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[Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Books ] Free Reading online as DOC BY Cecilia M. Fernandez – Epub, TXT and Kindle free

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Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Read & Download ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Other spiraled into madness trying to hold the family together and get him back Neglected and trapped Cecilia rebelled against her conservative heritage and embraced the 1960s counter culture seeking love and attention anywhere she could get it And just maybe a place of her own in America But immigrant children either thrive or se. Injustice and revenge I once heard a professor say motivate the writer They certainly fueled my fire writes Cecilia Fernandez in Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami s Cuban Ghetto There are many things to love about this memoir one being Cecilia s drive and determination to assert her independence from her past the looming shadow of Fidel Castro over the Cuba of her childhood the conservative tyranny of her distant and neglectful father her mother s descent into poverty and madness an abusive boyfriend and Little Havana itself the name for Miami s Cuban ghetto so that she could build a future for herself The most valuable thing I took away from her story was her recognition of the power of reading stories and education as the keys to freedom from oppression in all of its forms However as empowering and honest as her story was I had trouble relating to the narrator at times because she was so very cruel First before leaving Havana she singles out a weak and insecure boy Guillermito whose passivity reminds her of her mother which makes her so angry that she simply wanted to humiliate him 34 She then berates him and makes up lies about him until he is reduced to a sniveling groveling mess Second in Miami she points an accusing finger also a lie at an African American girl Laverne at her school who is supposedly her friend She admits the shame and guilt she feels for singling out Laverne to save her own hide especially given the racism of the early 1960s but then she proceeds to continue her mean behavior by reducing a substitute teacher to tears in a later chapter I understand that Fernandez is showing her younger self to have been severely wounded by her father s neglect and the dramatic changes in her life due to her move to the US but one theme of this story is about taking responsibility for our actions good and bad and also about fighting injustice She is often the agent of injustice just like her father whom she despises and it was hard to like her Even later in the book Fernandez reveals that her father s mistress Beba Cecilia s nemesis in many ways is part black as if that is a reason to dislike Beba and her father than she already does This seemed like a superfluous detail one that showed the narrator s growth and redemption to be somewhat limited I don t always expect or need to like the narrators of the books I read but at least with fiction I can take comfort in the fact that it is fiction I suppose I saw her unsympathetic ualities as a failure of ethos in the telling her story This book was however educational about Cuba Miami and 1960s culture which I appreciated but at times I felt as though I were reading a history book or a travel guide Therefore I wasn t as dazzled as I expected to be by Leaving Little Havana nor did I look forward to going back to Fernandez s world when I was away from the book In my opinion good nonfiction should read like fiction like Dominika Dery s The Twelve Little Cakes a much engaging memoir of the same type and Leaving Little Havana did not Nonetheless there is a great deal of wisdom in these pages and I would recommend this book as bibliotherapy for anyone who struggles with a parent especially a father who feels alienated abandoned or insecure about his or her place in the world This memoir is a great guide to finding the true self in a mad world

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Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto

Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Read & Download ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Lf destruct in a new land How will Cecilia beat the oddsWhile most memoirs by Cuban Americans revolve around childhood scenes in Cuba and explore the experiences of a young man Leaving Little Havana is the first refugee memoir to focus on a Cuban girl growing up in America rising above the obstacles and clearing a path to her drea. This was an incredibly intense memoir Not only is it a great time capsule of 1960s and 1970s America and Miami but it s a combination of a socio political memoir and family memoir The Cuban revolution and refugeeexile story serves as background and setting for an insanely intense story about a family imploding Soon after arriving in the Miami Cecilia s father abandons her and her mother to live with his mistress who he also got out of Cuba and her mother falls into depression and psychosis leaving Cecilia to fend for herself in the new Cuban ghetto of Little Havana Heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time

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Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Read & Download ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Read Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto Revolution uprooted six year old Cecilia from her comfortable middle class Cuban home and dropped her into the low income Miami neighborhood of Little Havana Her philandering father all but abandoned his family to focus on his mistress and rebuilding his career chasing the American promise of wealth and freedom from the past Her m. Full disclosure I don t really like reading books by Cuban exiles Firstly because I ve read uite a few but most importantly they usually lean way too right for my comfort I read one that was sure that Castro invented AIDS as a form of global warfare I read another that disliked MLK because racial euality is communist propaganda And they generally love people I find despicable like Nixon I find these perspectives lacking nuance and unwilling to acknowledge some of the serious issues that Cuba faced under Batista As a person who s always been poor and exploited it s hard for me to empathize with the wealthy people that fled BUT this book finally made me like a book by a Cuban exile It wasn t overly political but politics served as an important backdrop and this author treated it with the nuance and the balanced perspective that I always craved While she acknowledges and truthfully airs her family s fears struggles and biases she also has read Marx she cares about lower social classes she understands the effect of the US embargo and she notices things like that her old servant learned to read from the Cuban literacy campaign Therefore I m able to stomach it a little when she talks about her father s celebrations over the Kennedy and MLK murders I just trusted her and therefore felt empathy Politics aside I enjoyed the personal story in this the coming of age rebellion the struggle over a mentally ill mother and a philandering emotionally abusive father and of course the challenge to assimilate and financially succeed in America I read it very uickly because I found her short vignettes to be compelling snapshots of her journey to young adulthood She s a strong woman and I loved following her curiosity and uest for adventure

  • Paperback
  • 266
  • Leaving Little Havana A Memoir of Miami’s Cuban Ghetto
  • Cecilia M. Fernandez
  • English
  • 27 November 2019
  • 9781940761046