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[PDF] The Last Great Walk ↠ Wayne Curtis

Summary The Last Great Walk

Summary The Last Great Walk ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Summary The Last Great Walk DIn The Last Great Walk journalist Wayne Curtis uses the framework of Weston's fascinating and surprising story and investigates exactly what we lost when we turned away from foot travel and what we could potentially regain with America's new embrace of pedestrianism From how our brains and legs evolved to accommodate our ancient traveling needs to the way that Amer. Not walking I believe is one of the most radical things we ever decide to do xviiiBest thing about this book is that several times it encouraged me to stop reading and take a walk Chairs are A self sabotaging techniue A sitter is become a custom to the support of a back rest their back muscles weekend and they must recliner even The chair is a machine for producing dependency on itself P 48I thought this book would effectively be the final word on this event so that the author is forgiven for indulging us with every single detail he found even trivia Yet on p222 I finally learn about Paul Marshall s 1500 pages of deep research published 2008 2012 As a historical artifact The author could have done this better with longer direct uotations For example the scattered studies of health benefits of walking bored me but cognitive mapping of walking onto spinal cord ganglia at least in cats was uniue Overall though a book about historical walking doesn t need to i

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The Last Great Walk

Summary The Last Great Walk ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Summary The Last Great Walk In 1909 Edward Payson Weston walked from New York to San Francisco covering around 40 miles a day and greeted by wildly cheering audiences in every city The New York Times called it the first bona fide walk across the American continent and eagerly chronicled a journey in which Weston was beset by fatigue mosuitos vicious headwinds and brutal heat He was 70 years ol. The content about Weston s walk was interesting although I expected of an adventure tale than what it was The content in between reports on Weston s progress was intermittently interesting About the third or fourth time I was reading about how walking is good for our health I started skimming When the author started talking about how cars changed our environment I returned to reading About the third or fourth time the author returned to that particular topic I began skimming again Definitely worth the read It will give you much to think about and you will look at your surroundings a little differently But you have permission to skim when you feel like a dead horse is being beaten Apologies for the gruesome imagery

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Summary The Last Great Walk ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Summary The Last Great Walk Ican cities have been designed to cater to cars and discourage pedestrians Curtis guides readers through an engaging intelligent exploration of how something as simple as the way we get from one place to another continues to shape our health our environment and even our national identityNot walking he argues may be one of the most radical things humans have ever don. This 2014 book gets 4 out of 5 stars It really held my interest I found out about a popular cultural phenomenon of the late 19th century American pedestrianism During the 1870s and 1880s America s most popular spectator sport wasn t baseball or football it was competitive walking Inside sold out arenas competitors walked around dirt tracks almost nonstop for six straight days risking their health and sanity to see who could walk the farthest 500 miles was standard This book is about the final mega stroll of Edward Payson Weston who in 1909 walked across the USA on a bet that he could ambulate from coast to coast in 100 days or less demanding an average of 40 miles a day Weston was 70 years old when me took on the challenge He was the best known of the competitive walkers We join the taciturn Weston as he is mostly angered but rarely dismayed about the unexpected pitfalls that he encountered through the Great Plains over the Rockies across some deserts and of

  • Hardcover
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  • The Last Great Walk
  • Wayne Curtis
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  • 01 December 2017
  • 9781609613723