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Christopher Hawthorne Moss î 5 Read & Download

Beloved Pilgrim

Christopher Hawthorne Moss î 5 Read & Download Free read Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Christopher Hawthorne Moss Read Beloved Pilgrim 2nd Edition At the time of the earliest Crusades young noblewoman Elisabeth longs to be the person she’s always known is hidden inside When her twin brother perishes from a fever Elisabeth takes his identity to live. A gripping war tale well written expressive and inclusive of the middle ages era with descriptive battle scenes and how lives were lead during those brutal times Love is lost taken by death and new love is found oaths are taken as pledges are broken beliefs born anew as hopes are shreddedEliasbethElias with all her heart knows she is who he is and when his twin perishes an opportunity presents itself he takes charge of it with his all Elias follows the path set he adjusts to wearing the weight of the armour and the ways of men fairly confidently and with determination to find news of their father Some hiding is necessary with the risk to his identity being compromised which Elias resolves with the much needed help and support from his Suire AlbrechtI feel in love with Elias his discovering the beauty and love of women Finding a woman to love him as he does her heart and soul Elias so sort after freedom does come but with determination and defeat defending his people and those who travelled the gruelling journey to Jerusalem the challenges he took on Keeping his honour and his promises as best he could There are moments of naivety as Elias grows learning of life beyond his childhood Maliha I love you I will try to come back But I have to warn them I cannot be responsible for their deaths if I can stop it I owe you and Tacetin that I owe myself EliasI found Elias was brave but afraid fearful for those he loved very often placing himself in danger to save comrades and those he felt were too vulnerable to protect themselves Elias is not particularly a heroic character but admirable for sure he makes valiant attempts after he becomes aware of the conseuences for another caused by his fears I loved that he believed in who he was and would redeem himself where possible honest where he could be Other knights took notice they gave him respect and despite his youth they considered Elias to be the man he claimed to beAlbrecht the ever loyal remarkable suire to Elias he is a beautiful young man with strength of the heart and mind Albrecht serves and sacrifices much for Elias protecting and knowing Elias secret as Elias keeps Albrecht s own secret locked tight to his chest The pair make the pilgrimage swear fealty to each other much of Elias survival is due to the service and teaching of Albrecht Both young men experience and share guilt shame longing grief and uncertaintyThere is a love theme the love is displayed in many ways throughout the story from camaraderie and friendships to new lovers and experiences The love scenes are delicate and well thought out although romantic episodes are short they are effectiveFor those readers who have a fondness for horses throughout Gauner Elias horse is remarkable A brave war horse which served his master with a steadfast and courageous spiritA definite addition to my to be read again shelf Overall a well written historical tale giving to the possibilities of transgender men taking part in a war homosexuality and Transgender nonacceptance in the Middle ages the story also includes marital abuse brutality and exploitation of women and children along with pilfering and rapeReviewed by TeddyTo see of this review and others like it please visit us at Gay List Book Reviews at wwwgaylistbookreviewswordpresscom

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Christopher Hawthorne Moss î 5 Read & Download Free read Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Christopher Hawthorne Moss Read Beloved Pilgrim Privations moral uncertainty and treachery if he’ll have any chance of returning to his newfound love in the magnificent city of Constantinople 1st edition by Nan Hawthorne published by Shieldwall Books February 201. 35For sure well researched and well written maybe a bit long winded And the romance is a bit sudden

Free read Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Christopher Hawthorne Moss

Christopher Hawthorne Moss î 5 Read & Download Free read Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free î Christopher Hawthorne Moss Read Beloved Pilgrim As a man a knight As Elias he travels to the Holy Land to adventure passion death and a lesson that honor is sometimes found in unexpected places Elias must pass among knights and soldiers survive furious battle deadly. Elias born Elizabeth has never felt comfortable in the body he has and he comes to believe he s a man in his heart and mind After the death of his beloved twin brother he puts on his armor mounts his war horse and dons the pilgrim s tunic with its red crossWe go along with Elias to the Crusades and learn along with him that it s not pretty or honorable or holy Men are led into situations everyone is clearly unprepared for including the leaders they follow They re betrayed by those men who abandon them to the mercies of the paynim leaving them to die or be taken as slaves Elias and Albrecht find friendship and love but will they survive to return to their loved ones I swear I could feel the heat suffer thirst and hunger along with Elias and Albrecht smell the unwashed bodies of men whose desire to reach the Holy Land has to do with glory and returning home with spoils than with freeing Jerusalem