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[PDF/EBOOK] Invisible Author D.R. Fuller – Book or TXT

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Invisible review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB D.R. Fuller ↠ 3 characters read Invisible Hurt or killed She is also different inside; a battle rages between good and evil and the winner decides w I loved this book I couldn t put it down A bit of Sci Fi mixed with romance and alot of action Evelyn and Adam were thrown together during childhood and each of their families were murdered They didn t remember each other as they grew up Evelyn is a being with extraordinary abilities and she has made other people see her as invisible She doesn t understand why she is the way she is until she meets Adam again I won t give any spoilers away Just know you have to read the book It s a fantastic work of art Great job Daniel Fuller

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Invisible review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB D.R. Fuller ↠ 3 characters read Invisible Hat happens to humanity The situation seems hopeless until the two forces begin appearing in Adam’s drea This book kept me guessing the entire time I m the type of reader who guesses almost every twist before it happens and there was only one of these twists that I figured out early onThis book starts off slow leading into the plot but then it grips you And the connection between Evelyn and Adam is what I loved a bond which is not normal for most people but when it happens it is amazing I love love romance and this one had it in a clean wholesome wayI wasn t thrilled with the POV changes but for this book I think it was necessary otherwise it would be too confusingThis is one book I ll definitely re readI received this free book for an honest review

D.R. Fuller ↠ 3 characters

Invisible review ✓ eBook or Kindle ePUB D.R. Fuller ↠ 3 characters read Invisible Do you know who you are reallyAfter the murders Evelyn becomes invisible imperceivable However she can be This is not your average teen romance It would appeal to any age There s no fluff here This is a true love story but it s also one of the most unusual science fiction stories I ve ever read The love story is simple and lovely while at the same time the mystery becomes ambitiously complex I could not have guessed what is really happening here before the end The characters are tenderly written and absolutely stole my heart There was one scene in particular where Evelyn is heartbroken standing out in the rain It was so vivid so moving I was just mesmerized This one is special

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  • 10 October 2019
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