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Read Circles in the Dust Matthew Harrop ☆ 0 Free read characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Matthew Harrop Woods that once filled his daydreams He takes shelter under the boughs of the ancient pines while he watches everything he knows turned upside down by a prolonged nuclear winter Emerging from this apocalypse he has little than a cabin in the woods and a small store of canned food Years of winter and co. Reviewed by JustinBook provided by the authorOriginally posted at Romancing the BookI love the post apocalyptic genre Besides the well cooked zombie sub genre this literary world still has many avenues of unforeseen stories to be told by a multitude of authors A well done tale can simultaneously creep us out make us wonder if this could ever happen and if we could make it haunt us and show us something about ourselves in the present day Circles in the Dust by Matthew Harrop his first novel does all four with wit and wisdomThis story follows the exploits of a young man named David and his journeys in the world following a nuclear war which wipes out almost all of mankind His family dies in the initial attacks and young David is forced out into the woods at the young age of 7 He and other survivors either band together to fend off other survivors David becomes and disconnected with humanity until finally one day he cracks Mentally saved by a young woman named Elizabeth they band together to journey back to a fortress known as the Base where David hopes to secure a new home with other peopleThe beginning of this book had me captured The protagonist s descent into depression sorrow and almost Crime and Punishment esue madness over his loneliness and not seeing another human is riveting and real Even though we have never been through this situation I could feel the emotion washing over this character It does seem a little disjointed in parts and I found myself trying to place the setting a couple times but by the middle of the book all of the pieces fell together and I found my cohesive footing once I am often disappointed by the endings of books They often are cliched having been guessed within the first half of the book and are so uotidian it leaves me shaking my head Matthew Harrop did a great job avoiding these common pitfalls that plague so many of the books of our days I did not know how this was going to end I didn t even know if David would get the girl The ending simultaneously left me angry grumpy and wanting but the ending was real raw the last thing I expected If nothing else it left me thinking about it for days afterwords wondering how it could have turned out differently or if any other ending would have worked in this book I found it to be excellentAll in all this book definitely has a place on my shelf It was well done The author s style was elouent and verbose which I love He didn t pull any punches and didn t sacrifice any real ness to our want of neat and tidy endings The characters were dynamic and changing and felt very real The world was great If he ever does a second book in this world I would happily snatch that up This book is definitely a must read

characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Matthew HarropCircles in the Dust

Read Circles in the Dust Matthew Harrop ☆ 0 Free read characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Matthew Harrop Nstant hunger tug at the little hope he has of survival Struggling to make it just one day David must face his own demons abandon everything he has ever known and travel to the last vestiges of humanity where a war between starving factions threatens mankind’s last chance to make up for past mistakes. Nuclear winter sci fi story with emotional character development and less science than I usually like in sci fi especially with such a highly technical topic as post war survival Initially I was confused about the time orientation but then learned to take cues from the description of the facial hair of the main character However I m still confused about how much time actually was envisioned as elapsing between the war and the various story parts Also still confused about the exact nature of the ultimate warfare between ins and outs Nice development of the character s emotions from self sufficiency to despair and back though his seemingly naive development of feelings for a female survivor is inconsistent with later revelation that he had other women in the course of the years not addressed in the story I accept a great deal of well it just happened in sci fi because to explain everything is impossible but I wish there had been how he survived while retaining the character development

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Read Circles in the Dust Matthew Harrop ☆ 0 Free read characters Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Matthew Harrop What if the world you know was taken from you tomorrow David spends his time staring out the window at the forest he can see from his family’s apartment window yearning to explore the woods until war ravages the world and thrusts him into a nuclear wasteland Like many others he finds security in the. Look at this gorgeous cover I received this as a goodreads giveaway last summer thanks so much and there was no way I would read something looking like that in July heat so it had to wait for this long snowy winterSadly I think the cover is my favorite thing about this post apocalyptic novel From the beginning on I knew that the writing style and me did not float on the same boat for my liking it was a bit too forced and trying too hard Still I wanted to give the plot itself a fair chanceBut that didn t win me over either and the blame for that I want to put on the protagonist s shoulder This is the type of story that soars or falls with how well the main character can carry it how well the reader connects and wants to hear from that perspective For me it doesn t need to be a likeable character but a plausible one and I didn t uite get that with David You see at the beginning we meet David at a low point he is about to give up when he meets a woman who gives him hope and purpose again And at first their interaction is presented with mistrust and a weird vibe understandable considering the situation especially David turns very creepy staring at her touching her when she is asleep telling her he has a plan to help her when he doesn t And I liked that I thought this could provide a very interesting story a narrator who might have gone wacko count me in But then it turned out he is not supposed to be creepy they are falling in love and it is supposed to be romantic Okay now that put me offThe further run of the plot is not very inventive there is a group of people who managed to get a small society incl farming going after the US or the world I was never uite sure of that fell into a nuclear winter and modern life ended then there are other survivors who want in on that gig using force if necessary and David is planning on navigating a path to peace between those oppositions and get the girl as well There is room in that plot to go to interesting places but what I read here didn t captivate me and again mostly I didn t enjoy it because of David I never uite understood why people trusted him to do something his plan was mostly non existent and what he came up with was very minimal and uite often contributed by others Many many times I found David s actions not conclusiveThe world building was lacking as well the war is never explained it doesn t have to be but the book gave the chance David teamed up with an older man when he was child who told about life before but he admits to have mostly tuned him out when it got boring and didn t use it The ending felt very rushed and underdeveloped tooI just had too many issues to enjoy it in the end I don t want to list all of them here but this wasn t for me I love end of the world scenarios but that means my expectations are high I have read a decent share and will happily read many Circles in the Dust disappointed me though Maybe people who read less in that genre will get out of this I prefer to support independent writers but I won t hold back my honest opinion

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Circles in the Dust
  • Matthew Harrop
  • English
  • 02 June 2018
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