is touched by Owen From the accident that links them. Being in a melancholy mood I was trying to think of a book that made me laugh tears And the first one that came to mind was Owen Meany I couldn t stop laughing except for when I cried buckets Rarely do I read books that shake my emotional euilibrium in the same entertaining way Owen Meany in all his absurdities will stay with me forever just like the other characters which I learned to love despite or because of their highly constructed lives all serving the big purpose in the end Some say this is a novel proving the inner truth of faith I say this is a novel that shows a reader the literary basis of any myth The creator of stories moves his characters to the grand finale with a purpose and the reader knows it and cries and laughs anywayIn my adolescence I went through a John Irving phase reading most of his tragicomedy novels in one go loving his sad humour his strange plots his social message and his uniue characterisation Of all his novels this one touched me most and it is the one I have kept in my heart over 20 years I can still see that baseball flying in slow motion And I can still feel that rage against the author How dare you put me through this emotional collapse between laughter and tears I can still hear the voice of Owen and feel his incredible determination The airport scene still breaks my heart the sheer beauty of the practised sacrifice is just l art pour l art at its bestWhen the narrator sums up his doom I feel with himI am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice Not because of his voice or because he was the smallest person I ever knew or even because he was the instrument of my mother s death but because he is the reason I believe in God I am a Christian because of Owen MeanyOwen Meany didn t make me a Christian uite the contrary but he certainly made me a believer in the power of fiction I am also doomed to remember his voice

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ John Irving

review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ John Irving A Prayer for Owen Meany Download ¼ 4 Alternate Cover for ISBN 0345417976John Irving’s A Prayer for Owen Meany is the inspiring modern classic that introduced two of the author’s most unforgettable characters boys. I am doomed to remember a boy with a wrecked voice Not because of his voice or because he was the smallest person I ever knew or even because he was the instrument of my mother s death but because he is the reason I believe in God I ve opted for the 3 star approach but you shouldn t give it much weight where this book is concerned Some people are really hung up on ratings does it really only deserve 1 star you seemed to like it why not 5 stars when in truth this book is so complex smart multilayered and slow as fuck that it s impossible to rateA Prayer for Owen Meany is a strange and interesting book about faith and doubt with Owen himself representing an embodiment of the relationship between the natural and supernatural everything from his physical description to the events of his life seem halfway between this world and the nextThis is my first Irving book I don t know if that s a mistake or not I probably will check out his other work but I ll definitely save it for a time when I m ready for a slow plot In A Prayer for Owen Meany the narrator is John Wheelwright but he fades into the background offering a perspective that at times feels like third person John details the lives and habits of the characters surrounding him most notably of course Owen Meany making it a book about them and not himself In fact it seems like the author deliberately kept the novel s focus off of its narrator who is perhaps a stand in for himselfAs I said the story moves slowly and sometimes has a rambling uality going on and on in exhaustive detail exploring every aspect of a scene so that we get a lot of character and thematic depth and also it must be said a bit of a headache But it s hard to deny that Irving has a way with words and storytelling working up to an important moment gradually and effectively even if with a painful slownessThe story spans many years and sometimes jumps a lot of time within a single page before coming back again As with many non linear narratives it offers a different and fascinating approach while not being without confusion It runs alongside many important events in American history Kennedy s assassination for example which allows John to express his disdain for the Reagan administration as well as his general anger toward AmericaI m not exaggerating when I say it s strange John s account of his and Owen s childhood is odd to begin with but the novel becomes increasingly nuts towards the end I can t say I fully enjoyed it but I thought the themes were interesting and incorporated well John s running criticisms of America and American life manifest in ways big and small the big being assassinations and the Vietnam War the small being such as his mother s death by a baseball an important American symbolIt s not the kind of book you read for enjoyment or I personally don t think so but then I never fully got that guy in college who refused to go to any social events because he wanted to read Marcel Proust but it is the kind you save for when you want a clever thoughtful read with many layers and themes to uncover I am glad I finally read itBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store