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The Dressmaker

The Dressmaker characters Ø eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB The local football star whose family is almost as reviled as hers she finds a measure of grudging acceptance But as her dresses begin to arouse competition and envy in town causing old resentments to surface it becomes clear that Tilly’s mind is set on a darker design exacting revenge on those who wronged her in the most spectacular fashio. The premise of this book is good however the novel involves too many characters and too many plots Really struggled to get into this book at the beginning but did get better Look forward to the movie

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The Dressmaker characters Ø eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Check on her ailing mother and leave But Tilly decides to stay and though she is still an outcast her lush exuisite dresses prove irresistible to the prim women of Dungatar Through her fashion business her friendship with Sergeant Farrat the town’s only policeman who harbors an unusual passion for fabrics and a budding romance with Teddy. 25 sWhen Tilly Dunnage returned after twenty years to Dungatar the small Australian town she used to call home she knew she would be shunned by the same people who had banished her as a child She needed to check on the welfare of her mother and then she would leave again Tilly had been trained as a dressmaker in Paris her skill was second to none but that would mean nothing to the bitter and vengeful women of the townTilly s mother Molly was in a dreadful state demented and filthy Tilly was shocked at the state of the home But hard work had never worried Tilly she set herself the task of righting the house the garden and most importantly her mother And she decided to stay in Dungatar much to the disgust of the folk of the town Sergeant Farrat picked up his earlier friendship with Tilly and while she rebuffed Teddy his stubbornness kept him by her sideAs the women saw the evidence of Tilly s skill they were bemused But they also wanted to own beautiful dresses and so the competition to be the best dressed began Rivalry and resentment were rife in the town whatever would happen next The Dressmaker by Aussie author Rosalie Ham wasn t at all like I expected I was shocked at the unexpectedly crude and graphic descriptions in certain parts of the book and I still have no idea why they were there To my mind they didn t add to the story in fact for me it s uite the opposite Yet in other places it was uite humerous So I m sorry to say I didn t like the book and was really disappointed skimming through sections to reach the end

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The Dressmaker characters Ø eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB A darkly satirical novel of love revenge and 1950s haute couture now a major motion picture starring Kate Winslet Judy Davis Liam Hemsworth and Hugo Weaving After twenty years spent mastering the art of dressmaking at couture houses in Paris Tilly Dunnage returns to the small Australian town she was banished from as a child She plans only to. 25 starsLoved the idea but not the execution it was hard to keep track of all the characters sometimes and they weren t portrayed in a flattering way An air of prejudice and bitterness hangs over alot of the town and it made me want to shake the people thereThe plot moved slowly but methodically it had its interesting points but most of the time it was blah I don t mind slow moving books most times but this one was painfully slow I did like Tilly but it was hard to understand her at times Teddy I was so so on Mad Molly was one of my favorites for most of the storyOne of those where you really don t like most of the characters but still read on to see what happensNever felt fully connected to everyone and I didn t understand the one blurb that proclaimed this a Gothic tale It didn t feel that way to meA fine idea but not an entirely enjoyable one Perhaps that s part of the pointI am curious about the movie so I may watch it not sure yetWould recommend Yes you may like it better than me I have a feeling this is one that won t stay with me I don t regret reading it and thank you again to my Goodreads Secret Santa just wish I had liked it betterAaah well onto the nextHappy reading

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