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Read ☆ Shaving Sealed with a Kink #4 ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Cord is into shaving finding it an intimate act especially how a sub really needs to trust him to let him near his face and neck with a very sharp straight razor Some years ago Cord’s sub Liam left him not willing to even try a full body sha. Oooookey So shaving definitely isn t my kink but But that bathroom full body shave scene which took up most of the plot actually was extremely erotic sensual intimate and reassuring You see the sub Liam had some serious problems alcoholism and he left He simply left his Dom Cord behind without telling him what s wrong Without acknowledging his weaknesses Now after a few years Liam is back He watches Cord shaving different people subs and Doms in a BDSM club and he NEEDS He needs Cord so much that he s willing to lay himself bare his body and soul just to be Cord s boy again He reveals it all the alcoholic problem the rehab the temporary homelessness the minimum wage day labour He s ashamed so very much but he s also strong enough to come back and try againI must admit I liked Liam a lot And Cord is wonderful too he takes Liam back risks his heart again and is determined to this time never let Liam go whatever the oddsAgain I liked this read because Cord and Liam were maybe not an established couple after those few years of separation but at least they had a long history together and a Ds relationship before Liam leftI think only in circumstances like those is such an intense and intimate ritual like full body shave really good reassuring and cleansingI m still comparing the short reads in this series and still favouring the ones with couples who have known each other for a longer time As I said before erotic shaving is not my thing but I can understand its cleansing factor and a Dom s need to strip their sub naked so naked that there s nowhere to hide their feelings not even under a dusting of body hairAnd though the purpose of this scene is slightly different Shaving reminded me of the cleansing body shave scene in one of my first and favourite BDSM books Trusting Thomas by KC Wells Sorry for no direct links I think GR is not working properly again

Free download Shaving Sealed with a Kink #4Shaving Sealed with a Kink #4

Read ☆ Shaving Sealed with a Kink #4 ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Cord a drink and Cord finds himself drawn to the back booth where his former sub is sitting Cord never stopped caring for Liam and now there’s something different about Liam something intriguingCould this be a new beginning for Cord and Liam. Shaving when used in BDSM play is one of the kinks I find difficult to understand I can see the appeal of the intimacy during the act itself and the trust needed for a guy to let another man close to him with a sharp razor I get the idea of shaved skin feeling very different from hairy bits especially in intimate areas but I have real trouble understanding how shaving someone s head or much worse for me the eyebrows can be attractive Yes it will all grow back but like the sub in this story says even babies have eyebrows and the change in someone s face without this little bit of hair is huge So yeah I get why Liam the sub in this story ran the first time his Dom mentioned all over shaving I am not at all sure it was just due to the secret he wanted to hide from Cord said Dom After all how much can you really hide behind eyebrowsPlease find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

Download è E-book, or Kindle E-pub ½ Sean Michael

Read ☆ Shaving Sealed with a Kink #4 ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ve Ever since Cord’s been spending his Friday nights at the club shaving subs for their Masters It isn’t the same as having a boy of his own but at least he gets to work his magic with the straight razorOne evening Liam unexpectedly sends. I liked it very much

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