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( Read ) 100 Myths about the Middle East ☆ Fred Halliday

Summary 100 Myths about the Middle East

100 Myths about the Middle East

Summary 100 Myths about the Middle East 100 Myths about the Middle East Read & download À 100 R the US led Gulf invasions the Afghan Soviet conflict and other significant milestones in modern Middle East history come under scrutiny here with conclusions that will surprise and enlighten many for going so persuasively against the grain of commonly held misperceptions Copub Sai Boo. This is an amazing book that in short order corrected many of my mis beliefs and informed me of much of the culture religious proclivities political aspirations and attitudes about the west of so many mid east countries and peoples The lengthy glossary was particularly helpful It s a fairly uick read and the nature of the chapters allows you to put it down and pick it up at any time without losing any sense of continuity Fred Haliday clearly knows his subject

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Summary 100 Myths about the Middle East 100 Myths about the Middle East Read & download À 100 Much ink has been spilled in recent years about the Middle East At the same time no other region has been as misunderstood nor framed in so many clich├ęs and mistakenly held beliefs In this much needed and enlightening book Fred Halliday debunks one hundred of the most commonly misconst. The author of this book published in 2005 has clearly has it up to here with gross over generalisations about politics culture and religion within the Middle East As such the tone of the book is determinedly pragmatic To the point indeed of noting at one point that It would be reasonable to assume that this is a conclusion with which no one in the region be they Jew Arab or Kurd would concur This is in particular reference to a comment that Jerusalem has become an overblown chauvinistic fetish and the object of arbitrarily intransigent nationalist demands on both sides Probably the main message of the book is that the way religion is used by regimes both in the Middle East in Europe and the US reflects a careful assemblage of historic elements and traditions for political ends There is definitely no inevitable clash of civilisations rather a much complicated and heterogeneous history of co operation trade occupation and conflict This book doesn t attempt a huge depth of analysis as the response to each of the 100 myths is kept to a few pages or less It does however signpost the reader to further references Since my knowledge of Middle Eastern history is patchy verging on non existent this book was helpful and informativeI gave 100 Myths About the Middle East three stars rather than four as the 100 myth structure does lead to a bit of incoherence I would perhaps have preferred a narrative of longer chapters On the other hand the book reads as though written in response to a constant and tiresome barrage of misleading and oversimplified messages in politics and the media so I can understand why it was structured in this way It s also notable that it was written before the so called Arab Spring I d be interested to read Halliday s thoughts on that

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Summary 100 Myths about the Middle East 100 Myths about the Middle East Read & download À 100 Rued facts concerning the Middle East in the political cultural social and historical spheres In a straightforward and simple way that illuminates the issues without compromising their underlying complexities he gets to the core of each matter The Israel Palestine crisis the Iran Ira wa. Fred Halliday es profesor de la London School of Economics y contrario a las tesis del enfrentamiento de civilizaciones Su an lisis de la situaci n en Oriente Pr ximo parece beber de fuentes marxistas reduciendo el papel ue desempe a la religi n en todos estos conflictos Buena parte del libro parece ir por ese camino lo ue no le impide tambi n romper numerosos mitos ueridos por la izuierda En fin parece repartir por todos lados con ese claro sesgo marxistaDesgraciadamente este excelente ensayo se ve empa ado por unos cuantos errores ue dan una sensaci n pobre En alg n sitio he visto ue confunde nokta con nota uno punto y el otro chiste en rabe Otros errores son afirmar ue Valencia fue capital de la Espa a musulmana durante mucho tiempo ue Rajoy era ministro del interior el 11 M o incluir el t rmino mocilla bomba No son cosas graves pero a uno le puede dar por pensar ue si contiene estos errores puede incurrir en otros y uiz de mayor caladoOtra cosa en su af n desmitificador a veces da la sensaci n de no argumentar y de tachar de mito cualuier cosa como cuando califica el arte isl mico de t rmino ficticio remiti ndonos a un corresponsal de un diario norteamericano

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