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The Aunt's Story Free Summary Author Patrick White

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review The Aunt's Story Patrick White ½ 7 Free read The Aunt's Story characters à 7 The Aunt's Story broch Achat Livre | fnac The Aunt's Story Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction fr The Aunt's Story White Patrick Livres Not Retrouvez The Aunt's Story et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion fr The Aunt's Story White Patrick Livres Not The Aunt's Story White Patrick et des millions de romans en livraison rapide The Aunt's Story ebook ePub Patrick White Achat The Aunt's Story Patrick White Vintage digital Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction The Aunt's Story by Patrick White Goodreads the aunt's story rejects any holistic understanding if one comes at it searching for one the book will fall apart theodora is searching and falls apart but it is in the falling apart that she reaches a sort of understanding everything is fragments there are innumerable fragments of truth th. I ve never read a Patrick White novel that I liked after the first read Nevertheless White is one of my favourite writers I originally gave this book two stars totally disappointed I couldn t believe I d just read something by Patrick White but then of course it is one of his earlier works However the second time I felt that I was reading something completely new I was hearing White s poetical prose clearly this time As in all the White I ve read only with a return to the book did the real beauty of the composition come to the fore Patrick White is a challenging writer because the reader must be deeply focused on what he or she is reading You can t just pick up a White novel and let the story take you The beauty of White is in the style not the narrative itself On the one hand he is alientating and deconstructing the narrative he presents continually distracting the reader from what is being said by allowing the outer world context to seep into or clash hard against the scene he is presenting For White the world itself is his chorus constantly chiming in to reveal a subliminaldeeper meaning to the trivial In this way White places the meaninglessness of the mundane within the deeper metaphysical meaning of the embracing universe Aunt s Story is no exception and it deserves at least a second try

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review The Aunt's Story Patrick White ½ 7 Free read The Aunt's Story characters à 7 At do not synthesise into a whole often time they contradict each other but they are still true in many ways that is how you The Aunt's Story Wikipedia The Aunt's Story is the third published novel by the Australian novelist and Nobel Prize winner Patrick White It tells the story of Theodora Goodman a lonely middle aged woman who travels to France after the death of her mother and then to America where she experiences what is either a gradual mental breakdown or an epiphanic revelation The Aunt's Story | White Patrick | download The Aunt's Story White Patrick Catgories Fiction Langue english Fichier EPUB KB Envoyer au Kindle ou au courriel Veuillez vous connecter d'abord votre compte; Avez vous besoin d'aide? Veuillez lire nos instructions concernant l'envoi d'un livre au Kindle Sauvegarder pour plus tard Cela peut vous intresser Powered by RecMe Most freuently terms theodora mrs The Aunt's Story Summary eNotescom The Aunt. But on a morning the colour of zinc old Mrs Goodman diedPatrick White s novel The Eye of the Storm which I read over 40 years ago is one of the books I love the most one that touched me in the strongest way possible and made me realize that great literature is the apex of all arts encompassing both beauty and truth Of course I need to re read it but the 600 page volume intimidates me So instead I decided for now to read shorter works by Mr White the Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1973 And I am ecstatic that I chose The Aunt s Story 1948 one of the earliest books by Mr White I am completely in awe of the magnificent prose and so very happy to assign the rare highest ratingThe novel divided into three parts relates the story of one woman s dissolution of identity and her descent into madness We meet Theodora Goodman as a fiftyish spinster an aunt to her sister s children The first part recounts Theodora s childhood and youth The story is so beautifully told that I was unable to put the book away Theodora is a disappointment to her mother the old Mrs Goodman because she was an odd sallow and ugly child and has not fulfilled the mother s hopes Theo s pretty sister Fanny leads a comfortable and utterly conventional life Theo takes care of Fanny s children and also of her aging mother As she is socially awkward and unattractive men are not interested in her only one man courts her but he probably needs her only as yet another item on the long list of his material possessions The closest she gets to love is when she has an epiphany of sorts during a concert of a Greek cellist a sublimation of her needs to be close to another personThe dreamlike phantasmagoric second part of the novel takes place in H tel du Mid somewhere in Europe where Theo goes after her mother s death She meets a number of strange and interesting characters in the Jardin Exotiue at the hotel Or does she The hallucinatory atmosphere of unreality is so overwhelming that the reader will be right to ask whether all these people exist only within Theo s mind Of course she herself may not know whether they are real The boundary between her consciousness and the so called real world has disappeared The third part takes place somewhere in the United States where Theodora is in the final stage of her journey into madness Unable to adapt to any conventional norms of society she disposes of the last components of her external identityWhile the story is powerful and deeply affecting it is the phenomenal prose that made a tremendous impression on me Virtually on every page the reader will find a delicious nugget of truth packaged in a wrapping of stunningly original prose In my long years I have never read a book so rich in fresh and vivid metaphors and metonyms The following is one of the most extraordinary paragraphs of prose that I have ever read All through the middle of America there was a trumpeting of corn Its full yellow tremendous notes pressed close to the swelling sky There were whole acres of time in which the yellow corn blared as if for judgement It had taken up and swallowed all other themes whether belting iron or subtler insinuating steel or the frail human reed Inside the movement of corn the train complained The train complained of the frustration of distance that resists that resists Distance trumpeted with corn After the five star rating I include three other fragments of Patrick White s breathtaking prose The novel is exactly 70 years old yet it does not feel dated at all It could have been written last year It reads completely fresh despite references to Hitler s annexations of countries in the 1930s or to Lenin and Kerensky from the times of the Soviet Revolution of 1917A magnificent novelFive starsIn Paris the metal hats just failed to tinkle The great soprano in Dresden sang up her soul for love into a wooden cup In England the beige women stalking through the rain with long feet and dogs had the monstrous eye of sewing machinesBut Theodora did not reject the word It flowed violet and black and momentarily oyster bellied through the evening landscape fingering the faces of the houses Soon the sea would merge with the houses and the almost empty asphalt promenade and the dissolving lavender hills behind the town So that there was no break in the continuity of beingShe walked out through the passages through the sleep of other people She was thin as grey light as if she had just died

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review The Aunt's Story Patrick White ½ 7 Free read The Aunt's Story characters à 7 ’s Story boasts one of the great opening lines in the history of the novel “But old Mrs Goodman did die at last” Following her domineering mother’s timely demise Theodora Goodman The Aunt's Story Patrick White Numilogcom eBook The Aunt's Story Patrick White br With the death of her mother middle aged Theodora Goodman contemplates the desert of her life Freed from the trammels of convention she leaves Australia for a European tour and becomes involved with the residents of a small French hotel But creating other people's lives even in love and pity can lead to madnesslt;br gt;Her ability to The Aunt's Story Patrick White Complete Review The Aunt's Story is Theodora Goodman's story The novel begins with the death of her mother finally freeing Theodora who had long been caring for her Theodora's life contrasts with that of her sister Fanny who is married and has some children All Theodora has managed is to be a spinst. It would be easy to say that this was about a daughter who lives in the shadow of her pretty sister ends up looking after their mother until the latter dies then travels to Europe from Australia and after that goes to America but that would only touch on what this book is about Patrick White is an amazing writer sometimes I haven t a clue what s going on but I love his books

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