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Flaggermusmannen review ¾ 3 The electrifying first appearance of Jo Nesbø’s detective Harry Hole Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Suad is dispatched to Sydney to observe a murder case  Harry is free to offer assistance but he has firm instructions to stay out of trouble The victim is a twenty three ye. A very disturbed serial killer and an even problematic detectiveIn this first novel of the series we learn the beginnings of the enigmatic Harry Hole a renowned but highly problematic detective from Oslo Norway A rape and murder of a norwegian citizen takes place in Sydney Australia The indecipherable detective is sent as support to carry out the investigation But one murder turns into many and a simple investigation uickly turns into a desperate hunt for a very disturbed serial killer that threatens even the ones closely involved in the police investigationHarry Hole is a sort of anti hero detective Which works uite well in contrast to the complete perfectionism of Sherlock Holmes He pretty much screws up as much as he solves but in the end the guy kind of grows on you Looking forward to reading the next installmentVery interesting for various reasons Intriguing gripping Not nearly as gripping as was reading Snowman but still a highly enjoyable read It left me with some very nice moments and others not so nice and several things I know I will not soon forgetStill remaining a whole bunch of other books in the series and a Snowman movie that will have to wait till the very endUntil next time Un muy perturbado asesino serial y un incluso m s problem tico detectiveEn esta primera novela de la serie conocemos los principios del enigm tico Harry Hole un destacado pero altamente problem tico detective de Oslo Noruega Una violaci n y asesinato de una ciudadana noruega sucede en Sydney Australia El indescifrable detective es enviado como soporte para llevar a cabo la investigaci n Pero un asesinato se convierte en varios y una aparentemente simple investigaci n r pidamented se convierte en una desesperada caza de un muy trastornado asesino serial ue puede llegar a amenazar incluso auellos m s cercanos a la b sueda policialHarry Hole es una especie de detective anti heroe Lo cual funciona bastante bien en comparaci n con el completo perfeccionismo de Sherlock Holmes Arruina casi tantas cosas como las ue resuelve pero al final el personaje termina agradando Viendo con buenos ojos leer el pr ximo libroMuy interesante por muy diversas razones Intrigante atrapante No tan atrapante como fue la experiencia de leer Snowman pero igualmente una lectura muy disfrutable Me llevo varios buenos momentos y otros no tan buenos e incluso algunas cosas m s ue s ue no voy a olvidar ueda pendiente muchos libros de la saga y la pel cula de Snowman ue tendr ue esperar hasta el finalHasta la pr xima

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Flaggermusmannen review ¾ 3 Ar old Norwegian woman who is a minor celebrity back home Never one to sit on the sidelines Harry befriends one of the lead detectives and one of the witnesses as he is drawn deeper into the case  Together they discover that this is only the latest in a string of unsolved murders and. As a huge fan of Jo Nesbo and the Harry Hole series I waited eagerly like many other fans for The Bat the first book in the Harry Hole series to finally be translated into English It was like waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve and deliver that wonderful present that you are hoping you will get the pure excitement of it all Unfortunately Santa didn t deliver that wonderful present in the form of The Bat instead of receiving that perfect present Santa delivered to me oh the disappointment a pair of sockswhich is the euivalent of what this book ended up being basic practical and not very exciting This book was a huge disappointment I m really glad that I wasn t able to read this first book in the series until now I wouldn t have continued with the series if this had been the case and would have missed out on all of the rest of the wonderful Harry Hole booksIn The Bat Harry finds himself in Australia when a young Norwegian girl is murdered and he assists the Australian police with the case While the book served its purpose in giving us the background to Harry this was the only good thing about it I much prefer Harry working in Norway on home ground There was a lot of Australian and Aboriginal history in the book which in itself was very interesting and I learnt a lot but it wasn t necessary to the story at all In addition there were many times when the book went off with reminisces of Harry s past relationship and this really happened at odd times in the book and it too was unnecessary These aspects of the book seriously ended up taking away from the momentum pace and interest in the main plot which in itself was mediocre at best At times I almost forgot about and lost focus on the main plot because of the way the story went off course throughout It s very obvious from the writing and plot in The Bat that this is a debut novel and that it is the first book in the series It s also evident now how much better the books become in the later works I m still a huge fan of Jo Nesbo and the Harry Hole series from The Redbreast through to Phantom each one of them has kept me very entertained I m just not a fan of this book I don t like giving one of my favourite authors Jo Nesbo a negative review and I can t believe I am giving one of his books only two stars but this book just didn t work for me I would recommend reading the series from book three The Redbreast You don t really need to read this book to enjoy the rest of the series

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Flaggermusmannen review ¾ 3 The pattern points toward a psychopath working his way across the country As they circle closer and closer to the killer Harry begins to fear that no one is safe least of all those investigating the caseBONUS MATERIAL This ebook edition includes an excerpt from Jo Nesbø's  Police. This is the book that introduced Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Suad or it least it would have been had not several of the later Harry Hole novels reached the US ahead of it The wait is finally over though and The Bat is now at last available in a US editionIt seems a bit odd that the first book in a series featuring a Norwegian police inspector would be set in Australia Nonetheless that s the case A young Norwegian woman who had been something of a minor television celebrity back home has been raped and murdered in Sydney Harry is sent to Australia to act as a liasion with the Sydney police in the investigation His instructions are clear he is to be an observer and he is not to actually meddle in the investigation The Sydney police clearly expect that Harry will spend most of his time seeing the sights and will be content to go home and report after a few days at mostEven if you ve never read another Harry Hole novel if you ve read any crime fiction at all you know that s never going to happen From practically the moment he arrives in Australia Harry develops his own ideas about the case and is anything but shy about pursuing themThe principal merit of this book is that the reader gets to meet a younger Harry Hole and to learn a bit about his background The case itself is intriguing and Harry meets a number of interesting characters along the way If there is a problem with the book it rests with the fact that Nesbo spends uite a bit of time as a tour guide and cultural anthropologist exploring the land its mysteries and its peoples and sometimes the travelogue gets in the way of the story itselfActually The Bat seems like one of those books that you would find much later in a series at a time when the author has begun to run out of ideas and so sends his character off to an exotic land to mix things up a bit and not incidentally to give the author a great vacation that he can deduct as a business expenseStill though it s not up to the standards of some of Nesbo s later Harry Hole novels this is a fun story with a lot of unexpected twists and turns And for those of us who are compulsive completists when it comes to our crime fiction it gives us the chance to finally start reading this series in order The problem remaining is that the second book in the series The Cockroaches will not be released in the US until December At that point all of the Harry Hole novels will finally be available here and all will be right with the world

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