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[ ebook ] The Dark Collector author Vanessa North – eBook and Kindle

The Dark Collector

review The Dark Collector 103 Jeffrey Kuyper was a once in a generation talent and I was his museJeffrey's death shocked the art world and upended my l. Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf Inflicted So unexpectedly beautifulOliver Conklin is grieving for his lover of 5 years who died in a car crash a year agoJeffrey Kuyper was an artist and a Dom inspired by his young submissive loverNow Jeffrey s estate is up for grabs and all Oliver wants is his last painting With just a wave of the paddle the Dark Collector a big fan of Jeffrey s work is now its ownerHe agrees to sell Oliver the painting on the condition he spend the weekend with him and do whatever he asks Oh how I wanted to hate the Dark Collector He took advantage of Oliver and disregarded his grief It was his smile his soft expressions and tenderness that warmed me up to him Their sex is kinky passionate and so full of emotion Oliver likes the feeling of being owned but he remembers that this is nothing than an arrangement they made Gradually the Dark Collector helps Oliver find himself and find peace Is that what I m doing Making peace I watch myself in the mirror as I lick the last few drops away How long has it been since I ve cared at all about the person I see in the mirror Can the muse exist when the artist does not How can this stranger whose name I don t even know see me if I can t This is an exuisitely written story that explores a man s grief love and healing The ending is sweet and made me cry happy tears Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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review The Dark Collector 103 Hing When a cold mannered man in a dark suit outbids me I'll agree to anything to buy it from him even a weekend in his b. So much than I expectedOliver Conklin was twenty years old when he started modelling for Jeffrey Kuyper he became the artists muse and lover and fell deeply in love with him they had five amazing years together before a car accident took Jeffrey s life and left Oliver a shadow of his former self and for a year he s been alone grieving and now Jeffrey s last painting is up for sale and Oliver needs that painting he s sold his car and liuidated his savings it means that much to him but he gets out bid by the Dark Collector a dark handsome man who realises the value of an artists last workOliver really needs that painting and will do anything to get it and so a deal is struck One weekend a full weekend for the paintingThis is a short book at 103 pages yet it felt so much longer there s so much here so many emotions and so much sex and even though I d read some great reviews I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this book

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review The Dark Collector 103 Ife His last portrait is an intimate reminder of our final weeks together Now it's up for auction and I want it than anyt. This book was not what I expectedand sometimes that s a good thing There is much emotional depth here than I had anticipated Who is the Muse anyway Just another piece of art for the Dark Collector to own That s what I thought That s what the Muse thought too We were both wrong In fact the Dark Collector wants from the Muse than that possibly than the Muse has it in him to give The Muse has been defined for so long by how others see him They see him how Jeffrey painted him at once incredibly intimate yet also still only an object The Muse s refusal to let the Dark Collector use his name is at the heart of this He is hiding behind his own objectification The Dark Collector can pay for his body but that s all he ll get He won t get what Jeffrey had Actually he might get Read this Don t be put off by the BDSM The scenes are hot and hardcore but they re underpinned by such wonderful emotion that it s always about than two bodies This isn t a HEA because this isn t the end of the journey This is just the beginning More please

  • Paperback
  • 102
  • The Dark Collector
  • Vanessa North
  • en
  • 14 December 2018
  • 9781494265236